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Published November 2011, the first edition of our redesigned newsleter, Eyescene. With industry and practice news, stay up-to-date with the going on of your favourite opticians, Pinder's.



    Now available at the Queen Street branch; the latest technology in retinal imaging. The Topcon 3D OCT is the latest development, which allows the retina to be photographed in 3D compared to the 2D older style retinal cameras. This new software will allow earlier detection of diseases such as Macula degeneration and also allows earlier detection of potential sight threatening conditions such as Diabetic Maculopathy. The Topcon OCT allows for complete monitoring of the optic nerve head and surrounding features, for those at risk or under suspicion of Glaucoma.

    Having this sort of equipment available on the high street is of great significance, allowing high quality images to be taken and stored, making the detection of diseases much easier than it previously has been.


    Do you suffer from a gritty sensation during the day and evening? Do you constantly have that feeling there is something in your eye? Your eyes could be dry due to a gland dysfunction, which reduces tear production, leading to the above symptoms.

    We know that warming the closed eyelids can relieve many types of ocular discomfort. The standard advice used to be to run a basin of hot water and use a face cloth or flannel as a warm compress. Unfortunately, this is a real

    nuisance and not very effective, so people just dont do it, that is why the EyeBag helps.

    Eyelid warming using the EyeBag is often used at the same time as artificial tears and dry eye gels and ointments. If you are a contact lens wearer you should discuss your situation with your contact lens practitioner who will advise you how best to use your EyeBag.

    EyeBags are available at all branches of Pinders Optometrists.

    EYES ON THE ROAD These early autumn months can pose a dangerous risk to drivers who arent prepared. The early morning and late afternoon low sun can be at its most dazzling at this time of year so having a good quality pair of prescription sunglasses in the car is a must.

    We have a large range of prescription sunglasses available at all branches of Pinders Opticians; prices start from 79 for complete pairs. If you fancy something a little more designer, why not choose from ranges such as Guess, Gant or even Tommy Hilfiger, at very reasonable prices. Never forget your childrens eye protection too. Ultra Violet rays (the harmful damaging ones from the sun) do the most damage during the early years of our lives, so it is even more important to make sure the little ones are protected too.


    Dispensing Optician, Carmen Palmer, recently took the plunge and skydived out of a plane at 14,000 feet!

    Once she got her breath back, Carmen said: It was quite daunting climbing into the plane, but definitely exhilarating falling back out of it! The most difficult part was trying to keep my eyes open whilst free-falling; the views were amazing!

    No sooner had I waved and smiled for the cameraman, I was at the point of having to land! added Carmen.

    Carmen managed to raise just over 300 pounds for the RNIB and would like to thank everyone for their very kind and generous donations.

    VISIONPinders Optometrists: The highest quality eyecare, locally

    Autumn 2011

    O P T O M E T R I S T S


    Regular examinations are particularly important for children even if they dont wear glasses. As the eye grows, uncorrected refractive error can affect the development of vision and how the two eyes work together. This is particularly important if there is a history of lazy eyes or squints in the family as these are most successfully treated if identified before a child is 5 years old. Prescriptions can also be hereditary, particularly if the parents are myopic (short-sighted), and so regular examinations in the teenage years can check for this. The diagnosis of colour blindness at a young age ensures that it can be accounted for as a child grows and advice given regarding potential career choices.

    Eye examinations for young people with learning difficulties can be easily overlooked, however the optician can learn a lot about a patients eyes even if he/she cannot describe what they are seeing. A simple pair of glasses or eye exercises can make a huge difference and may aid concentration by removing blur or eyestrain as an obstacle to learning. There is growing evidence that some dyslexic children may benefit from the use of colour-tinted lenses, though this should only be assessed once the vision has been examined and any muscle weaknesses identified and treated with exercises.

    Full eye examinations are carried out on all children that attend any branch of Pinders Opticians, and the Optometrist will advise what is best, according to results found. Most branches also carry out the colour overlay assessment, and now Pinders branch on Queen Street can perform Colorimetry; an alternative way of finding if tints may benefit you.

    Ocular emergencies are a common occurrence in daily life. Common ailments range from a red eye due to conjunctivitis, or a gardening accident, to a more serious infection such as Iritis or even worse retinal detachments. At present, patients with an ocular problem tend to be stuck in limbo, not sure where to go to seek advice. The GP tends to be the first point of call, but in the majority of cases, GPs just request opticians advice. Those with serious problems tend to seek the advice of the local hospital A&E, but sometimes this isnt necessary. Your local Pinders Optometrists are here for all your ocular enquiries.

    We are not just here to examine your eyes and dispense new spectacles. We will try and accommodate all patients who present complications or ocular emergencies within 24 hours. If you contact your local branch, an appointment will be offered or an optometrist will contact you to discuss your concerns. Unfortunately, the NHS doesnt cover seeing patients for emergencies, so some may have to pay privately.

    So remember if you ever have a red eye or concerns regarding sudden changes in your sight, the best place to call is your local branch of Pinders optometrists.


    BABIES, BABIES There must be something in the water here at Pinders as recently two members of staff have welcomed new arrivals! Southwell Optometrist Wendy Beardsley gave birth to little Luke back in February. She has recently returned to work part-time at our Southwell store. Also,

    Queen Street receptionist, Kym Sisson, gave birth to Harry back in March. He was one month premature but all mothers and babies are doing great. Congratulations Wendy and Kym!

    MADE YOU LOOK!The window display at our Southwell store has won a national competition!

    Viva Eyewear held a Summer Sunglasses Display Competition, with a brief to capsulate the British Summer. Caroline Brettle, Southwells branch receptionist and window dresser, did just that! Her self-designed window won national commendation, beating rival Optometrists across the country!

    Caroline enthused: I love designing unique and adventurous window displays to keep the store in the forefront of everyones thoughts but I was especially thrilled to win this national competition!.

    Caroline has won a large, filled hamper and other goodies!

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    Autumn 2011