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A project on Automation of loan Generation and Servicing using CICS, DB2, and COBOL.


  • 1. Automation of Loan Generation And Servicing A Mainframe Online Project ~ Aritra Mukherjee

2. Capgemini Under The Guidance of Navin Kumar (Senior Consultant) Capgemini India, Pune 3. Mainframe The Mighty Beast 1 Super Computer 2 Mainframe 3 Mini Computer 4 Micro Computer 4. Stable Backward Compatible ReliableSince 1960s Secure Never Hacked Mainframe Some Facts. 70% of entire data of the planet is stored on Mainframe. Can Support more than 25000 users simultaneously It takes 3 Days to Boot-up Takes a month to install and customize a basic OS. Can process 450 millions of transaction per day No virus ever attacked on Mainframe. 5. Technologies Used Operating System z/OS Programming Language Cobol Database DB2 Transaction Server CICS Program Controller JCL 6. The Application What It Does Calculates loan eligibility Calculate Max Loan Grants/Rejects Loan Calculates EMI Generates unique Customer Number Automates Payment Applies Interests, Fines Generates Reports Generates Letters 7. Modules Routines Payment Application Online Batch Application Online Batch Payment Rate Routine Date Routine Routines 8. Application Online Application Online Personal Details Rating Details Function 1 Loan Details Function 2 Confirmation of Loan Details Function 3 Process 9. Function 1 Validations. Field Name Valid Value First Name Alphabet Last Name Alphabet Address Line 1 Alphabet, Alphanumeric, Special Characters Address Line 2 Low Values, Blank, Alphabet, Special Characters, Alphanumeric Pin Number, Must be greater than 100000 Source Code TV, RD, IN, FD, NP, ZZ Field Name Valid Value DOB Valid Date (including Leap Year), Past date, Separator should be -, Age should be between 18 to 50 Salary Number, Must be greater than equal to 5000 Asset Value Low Values, Blank, spaces, zeroes or positive numbers Confirm Rating Details Y Personal Details Rating Details 10. Function 1 What it does. Validates each fields Throws the map if anytime validation fails Calls to DATE ROUTINE to validate DOB. Calls to RATE ROUTINE to calculate Max Loan Amount 11. Function 1 Continued. 030000***************************************************************** 030100* THIS PART DOES THE FOLLOWING * 030200* TAKES INPUT CUSTOMER PERSONAL * 030300* AND * 030400* RATING DETAILS * 030500******************************************************************* 030600 B110-SEND-DETAILS-RTN. 030700 PERFORM B111-ERR-RTN 030800 THRU B111-EXIT. 030900 PERFORM B112-RECEIVE-RTN 031000 THRU B112-EXIT. 031100 IF FLP-VALIDATION-OK 031200 PERFORM B113-VALIDATE-CUST-DTLS-RTN 031300 THRU B113-EXIT 031400 END-IF. 031500 B110-EXIT. 031600 EXIT. 12. Function 2 Validations. Field Name Valid Value Loan Amount Number, Greater than equal to 10000, Must be less than equal to Max Loan Amount Repayment Period Number, Must be between/including 6 and 240 Confirm Loan Details Alphabet, Y or N or Blank Loan Details 13. Function 2 What it does. Validates each fields Throws the map if anytime validation fails Calls to RATE ROUTINE to calculate EMI Validates EMI 14. Function 2 Continued. 084200***************************************************************** 084300* THIS PART DOES THE FOLLOWING * 084400* TAKES INPUT LOAN DETAILS * 084500***************************************************************** 084600 B300-LOAN-DTLS. 084700 INITIALIZE FLP-VALIDATION 084800 FLP-EMI 084900 MOVE '013' TO FLP-WS-ERR-CODE. 085000 PERFORM B310-LOAN-RTN 085100 THRU B310-EXIT 085200 UNTIL FLP-EMI-OK. 085300 PERFORM B320-CONFIRMATION-RTN 085400 THRU B320-EXIT. 085500 B300-EXIT. 085600 EXIT. 087400***************************************************************** 087500* THIS PART DOES THE FOLLOWING * 087600* TAKES INPUT OF LOAN DETAILS * 087700***************************************************************** 087800 B311-SEND-LOAN-RTN. 087900 PERFORM B111-ERR-RTN 088000 THRU B111-EXIT. 088100 PERFORM B112-RECEIVE-RTN 088200 THRU B112-EXIT. 088300 IF FLP-VALIDATION-OK 088400 PERFORM E100-VALIDATE-LOAN-DTLS-RTN 088500 THRU E100-EXIT 088600 END-IF. 088700 B311-EXIT. 088800 EXIT. 15. Function 3 What it does. Selects last generated customer number from database Generates new customer number Updates in the database Creates new loan record and inserts into database Display New Generated customer number Once customer confirms LOAN DETAILS.. 16. Function 3 Continued. 100400***************************************************************** 100500* THIS PART DOES THE FOLLOWING * 100600* INSERTS RECORD IN APP-MASTER TABLE * 100700***************************************************************** 100800 B400-INSERTION-RTN. 100900 PERFORM B410-SELECT-LAST-CUST-NUM 101000 THRU B410-EXIT. 101100 PERFORM B420-GENERATE-CUST-NUM 101200 THRU B420-EXIT. 101300 PERFORM B430-CHECK-CUST-NUM 101400 THRU B430-EXIT. 101500 IF FLP-CUST-NUM-VALID 101600 PERFORM B440-UPDATE-CUST-NUM-GENR 101700 THRU B440-EXIT 101800 IF FLP-CUST-NUM-VALID 101900 PERFORM B450-INSERT-APP-DETAILS 102000 THRU B450-EXIT 102100 END-IF 102200 END-IF. 102300 IF FLP-CUST-NUM-INVALID 102400 SET FLP-RETURN-YES TO TRUE 102500 PERFORM B111-ERR-RTN 102600 THRU B111-EXIT 102700 PERFORM B112-RECEIVE-RTN 102800 THRU B112-EXIT 102900 END-IF. 103000 B400-EXIT. 103100 EXIT. 17. Routines What Its Do. Date Routine Rate Routine VP Validate a date (Date should be VP Validate a date (Date should be valid and less than equal to current date). FD Calculate a future date (For a given date and number of months). DF Difference between 2 dates (In months and Years). less than equal to current date). VP Validate a date (Date should be R Calculates Max Loan Amount Max Loan Amt = [(5 * Salary/month)*(55-Age)] + [0.3 * Assets Value]. E Calculates EMI. X = Loan Amount + {Loan Amount * n/12 * r} EMI = X/n. 18. DFD User Input User Input User Input Invalid Input Invalid Input Invalid Input Result Calculate Max Loan Amount Result Calculate Age Result Calculate EMI EMI Latest Cust No Update Cust No Insert New Loan Record Invalid Input Valid Input Output Check DOB 1.0 Personal and Rating Details 1.3 Loan Details 1.2 Rating Routine 1.1 Date Routine CUST_NUM_GENR 1.4 Confirm Loan Details APP_MSTR User 19. DB2 Tables FIELD NAME PIC VALUE REMARKS CUST_NUM X(10) Primary Key APP_FIRST_NAME X(20) Not Null APP_LAST_NAME X(20) Not Null APP_ADDR_LINE1 X(30) Not Null APP_ADDR_LINE2 X(30) APP_PIN 9(06) Not Null APP_SRC_CODE X(02) Not Null APP_DOB X(10) Not Null APP_LOAN_AMT 9(07).9(02) Not Null APP_REPAY_PERIOD 9(04) COMP Not Null APP_EMI_AMT 9(06).9(02) COMP-3 Not Null APP_LOAN_DATE X(10) Not Null APP_LOAN_STAT X(01) Not Null FIELD NAME PIC VALUE REMARKS CUST_NUM X(10) Primary Key CUST_NUM_TSP X(26) Not Null 20. CICS Send Map 047200***************************************************************** 047300* THIS PART DOES THE FOLLOWING * 047400* UNPROTECTS CONFIRMATION FIELD * 047500***************************************************************** 047600 C200-UNPROTECT-CONFIRMATION. 047700 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO FNMDFA. 047800 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO LNMDFA. 047900 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO AD1DFA. 048000 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO AD2DFA. 048100 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO PINDFA. 048200 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO SCDDFA. 048300 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO DOBDFA. 048400 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO SLRYDFA. 048500 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO ASVLDFA. 048600 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO CFDTDFA. 048700 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO LAMTDFA. 048800 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO RAMTDFA. 048900 MOVE DFHBMPRO TO EMIDFA. 049000 MOVE DFHBMUNP TO CLNDFA. 049100 C200-EXIT. 049200 EXIT. 21. Error Codes 001 PLEASE ENTER PERSONAL AND RATING DETAILS & PRESS ENTER 002 FIRST NAME CANNOT BE BLANK OR NUMERIC 003 LAST NAME CANNOT BE BLANK OR NUMERIC 004 INVALID ADDRESS PLEASE CHECK 005 INVALID PIN PLEASE CHECK 006 INVALID SOURCE CODE PLEASE CHECK 007 INVALID DOB PLEASE CHECK 008 INVALID DAY PLEASE CHECK 009 INVALID MONTH PLEASE CHECK 010 INVALID YEAR PLEASE CHECK 011 INVALID AMOUNT PLEASE CHECK 012 CONFIRM RATING DETAILS SHOULD BE Y 013 PLEASE ENTER LOAN DETAILS AND PRESS ENTER 014 ENTER Y TO CONFIRM LOAN OR ENTER NEW LOAN DETAILS TO RECALCULATE EMI 015 CONFIRM LOAN DETAILS SHOULD BE Y OR N OR 016 LOAN AMOUNT CANNOT BE GREATER THAN MAX LOAN AMOUNT 017 REPAYMENT PERIOD SHOULD BE BETWEEN/INCLUDING 6 - 240 018 DETAILS UPDATED.THANK YOU. HAVE A NICE DAY! 019 INVALID KEY PRESSED. ENTER/PF3/CLEAR VALID KEYS 020 GOOD BYEHAVE A NICE DAY! 021 AGE CANNOT BE MORE THAN 50 YRS OR LESS THAN 18 YEARS 022 SORRY, LOAN CANNOT BE ISSUED 025 SEPERATOR SHUOLD BE - 027 CRITICAL ERROR. INVALID FUNCTION PLEASE CHECK


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