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  • Axial Flow ValvesType 93.7

  • Technical benefitsLarge volume. High pressure drops.

    Flow behavior Streamlined flow, little

    turbulence The design prevents det-rimental vibrations in the body and on the mechan-ics.

    Large-volume bodies Low-resistance flow mini-

    mizes friction-induced loss-es. Continuous increase in flow velocity from the valve inlet to the orifice cross- section for exact flow control

    Wide range of pressure drops The valves create a small

    pressure drop when fully opened. Nevertheless, high pressure drops at high flow rates can be controlled.

    Rugged mechanics Rugged, long-life stem

    guiding The interior mechanics are outside the flow path.

    Torques Low torques required thanks

    to pressure balancing, meaning small, cost-effective actuators can be used

    The Type 93.7 Axial Flow Valves are globe-style control valves. The piston is opened and closed in axial direc-tion against the seat ring within a drop-shaped internal body. The linear motion of the piston is produced by deflecting the motion of a rotary actuator using an inter-nal leverage connected to the actuator stem. The orifice cross-section is circular and symmetrical. Various control inserts can be used to implement linear, equal percent-age or quick-opening characteristics. Possible process media are liquids, steam and gases. The flow is routed

    Various control inserts Low-noise inserts and inserts

    for different characteristics

    around the drop-shaped internal body. The cross- sectional area of flow in the valve body grows constantly smaller from the inlet towards the closure member. As there are no sharp deflections, the streamlined flow shows little turbulence. The VETEC Type 93.7 Axial Flow Valves are pressure balanced. Their design requires low torques to be produced to handle high pressure drops or large valve sizes, which means that smaller actuators can be used.

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  • Sample applications

    In the oil and gas sector To control the pressure in comprehensive gas treat-

    ment units (CGTUs) The raw gas comes straight from the extraction site without cleaning and contains large amounts of solid particles being carried along at high veloc-ities. The Type 93.7 Axial Flow Valves ensure a laminar, low-turbulence flow rate at the valve outlet, thus protecting the units installed further down the downstream line against wear.

    Used as control valves at the inlet of separators, to distribute media over long transport lines, and as filling valves

    As anti-surge valves in gas compressor stations

    To control the flow rate or pressure For large-volume gas flows at high pressure drops

    As compressor bypass valves For example in refineries Quick-acting valves for high and low pressure

    drops Tight shut-off

    On pump test benches As safety excess pressure valves or in throttling


    As emergency shut-off valves For example in gas lines

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  • Our companyTechnical data

    VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH is a German company headquartered in Speyer on the river Rhine. Our roots date back to the original founding year, 1901. Since 1964, we have been developing and manufacturing control valves and actuators for the process industry.

    In 1988, VETEC joined forces with SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, a leading manufacturer of con-trol valves and valve accessories for all industrial pro-cesses. By cooperating with SAMSON, its subsidiaries and associated companies as well as its engineering and sales offices, we are represented all across the world. Within Germany, our own VETEC engineering and sales offices provide technical customer support and ensure sales of our products throughout the country. Proximity to our customers and flexibility contribute to our success.

    Together with SAMSON, VETEC and other noted man-ufacturers of special valves, such as AIR TORQUE, CERA SYSTEM, LEUSCH, PFEIFFER, RINGO VLVULAS, SAMSOMATIC and STARLINE, form a strong union: the SAMSON GROUP, where product know-how and prime quality are accumulated in a one-stop shop for our cus-tomers.

    In addition to our main products, the universal MAXIFLUSS rotary plug valves, we at VETEC develop and manufacture special solutions for critical and ero-sive applications, particularly for the oil and gas sector, such as the VNG high-pressure angle valve for natural gas or the Type 93.7 Axial Flow Valve.

    Valve size DN 100 to 600 NPS 4 to 24

    Pressure rating PN 10 to 160 Class 150 to 900

    Materials 1.0619, 1.4408, 1.5638 A216 WCC, A351 CF8M, A352 LC3

    Temperature range 50 to +250 C 58 to +482 F

    Flow coefficients (with perforated cage) KVS 78 to 6812 CV 90 to 7875

    Characteristics Linear, logarithmic, quick opening Linear, logarithmic, quick opening

    Face-to-face dimensions DIN EN 558, R54 DIN EN 558, R54

    Flange form B1/B2 acc. to DIN EN 1092-1 RF/RTJ acc. to ANSI B16.10

    Packing TA Luft Environmental seal

    Leakage classes IV, V, VI IV, V, VI

    Linear motion of the axial piston in closing direction

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    VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH Siemensstrae 12 67346 Speyer, GermanyPhone: +49 6232 6412-0 Fax: +49 6232 42479 E-mail: Internet: www.vetec.deSAMSON GROUP


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