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  • Portfolio Profile sefa Awethu Youth Fund (sAYF) August 2014

  • Palesa left her first job to establish an upholstery business because she wanted to control her own future. Her skills as an upholsterer and carpenter make her acutely aware of the link between training and professional progress. Palesa feels more secure as a businesswomen in partnership with Awethu. On my own I didnt have the support system or the network, she says, but, now Im thankful to have the opportunity to grow. In her spare time, Palesa is an avid painter.

    Palesa Vilakazi Trainee Manager

    Philani Specialty Trade School A specialized training business, Philani provides accredited skills training focused on areas of critical need in the economy

    Fully accredited bespoke training solutions Able to also assist learners with job placement

    which has become an essential requirement both by industry and the SETAs.

    Let us manage and deliver training programmes to companies in your supply chain as part of your enterprise development.

    We can also assist your business with employee training.


    Koovi is a chemical engineer, logistics expert and self-confessed bio-geek who worked as a Production Manager at Jonson Matthey before deciding to follow her passion for helping people. She started a company assisting individual entrepreneurs before joining Awethu because she felt Awethu offered the ultimate platform to change the South African economy from the ground up.

    Koovi Moodley Manager

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  • Koovi Moodley Manager

    Before Awethu, Owen sold kotas and manufactured furniture like many entrepreneurs these pursuits were more a clear cut market opportunity, born from necessity. Owen cant hide his strong passion for people, and social work. In his spare time he mentored former prostitutes to help them stay off the streets. This altruistic streak has found the perfect forum in the Awethu Schools Programme Owen is now doing the thing he cares about most!

    Owen Muzambi Trainee Manager

    Awethu Schools Programme An experiential extra-curricular training programme focused on reducing youth unemployment, Awethu Schools is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs by empowering high school learners to set up and run micro-enterprises after school.

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    An immersive programme that educates school learners on entrepreneurship and provides start- up funding

    Meaningful youth development for CSI programs with built in social media content for marketing

    Grow your enterprise development points Sign up your organization to sponsor a school for at least one term.

    Connect us with CSI decision-makers in your network at companies that may have an interest in education or youth entrepreneurship.

    Follow the programme on Facebook and Twitter: @owenmu


    Koovi is a chemical engineer, logistics expert and self-confessed bio-geek who worked as a Production Manager at Jonson Matthey before deciding to follow her passion for helping people. She started a company assisting individual entrepreneurs before joining Awethu because she felt Awethu offered the ultimate platform to change the South African economy from the ground up.

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  • Boasts the most reliable, user-friendly systems available on the market today

    Sleek, modern design features that are inviting, professional and ultra-hygienic.

    Pick-up and delivery service offered

    Fresh Laundry A full service laundry franchise focused on high quality laundry service, convenience and customer satisfaction. The master franchisor has helped build 37 Stores around South Africa to date.

    Mathikhui Moshabesha Trainee Manager Mathikhui had success in a number of

    corporate jobs, as well as a stint at Wits University as a Faculty Officer but this didnt fit her wild ambitions to build a business empire. Que Awethu: her debut into entrepreneurship centered around her catering business, in which she impressed with her customer service skills and friendliness. Mathhikhui is never shy of hard work, but when its time to relax, she loves nothing more than playing with her kids

    Langelihle Mlalazi Manager

    Langelihle worked as a commercial credit analyst for MBCA Bank in Harare before successfully starting and running his own cross-border trucking business. Having lived through Zimbabwes hyper-inflation crisis Langa knows first-hand how important it is to address social problems before they institutionalize. Langas claim to fame at Awethu is that, in two years, hes never stopped smilingnot even once.

    Connect us to small businesses with laundry needs in the Northriding area.

    Could your corporate benefit from the convenience of a laundry drop-off location? Contact Langa: and help us find our next franchise location

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  • Scott was born in Ireland, and made the switch to Johannesburg following a number of years in the field of international development. During a spell in rural Zambia, Scott found himself turning entrepreneur under the tutelage of Yankee philanthropists and transport experts 'Zambikes a bamboo bicycle project. Scotts passion for Awethu is born from his desire to see mutually beneficial social change through business not aid.

    Scott Sloan Manager

    Brighton started his work life as a security guard. Like thousands of other South Africans, his potential was stunted by the lack of opportunity in this mind numbing role. After working his way up from security to telesales at Vox Telecoms, Brightons entreprenurial epiphany grew from from his passion for Apple computers soon after he was importing & selling tech hardware to his colleagues as a second income.

    Brighton Mbuyani Trainee Manager

    Inc. Office Supplies Inc. aims to be the best commercial distributor of office products to the corporate world. Inc. offers complete office supply requirements, tailored & branded to suit client needs, right down to the last sheet of paper.

    Inc. offers competition beating prices, with a turnaround time that you would expect from an SME well never put your call on hold!

    We offer a complete office consumable service from groceries to toners so cut your admin, and use Inc, as your one stop office shop.

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    Introduce us to procurement professionals interested in a more personalized office supply solution.

    Email Scott:

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  • Thulani Ntshuntshe Trainee Manager

    Five Star Fire A fire safety business, Five Star Fire uses SABS-approved mobile units to accelerate delivery, provide quality servicing, recondition portable fire equipment and keep clients safe and compliant.

    The entrepreneurship bug hit Thulani at high school, when he sold sweets and biscuits from home. He came to the Awethu Project with nothing but a passion to achieve. That was quickly converted into a mobile, eco-friendly car wash business which created 4 jobs. About Awethu, Thulani says, They helped me put my hustle into context. His biggest honour is to be able to financially support his parents and improve his familys living circumstances.

    Accelerated turnaround times as fire equipment never leaves the premises.

    Our SAQCC certified fire technicians use detailed checklists on mobile apps to drive quality.

    Cloud-based records to aid in potential insurance claims.

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    Denise Thomas Manager

    Denise has over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and executive in the staffing industry at market leaders including Kelly and Quest. Denise joined Awethu because Her claim to fame at Awethu is that she has never made it through the monthly Awethu Awards ceremony without crying more than everyone else at the ceremony.

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  • Amanda was flipping through television channels one day when she saw a program featuring Awethus founder. She had a passion to awaken the benefits and rewards of reading with babies and children to her community. The opportunity to work as a Trainee Manager in a business that is focused on baby communication is really a dream come true. That dream has spilled over into every area of her life and for the first time in her familys life they qualify to buy a house.

    Amanda Moye Trainee Manager An early childhood development company, provides a language for children to express themselves well before speech develops, using a simple sign language-based vocabulary

    Enhance the academic, social - and professional - trajectory of the baby through enhanced early childhood communication.. is the only programme of its kind In South Africa for babies.

    Buy our kit for your baby, or as a babyshower gift for

    any parents in your personal network. Have your organization purchase a bulk order of kits

    for distribution to disadvantaged parents (as CSI or marketing spend). Connect us with health insurance companies, hospitals - or any organizations that engage at scale with new