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Find out how to avoid scams when looking to donate to a special cause. Visit http://jameshickeyphd.org for more information.


  • 1. Avoid Scams When DonatingJames Hickey, PhD

2. Explore theLists ofOrganizations 3. Explore online lists of non-profits. Sourcesinclude Guide-star and the Better BusinessBureau Wise Giving Alliance. 4. Let the OrgDecide Whereto Spend the $ 5. Non-profits are likely to have a sense of theareas that need funding the most. Sometimesgivers request that their dollars go to a specialdrug or service. Meanwhile, the true needwithin the organization lies elsewhere. Readthe mission statements and chosesomewhere you trust. 6. Got ExtraSick Days? 7. Give them away! The Internal Tax RevenueService allows Americans to donate theirleftover vacation, sick, and personal days.Employers can translate this amount into cashand donate it the the specific cause. 8. Is the CharitySite Verified? 9. As a way to protect ones self againstscammers, an extra layer of research shouldbe done to be sure the donation site is verifiedand safe. Crowdfunding can be started byanyone.Dont send cash. Be mindful of charities thatmock the names of larger, more establishednon-profits. Lastly, avoid giving to groups thatpopped up overnight due to an event in thenews. 10. http://jameshickeyphd.org

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