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Aztec Government. By Dina El Naggar. King didn’t hold all the power Consulted his nobles before making decisions King had an executive council Controlled the city and surrounding areas Expanded the empire by conquering lands. Nobles and priests had a lot of power - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Aztec GovernmentBy Dina El Naggar1King didnt hold all the powerConsulted his nobles before making decisionsKing had an executive councilControlled the city and surrounding areasExpanded the empire by conquering lands

2Nobles and priests had a lot of powerBasic unit of government was the calpulli.City council held the most powerTriple alliance, Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and TlacopanCity council had an executive council

3Payed Respect to the king by offering giftsHarsh punishments for crimeNo jails, no torturedeath was a common punishmentAgainst the law to be drunk in public

4Nobles were considered leadersTenochtitlan dominated the empireLeader of the city council Huey TlatcaniDidnt have absolute power, could be removed from power Conquered lands forced to pay tribute

5Warriors attacked small citiesExpansion of empire helped conquered people.Conquered people obeyed in fearWar is a constant activityRulers chosen by council of noble elders

6Manufacturing, trade, agriculture main economic institutionsTraders used as a spy networkTriple alliance is a confederacyPolitical, economic, social institutions traits of government20,000 human sacrifices per year

7Each city- state ruled by Tlatoani City-states, established mode of political organizationMulti-leveled semi- democratic system Leaders of Tenochtitlan selected by hereditySerious crimes punished by slavery

8Good deeds in battle rewarded wellHuey Tlatoani descendant of godsThe empires chief executive, commander-in-chief, chief priestTecuhtli highest ranking in aztec governmentOversaw production of fields, judged law-suitesServed as military commander

9Formed an empire by commanding tributeGreedy peopleTax collectors- calpixqueSecond person in charge women snake.3 social classes

10Four council men divided landSlaves allowed to buy freedomEvery member part of calpulliClans had own government, public services

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