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  • 1.SUCCESSFUL LARGE-SCALE SOCIAL MEDIASTRATEGY THROUGH SEGMENTATION:Avoid Pitfalls with a Social Media Management System (SMMS)www.messagemaker.com I info@messagemaker.com I US +1 617 425 7300 I UK +44 20 7886 82412011 One to One Connect LLC

2. THE TWO MOST COMMON PITFALLS OF MANAGING A CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE The holy grail of social media is the ability to reach end consumers more often and more reliably, on a greater scale through channels or people they relate to and trust. But as companies embark on a social media strategy, its amazing how many fall into the two most common pitfalls. Fire hosing unrelated or non-relevant content Almost no one wants to hear everything you have to say. The likelihood that the person who wants to follow your current job listings also wants to hear about deals on big screen TVs, new store openings or your latest employee survey is minuscule. If you assume sports fans want to hear about everything from golf to cage ghting, then youre hitting your followers with a re hose of irrelevant information that will quickly alienate them. Inactivity, ghost town or unprofessional content Just as common as re hosing is the situation where there are a plethora of employees with Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, etc., yet those employees dont consistently say anything of value. Commonly they present a hodge-podge of content with varying levels of quality and consistency. At best theyre squandering an opportunity. At worst the company looks inactive and out of touch. There could even be pockets of unprofessional and potentially libelous content out there without your knowledge. We will be exploring how to put your social media strategy on the right track, how to rein in and resolve these common problems. And well discuss how building the right infrastructure with a social media management system (SMMS) can help you do it. By denition: SMMS platforms are typically SaaS solutions that enable marketers, brand managers, and sales reps to manage, publish to, engage with and measure large numbers of social interaction points.www.messagemaker.com I info@messagemaker.com I US +1 617 425 7300 I UK +44 20 7886 82412011 One to One Connect LLC2 3. ARE YOU SOCIALLY RELEVANT? SEGMENTATION CAN HARNESS YOUR CONNECTIONS AND BUILD RELATIONSHIPS The rst step to providing relevant content online is to look at how your company works o ine. Your consumers already have emotional and practical attachments to your brand; some might be based on physical location or product or service line. Or your customers could connect with you through a relationship with a specic sales representa- tive or company agent. Your social media ecosystem should mirror and leverage those connections and relationships. Drive interaction by geo and local preferences People are passionate about where they live, where they eat, where they buy their co ee. Bombarding your customers with o ers that are geographically unavailable, or irrelevant is a sure-re way to get them to stop following you. Dont miss the opportunity to enhance a messages relevance by focusing on what the recipient already cares about: Franchise location they typically visit Stores, products or services near where they live Discounts or opportunities available in specic areas Cities they frequent; events, shows or concerts in those citieswww.messagemaker.com I info@messagemaker.com I US +1 617 425 7300 I UK +44 20 7886 82412011 One to One Connect LLC 3 4. Segment by product, service and interest People may already be passionate about what you o er, but you need to help them access the right pieces of informa- tion about it. Review all topics to determine if they are too broad. A user looking for hot tips on Excel shortcuts should not be forced to consume tidbits about Word or PowerPoint. Someone looking for deals and insights about TV technolo- gies isnt necessarily in the market for a computer. Review your content and sort it by distinct products and services Determine which sub-audiences are only interested in certain aspects of those products or services Determine where theres overlap that can be leveraged without providing o -topic content to a large number ofreaders Empower individual sales reps and agents People like to buy from people they know and trust. People theyre comfortable with. For many companies, these relationships are essential to their o ine success and should be leveraged online as well. Let new customers nd and follow a name and a face Allow customers with established o ine relationships to continue and extend those relationships online Allow reps or agents to use an individual voice when addressing the people they know better than anyone elsewww.messagemaker.com I info@messagemaker.com I US +1 617 425 7300 I UK +44 20 7886 82412011 One to One Connect LLC 4 5. DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT INFRASTRUCTURE TO BRING VALUE TO ALL OF THOSE SEGMENTS? Not everyone in your company is a marketing genius. And even those who are, dont have something engaging to say all of the time. So how do you deal with locations, people and products that are segmented and manned by a diverse group of employees? How can you put meaningful content into their hands so they consistently have relevant things to say? Supporting and enabling them in a consistent, yet exible and manageable way is where the capabilities of an SMMS platform really shine. Such a platform presents a scalable way to manage many social interaction points, provide relevant and brand consistent content, and collect actionable intelligence. Audience-appropriate content In addition to content that is produced by the owners of social media Pages and accounts, an SMMS platform helps companies produce centralized content and o ers, then to divide that content into extremely segmented pushes to channels that match specied criteria. This way an o er can be instantly pushed to thousands of Pages and accounts, or to the several hundred (or simple few!) that match segmentation criteria. This focused, relevant content can dovetail nicely into separate, more one-o content that individuals might be publish- ing on their own, and requires no e ort on the part of the Page owners. Content resources available for your people An SMMS platform enables your brand advocates to browse or subscribe to various content types. These advocates can then review and choose content for inclusion into their social streams and to their audiences. Feedback channels owned by the right people An SMMS also lets your teams track and respond to questions or concerns raised on social media. And by signicantly segmenting your social channels, you also create focused channels for feedback. Praise, complaints and inquiries that are extremely focused are easier to handle in a timely manner by franchise owners, store managers, sales reps or product advocates. The resulting follow-ups will reect a team of well-informed individuals who respond with speed and competence.www.messagemaker.com I info@messagemaker.com I US +1 617 425 7300 I UK +44 20 7886 82412011 One to One Connect LLC5 6. MEASURE AND MONITOR FOR INSIGHTS. OR ABUSE! As you segment your messaging and empower more of your people and locations, it becomes increasingly important to keep your nger on the pulse of your social media e orts. This can be especially hard at scale, but there are several basic areas that are important to monitor: Use broad and narrow lenses to determine what is delivering resultsWhatever your criteria for success, be sureyoure using an SMMS platform that gives aclear picture across all your social mediapeople and channels. That way, you can seethe forest in addition to looking at individualtrees. This big picture view will help you assessyour overall progress, then you can delve intoareas with exceptional results to determinehow those results were achieved. Once bestpractices are identied, its easy to dissemi-nate the results by leveraging the scalablecontent publication capabilities within yourSMMS platform.www.messagemaker.com I info@messagemaker.com I US +1 617 425 7300 I UK +44 20 7886 82412011 One to One Connect LLC 6 7. Quickly pounce on problems or abuse internal or external Unaddressed complaints, caustic comments or inappropriate behavior can quickly cause problems on venues as public as most social media interactions. The good news is, the more you segment your social media channels, the more likely the employees who are assigned to monitor them will be able to address complaints before they become out-of-control problems. An SMMS platform will constantly monitor your social media channels for problematic or urgent words and phrases, and then it will alert the appropriate people for quick resolution. Think how challenging and time consuming it would be to manually review hundreds or thousands of Pages individually. Unfortunately, not all problems come from the outside. Not only can those assigned to administer social media chan- nels fail to quickly resolve problems, sometimes they ARE the problem. Employees who o er unapproved discounts or sweepstakes, who vent over current issues or make unfounded product claims can do even more damage than disgrun- tled customers. Although keyword monitoring alone is powerful, the ability to identify and escalate internal problems is essential for an SMMS to be truly e ective.www.messagemaker.com I info@messagemaker.com I US +1 617 425 7300 I UK +44 20 7886 82412011 One to One Connect LLC7 8. FOUR KEY TAKEAWAYS Social media represents a new opportunity for brands to walk amongst their customers. In order to create a personalized and relevant brand experience, innovative marketers are moving beyond a single Facebook Page approach and rapidly evolving to a highly segmented, truly engaging social presence and messaging strategy. Companies seeking to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity must be sure their messaging is appropriately distributed (avoiding re hoses of irrelevant