Autoportal India brings you the List of Most Renowned Diesel Cars in India

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<ul><li><p>Autoportal India brings you the List of Most Renowned Diesel Cars in India </p><p>The Indian car market is constantly evolving. If at one time the demand for petrol cars were on </p><p>the high, recently the demand for diesel cars has also shot up considerably. Although the rise in </p><p>the demand for diesel cars is attributed to the lower cost of diesel, in reality many other factors </p><p>such as the availability of refined and noiseless engines, lower emissions and the like have also </p><p>contributed to it. Furthermore, there has been a lot of research and development in the diesel </p><p>engine field that even small cars with diesel engines have become a common scene in the Indian </p><p>car market at the present. To know more about photos, images &amp; HD wallpapers of latest car </p><p>models, upcoming cars in India, Follow Auto Portal on Pinterest. </p><p>Here is a list of some of the popular diesel cars in India at present. These cars enjoy great </p><p>popularity irrespective of the segment in which they sell. They are powerful performers backed </p><p>with great fuel economy. Let us take a quick look at some of these super performers. </p><p>Maruti Suzuki S Cross The latest entrant from the Maruti Stables, the S Cross is a popular </p><p>diesel car in India. Priced between 8.34 and 13.74 lakh rupees, this premium crossover is a gusty </p><p>customer enjoying great success. </p></li><li><p> Ford EcoSport Although the EcoSport has become some sort of veteran in the compact SUV </p><p>segment, it has not lost its popularity a bit. This stylish car is priced between 6.75 and 10.20 lakh </p><p>rupees and hence enjoys great demand among people looking to upgrade to SUV from a hatch or </p><p>a sedan. Also Check about BMW i8 Price in India Visit: . </p><p>Mahindra XUV 500 The super seller car from Mahindra, XUV 500 is matchless when it comes </p><p>to SUVs. Priced between 11.21 and 15.99 lakh rupees, this car enjoys a great deal of popularity </p><p>among both individual as well as commercial buyers. </p><p>Honda City The flagship car of Honda for years on end, the City is a majestic car, which </p><p>delivers a powerful performance. The diesel variant of the City became an instant hit, thanks to </p><p>its high mileage and affordable pricing of 7.31 to 11.24 lakh rupees. </p></li><li><p> Mahindra Scorpio The undisputed leader of SUVs, Mahindra Scorpio continues to excite the </p><p>buyers despite being almost a decade and half old. Priced in the range of 8.83 to 14.33 lakh </p><p>rupees, this car enjoys great popularity among off roaders. </p><p>Maruti Suzuki Ciaz The nations most fuel efficient car, Maruti Ciaz is a popular car not only </p><p>because of it fuel efficiency, but also due to its terrific performance and attractive appearance. </p><p>The car could cost you anything between 7.64 lakh and 10.59 lakh rupees. </p><p>Apart from these highly popular cars, a few other cars like Renault Duster, Toyota Innova, </p><p>Hyundai Verna, Honda Mobilio, Mahindra Xylo and Tata Safari Storme also enjoy great demand </p><p>in India. Check out auto industry news , Automotive news , upcoming cars, latest car models, etc </p><p>Follow AutoPortal on Twitter . </p></li></ul>