avoid these pitfalls when monetizing your mission and purpose

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Discover the The BIG BIG BIG TRAP spiritual, conscious, awake professionals, business owners and heart centred social entrepreneurs fall into, and what to do instead so you can make more money by making a bigger difference.


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2. So You Dont End Up In The Wrong Place Faster You Need Your Ladder Up Against The Right Wall www.RightMissionRightMoney.com 3. To Get Your Ladder Up Against The Right Wall You Need to: 1. Clarify Your Life Direction 2. Find Your Soul Primary Expression Modalities 3.Identify Your Life Mission4.Accurately Monetize Your Missionwww.RightMissionRightMoney.com 4. What Are Soul Primary Expression Modalities? These are the precise methods of expression your Soul has decided will give you the most expansion, growth, fulfilment, happiness and success www.RightMissionRightMoney.com 5. Knowing your Soul Primary Expression Modalities will give greater clarity of direction, than asking the question What is my purpose?www.RightMissionRightMoney.com 6. Your Purpose is too broad, and evolves over your life span, to get a sensible answer to that questions, that will make sense to you www.RightMissionRightMoney.com 7. The #1 mistake purpose seekers and mission driven people make They Ask the Wrong Question Ask Instead.What Have I Come Here To Do? What Have I Come Here To Express? How Best Can I Express Myself? www.RightMissionRightMoney.com 8. The HUGE pitfall ALL of us need to AVOID in the next 6 years Dont Monetize Your Mission In The Current Economic Model That Is Crumbling! Monetize In The New Heart Centred Economy That Is Emerging www.RightMissionRightMoney.com 9. The BIG BIG BIG TRAP spiritual, conscious, awake professionals and heart centred social entrepreneurs fall into is Holding purpose, spirituality & love separate to money, reward, work.www.RightMissionRightMoney.com 10. Split Brain Hemisphere Syndrome A syndrome weve inherited from our ancestors, stored in the ancestoral part of our brain that separates purpose and moneywww.RightMissionRightMoney.com 11. Hence The Separation Dilemma of 1. Work a job you dont like just to pay the bills; or 2. Work hard on purpose, but struggle to pay the billswww.RightMissionRightMoney.com 12. To Be A Successful Social Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur So You Can Make More Money By Making A Bigger Difference You Need to Heal this Split Brain Hemisphere Syndrome, upgrade your brain software program and come into the modern worldwww.RightMissionRightMoney.com 13. If You Would Like To 1. Clarify your Lifes Mission;2. Find Your Souls Primary Expression Modalities and 3. Accurately Monetize so You Can Make More Money by Making a Bigger Difference 4. Learn how to heal Split Brain Hemisphere Syndrome Get Our Mission Mojo Webinar Training atwww.RightMissionRightMoney.com