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These are the Artists participating in the Digital Canvas Exhibition in the AutoDesk One Market Gallery in San Francisco. The works by these artist were all don on SketchBook Pro or Mobile by AutoDesk. This book was made by Susan Murtaugh.


  • 1Presents the Digital Canvas

    Participating Artists

    Alpha by First Name

  • 2Albert ViladrosaLleida, Spain

    Albert graduated in Applied Arts, artistic ceramics & painting procedures at the High School of Barcelona. Much of his learning is self taught.

    He is a painter in his early seventies. Although it seems contradictory he has a great passion for new technologies, restless temperament leads him to discover new ways to represent his art. With the iPhone and SketchBook Mobile he found it easy to make studies and record inspiration anytime, anywhere, its small as the palm of my hand!

    The intuitive interface makes it easy to access a range of tools, features, colors and layers so you can continue working and creating and uploading the work to the virtual gallery, where my art has access to all art lovers worldwide. It started with the iPhone in July 2010 and now with the iPad.

  • 3Alison LaitCalgary Alberta Canada

    I am an artist with a Certificate of Visual Design from the University of Calgary Alberta Canada. I make products from recycled advertising tarps (billboards). I discovered Sketchbook Pro on an RV trip last summer and Ive been using it ever since to make diagrams, cartoons and artwork.

  • 4Alison LivaditisPortland, OR

    My name is Alison, and I live in Portland, Oregon.I am a freelance graphic designer, currently working full time for Nike. Some of my passions include Marc Chagall, Stumptown Coffee, and Luna Bars.I started working with SketchBook after buying my fabulous iPad 2.Its perfect for quick doodles at the museum or sketching ideas for clients!

  • 5Andres Lopez Jr.Tinley Park, IL.

    I started drawing back when I was a freshmen in high school, after graduating high school, I took a break from the art field because I was so burned out. I got back into drawing about five or six years ago. Im 31 and enjoy doing different styles; for instance, painting, drawing, and graphic layouts. I play guitar with my band called Cruel Melody, but my day job for now is a drywall hanger. I also do graphic layouts on this side. Art takes me into all new directions, especially with the iPads Sketchbook Pro. I didnt know what to do with at first, but once i got that hang of if by watching Jim Lees video, I became more comfortable with the app.

  • 6Andrew WilsonTampa, FL

    I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. Im an artist/animator with over 18 years experience. Ive pretty much worked in every media, gaming, broadcast, television, sports, multimedia and laser show animation as well as both 2D and 3D. Im currently employed at a cool new high tech company called Savtira, located in Tampa, Florida. Im a Motion Graphics Designer/ Animator for the Marketing department.

    I first started using Sketchbook Pro in 2006. I love working in Sketchbook Pro on my Wacom Cintiq. I even use it on a Motion Computing tablet PC. I really like the quality of the tools in Sketchbook Pro. I especially like the quality of pencil line I get. I feel like I never left my paper and I can virtually work in any medium.

  • 7Angelo VilarLos Angeles, CA

    Angelo Vilar is a Los Angeles-based Animation Designer/ Illustrator. He works with his pals at Six Point Harness Animation Studios located in the heart of beautiful Hollywood, CA.He has worked freelance for various studios such as Warner Bros. Animation, Wildbrain Inc., Ghostbot Inc. and few other startups. He has been a Sketchbook Pro user since it came out for the iPhone and subsequently to the iPad. He is very excited for the future direction of Sketchbook Pro and digital art, while still appreciating traditional analog art from past and present.

  • 8AZURE - Maasa Kuwana-MuelhauptNew York City

    Born in Japan and currently residing in NYC, AZURE works as a full-time animator and director/assistant director for television series, shorts and pilots. She met Sketchbook (v1) in 2004, introduced to her by her professor at Parsons The New School for Design during her thesis production. Since then, she has been using Sketchbook for sketching, painting, and storyboarding as well as designing for her knitware store AZURE KNITS+

  • 9Beau TurnerWith Sketchbook Pro and the iPad I always have my daily sketch journal nearby to capture design concepts, ideas and fun little sketches. I am a maker and creator.

  • 10

    Benjamin RabeHamburg Germany

    Benjamin Rabes first digital painting was made back in the 80s on an Atari 600xl in ASCII-Code, when he was 15. Freelancing as a web-designer since 2001 he embraced the web2.0-paradigm in 2006 when he became the lead-designer on qype.coms startup team thus helping pioneer the social web in Germany.

    He always kept leaning towards painting. Enter mobile art in 2009 and with the help of SketchBook Mobile he was sucked into the world of fingerpainting and started the blog Benjamin lives in Hamburg and is co-founder of the IAMDA(, the International Assoc. of Mobile Digital Artists which organizes the international MobileArtConference in New York. In 2011 he is working on bringing mobile digital art into art museums.

  • 11

    Billy Steve ClaytonMinneapolis, MN

    For more than 25 years, I have worked as a graphic artist at the Minneapolis Star Tribune creating page designs, illustrations and information graphics. Its great having a job where you are paid to learn about the world and then show others what youve learned.

    Before coming to Minnesota, I lived in L.A. where I worked as a professional musician playing piano in night clubs, theaters and even Shakeys! Meanwhile, I earned my BA from Cal State, Fullerton.

    I wasnt aware of Sketchbook Pro until about a year ago when I started seeing all these fabulous paintings being done on the iPhone. That inspired me to download the Mac demo and get busy.

  • 12

    Brian AdamsSingapore

    Brian, born in London, graduated from the Wimbledon College of Art in 1958. He is better known as the lead design consultant in Design Unit, a hospitality design company based in Singapore, with recognized projects ranging from hotels, restaurants, palaces and villas spanning the Middle East and Asia.

    Jokingly branded a fossil, preferring to direct his designers in Autocad rather than to finger the keyboard himself, a revolutionary change occurred when he had started using the iPad, initially for games. He downloaded the app Sketchbook Pro. It proved highly versatile with its spectrum of tools and palettes, every nuance and details of his brushstrokes can be captured. The iPad is now Brians portable studio. Portraits, landscapes, and fantasies emerge as naturally as the sketches of furniture, interiors , and project drawings, and is his main tool for presentations. brian-adams49@yahoo.comsg

  • 13

    Bruno Prezado Lisbon, Portugal

    Bruno is a 35 year old designer living in sunny Lisbon. He studied Graphic Design, but his first job wasas a photographer. He worked as a 3d artist and for the past few years as an Art director in advertising. Always looking for new techniques to explore,he started using SketchBook Mobile rightafter getting his first iPod Touch. A feature in particular was rather fun ( the Symmetry option ) and the quick sketches it allowed were the starting point for all thesepeculiar characters he keeps making on the bus. Soon they started coming with short stories, and now they get along very well. bruno.P.Silva@

  • 14

    Carlos DiazLos Angeles

    Hello my name is Carlos. Im 19 and live in Los Angeles CA. Im currently one of the hundreds looking for a job. Drawing is one of my passions and I really dont think of anything else when doing, I got started with the Sketchbook app last year and really really liked it. Im really excited and happy that my picture got picked for this event.

  • 15

    Carlos J. DiazPuerto Rico

    I am working full-time at the Center of Graphics Arts in the University of Puerto Rico and have a heat-press business and print shop at home. In my free time I practice traditional and digital drawing, airbrush and photography. I started using sketchbook mobile when I saw it in the App Store. I already used Alias Sketchbook pro 2.0 some years ago. Now I already have the express version 5.0 and although I dont own an iPad yet I already bought its version. I completedthe Art Instruction course anda Bachelor of Graphic Arts with honor as Summa Cum Laude in Atlantic College PR. I like to participate in contests, some of them are 2002 and 2005 Charles Schulz Cartoon Art Competitions and Deviant Art contests.

  • 16

    Carolyn Ritchie BedfordCape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada

    With over 40 years of art making, in Canada, I have just begun to include the electronic art form into my mediums. I am a full time painter and sculptor living and working in Nova Scotia and have exhibited and sold in the Atlantic provinces in all that time. My children presented me with an IPAD in December of this year and having put up a new website, I started to connect to social networks for my site.

    While on twitter I noticed many artist using Sketchbook Pro and twit pic for their images. From there I discovered flickr groups using the product. I downloaded the app and have been playing with it since. I use the app as a mobile sketch book now and begin my paintings with sketches done in sketch book, as well as portraits for my friends and family. The Athletic Intensity picture was done while watching the Canadian championships of curling on live action television. I only had seconds to use my model, so it took the whole 10 ends to finish the drawing.

  • 17

    Carsten BradleyJust South of Atlanta, GA

    My creative years have been filled with learning about illustration, graphic design, and sequential art narrative and trying to use those skills for people, for businesses, and for non-profits. Ive worked for a broad spectrum of personal and professional clients in duties ranging from illustration and coloring, to re-branding and Intellectual Property development.

    Work started on Where the Rainbow Ends, around January of 2010 after setting aside many different personal projects in order to focus on one. In October of 2010, the first issue was released online. The print version came the month after. The story will be released as single issues first, as I create them the second issue is less than a month away. If it resonates with people enough to warrant it, I would love to release a collection in graphic novel format down the road. Where the Rainbow Ends is a fairy tale journey for the young-at-heart set within the centerpiece and steeped among the previously hidden lore of Atlanta, Ga.

  • 18

    Cesar MascarenhasBrazil

    My name is Cesar. Im 33 years old, from Brazil. Im a Mobile Software Developer on a TV network. I bought a portable device and sometime after someone told me about how people were able to make really impressive and expressive art using an App called Sketchbook Mobile. So I decided to give it a try, and now, great moments of joy, learning, making new friends and recollecting that in school my notebook had more drawings than my mum would like to. Im especially happy that Im talking to you, and were making part of this exhibition together, with all those talented people. Thank you for passing by. Take some of time, get to know me better and look at my work. Remember, when you have feelings that words cant express, there it is... the reason youre looking to make art.

  • 19

    Chris HorningHastings, MI

    I, live in Hastings, amongst the pigs and horses, whom start my day at 5:30 am. I, am an industrial designer in Mason, MI, hoping what I do can help make positive changes for the next generation. I, graduated from center for creative studies in 1998.I also race a 2005 mustang in the IHRA Summit super series, shoe horses and raise pigs.I am an Aries anddarn it, Im good enough.You can find more of my work every friday on the H.A.M.B (hokey ass message board, its real)along with many other incredible hot rod artists, although I am the only one using Sketchbook Pro and a wacom tablet.

    I, am lucky to be here. I, began with sketchbook when if first arrived, transferring my ability to spray paint a wall while looking out for the five-o at the same time, to a computer. I, spend my time saving memories with my daughter. And I, believe in my wife. Hotrodrendering.comva

  • 20

    Chris LuiHong Kong

    I am an Analyst Programmer (IT) This is the first commercial show I have participated in and I really appreciate the opportunity and I hope you enjoy my art. I grew up in a Chinese restaurant in Sydney Australia where I spent a considerable amount of time scribbling on table cloths, napkins and lazy Susans (rotating tray). Ever since then I have been searching for a portable canvas where I can just doodle away. Last December I came across a flicker group where they had finger painting on display, from there I did some fact finding and downloaded SketchBook Mobile for iPhone.

    Apart from my full time work, I paint with my thumb during my travel time, doing roughly 5 to 10 sketches a week. The first set of paintings I did was on the 12 Chinese zodiac symbols. I wanted to paint directly from memory to screen and without using photo references to explores multiple styles and Sketchbook Moible allows me to realize these visions very quickly.

  • 21

    Craig NewsomChatham, IL

    I live in Chatham, Illinois and teach in the art department at Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL. I have a very traditional, non-digital background in art but took very quickly to Sketchbook on the iPod Touch because of its responsiveness and amazingly fluid line. Ive been bringing iPod work into Sketchbook Pro on my laptop to combine the different formats and resolutions. Im more interested in the abstract nature of what can be created with Sketchbook - as opposed to highly realistic rendering.

  • 22

    Greg Baldwin

  • 23

    CreatureBox Dave Guertin & Greg BaldwinNorth Carolina

    At its core, CreatureBox is for anyone who enjoys bizarre monster design, comics of spacemen, and illustrations of everything in between. For the past several years, weve spent most of our time digging deep into what makes characters tick while trying to tell a few stories along the way. Weve had influential childhoods filled with cartoons, robots, aliens, and creatures of all shapes and sizes. Yet through it all weve found collaboration to be the most critical ingredient. Together this has allowed us to expand our sensibilities while challenging each other to become better designers. Through the website, our visitors are invited along for the ride as we dive into the deep end.

    Dave Guertin

  • 24

    David NewmanSan Francisco, CA

    David Newman is an American artist documenting innovators in Silicon Valley with fine art portraits painted from life on iPad. He is Artist-in-Residence for Women 2.0 Founder Labs, Startup Weekends in SF & NYC, GTUG Campout at Google, Le Camping in Paris & iOSDevCamp. He has painted with graphics systems, including Mac, since the early 80s. As a courtroom artist (UPI), he covered famous trials including the trial of Dan White in the 70s. Newman has provided IT services to Macintosh users in the San Francisco Bay Area since the mid 90s.

    At Chirp, the first Twitter developer conference held shortly after the iPad came out in April 2010, Newman put aside his traditional paper and ink brushes and began using Sketchbook Pro for iPad to document high tech innovators in Silicon Valley.

  • 25

    Deborah McMillionPhoenix, AZ

    Im a full-time, classically trained artist, living in Phoenix, AZ. I have received numerous awards and have exhibited in shows internationally including the Ohr-Okeefe Museum (Mississippi), LEclat De Verre Gallery (Washington, D.C.), How Original Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA), Galerie Landrin (Nimes, France), The Parthenon (Tennessee), Flying Pig (Wisconsin), Shemer Museum and Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum.

    My art reflects the era that has always meant the most to me: The 1950s, ranch homes, Route 66, shell chairs, drive-ins, flying saucers and finned cars. I came to use Sketchbook Pro when I realized my work on another APP wasnt up to resolution and how much I was missing out on not having layers. When the iPad came out I tried SBP and nothing has expressed my art so well, including oils.

  • 26

    Dominik FriedrichSaarbrcken, Germany

    I was born in 1963 living in Saarbrcken, Germany.

    My work is Creation - I am a Creative Director at - and my passion is Illustration. I began illustrating as an medical Illustrator 24 years ago, then studied Graphic Design at Saarbrueckens School of the Arts.

    Now in my free time I come back to Illustration with my iPad and Autodesks Sketchbook Pro. A great companion to this artist!

  • 27

    Eelco DeulingNetherlands.

    I was born 1966 in Amsterdam. Attended art school, at the Accademie voor Beeldende Kunsten St.- Joost te Breda, Cum Laude Graphic Arts (1986-1991).

    Im a self-educated Graphic Designer and Front end web developer and computer nerd; I work at a small graphic design studio in Rotterdam where I do photo corrections, visuals and illustrations and telling my boss he should finally ditch Quark Xpress version 6.

    I had tried SketchBook Pro a few years ago and was trilled when the iPhone version appeared (and even more thrilled when the desktop version was introduced in the App store at a discounted price!) I never touched an ordinary lead pencil afterwards (well you know what I mean).

  • 28

    Eric JenkinsNorth Carolina

    Im from Hickory, NC. Im a full time graphic artist, and an avid Android user/fan. When I got my Htc Evo Phone I wanted a good drawing app. I started out with an application called Sketcher and created 100 pieces of artwork using it beforewanting something more similar to Photoshop, since I use it everyday at work. I found SketchBook Mobile and I havent used any other drawing app on my phone since. It does what I want a drawing application on my phone to do: Work and Be Stable.

  • 29

    Evelyn Domingo-JourneyBerkeley, CA

    This is almost my first foray into digital art. My very first time was with the Adobe Creative Suite which I found awkward because I learned to regard a brush as almost like an extension of my body and the application of paints as a tactile experience, sometimes sensual, occasionally grating, at other times even wrenching, but always an experience to relish. Painting, to me, has as much to do with the process as with the finished piece. I am generally quite comfortable with computers because I have been using them since graduate school, Even so, I found digital painting programs frustrating and not that satisfying, too far removed from what, in my mind, constituted the act of painting. At least, until my son introduced me to a touch-sensitive screen, gave me his old iPad, and downloaded Sketchbook Express to get me started. The pieces I submitted were all done with this program.

  • 30

    Evgene RedkinMoscow, Russia

    I Began to draw from childhood and can not remember myself without a pencil. But the profession which I choose was a building. Thats why while studying in Institute I draw a lot of schemes. It taught me to accuracy and the architecture - work with pencil and make graphic pictures. So I started my career as a graphic artist.

    Now I work as an art designer in night club Kazanova. In addition I work as a body artist at night and for childrens shows. Also making graphic, oil and digital pictures at home when have free time.

    As for SketchBook... Well, Ive got an iPad as a New Year present. First though was: Hey, I can draw with help of this thing! Its much easier for me than using different kinds of graphic tablets for computers. I decided that SketchBook Pro is the best app of all.

  • 31

    Francesco SalvatiNaples, Italy

    Francesco Salvati was born August 1979. After graduating in advertising graphics, he started cooperating with several printing houses since 2001, increasing his experience in the field. From that moment on, he worked also as a graphic designer for many stylists and Italian fashion companies. At the moment he is in charge of the graphics department for a famous Italian fashion brand.

    Francescos experience with sketchbook started first on Iphone and then with Ipad, realizing from the first moment the amazing chances for art expression thanks to the mobile devices, allowing him to draw anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the high performances, Sketchbook pro soon became his favourite art tool, irreplaceable resource to create excellent illustrations according to moment and place inspirations.

  • 32

    Gabriel PalaciousMexico City

    Gabriel Palacios was born in 1972. He graduated with a degree in Communication Science.From 1989 until 2004 he worked developing systems for private and government organizations. In the latter, he worked as Innovative Manager of Electronic Services. He was co-awarded with the Innovative Prize granted by the Presidential Government in 2002 and 2004. He s working as independent consultant in information technology now.

    He has always been interested in graphic creation. At the end of 2009, after 20 years of full time work in information technology, he decided to focus on making art using electronic mobile devices and SketchBook. Understanding the nature and cultural differences of his audience Gabriel attempts to develop a graphic discourse with abstract images and archetypical elements.

  • 33

    Geoffrey SmithSan Luis Obispo, CA

    I am ten-year-old boy that lives in San Luis Obispo, CA. I use Sketchbook Pro for many of my drawings, paintings, and art. I use Sketchbook on the iPad because it is very fun, easy, and interesting to draw, but also it is very fun to use to just play around with. I go to Charles E. Teach Elementary school, and I am in fourth grade. Some of my hobbies other than art are playing the piano, computer programing, baseball, and reading. One of of my favorite bands is Daft Punk, a French Dj group, so one day I decided to make some cover art. I started to play around with the features of Sketchbook and finally came up with this.

  • 34

    Goro FujitaSan Mateo, CA

    Goro Fujita was born in Japan but moved with his family to Germany when he was 3 years old. After graduating High School he went to an animation school called The German Film School for digital production near Berlin. He graduated in 2005 and started working as a freelance character animator and visual development artist for TV commercials and Feature Films in Germany.

    In August 2008 he was hired by PDI/DreamWorks as a visual development artist. Recent Projects are Merry Madagascar (2009 TV Special) and Megamind (November 2010).

    You can learn more about Goro

  • 35

    Harry PujolsNew York City

    Harry Pujols (1973-) is an unemployed cartoonist, and former advertising copywriter. He was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and moved to the United States as a teenager. Though not formally trained as an artist, he has a Master s Degree in Advertising Design from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

    Hes been using the Sketchbook App since January, 2011, with the purpose of... doodling. The app proved to be very effective translating his playful line.

    His upcoming projects are publishing a comic book, staring a career in Web design and running the 2011 New York City Marathon. He currently lives in New York City and has no cats.

  • 36

    Hiram ToddSan Tan Valley, AZ

    As an Architectural Draftsman he enjoyed working with AutoCAD, but found himself enjoying the architectural illustration part of his career. At present, Hiram Todd works for a small water utility company in San Tan Valley, AZ, heading the Plant & Systems Mapping Division, but off his day job, he is a Freelance Illustrator.

    Aside from using Illustrator, Photoshop, and AutoCAD as mediums for his work, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Sketchbook Mobile are his most favorite tools and have helped him become a much more avid artist.

    I drew this piece combining something I had always wanted as a child, with one of my most favorite Disney movies.

  • 37

    I-Wei HuangSan Francisco

    Im currently working in the Bay Area as a Character Concept Artist for Toys for Bob (video game studio). I got the first version of Sketchbook Pro, when the first generation of Tablet PCs came out. It is still the tool that I use the most for 2D at both work and home. I also am an animator, and as a hobby I tinker in robotics, best known for my real steam powered robotic contraptions. Ive been in well over a dozen magazines, including Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Robot, MAKE and IEEE Spectrum, as well as a few TV interviews for the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and NBC.

  • 38

    Jacob LarsonDenver, Colorado

    Currently I work exclusively with the iPad and the apps created for it. The reason I bought my iPad was specifically for the SketchBook Pro app although I do use a variety of artistic apps. I saw other artists working with SketchBook Pro and was not only amazed, but inspired. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin and am currently working as an aerospace technician.

  • 39

    Jane HortonSheffield, UK

    Im a director at the Open College of the Arts in the UK, a distance learning creative arts education provider, with undergraduate and post graduate courses in painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography, all studied from home. I am in charge of the overall curriculum which is a great role for someone like me: who would choose be painting and drawing all day if I didnt need to work.

    Porridge, my scruffy lurcher, is important to me and I sketch him regularly, and this sketch of him was actually the first Sketchbook Pro sketch I ever did! Ive always practised as an artist, using a range of media. I exhibit once a year through Open Studios locally, and when I retire (Im 54) plan to focus on my art. I started using Flickr when I discovered the Brushes app, and from there was introduced by fellow Flickr users to a range of exciting new apps, including Sketchbook Pro. I love using it, it suits my quick sketches on the move in particular.

  • 40

    Jason Wilsher-MillsSleaford, Lincolnshire

    I am 42 years old and a full time wheelchair user. I had become disabled since my last exhibition in the 1990s and felt restricted in what I could do. My artist friend said that he had met a guy in New York who could only use one finger on his hand and he made art by using this finger on an iPad. I could see that there were possibilities for me. New art, using new technology. Sketchbook Pro is great for sketching, and has a wide range of commands. My images reflect the issues relating to my disability, and the illness, which took my mobility away, in a way, which I hope is sometimes humorous and most importantly what I call good art. I paint because I want to give life to those ideas in my head, and with the iPad I can.


  • 41

    John BavaroErie, PA

    I am an Associate Professor of Art at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where I teach Painting, Drawing and Design. While I am an oil painter by training, I have been earnestly working with digital interfaces for a number of years. My subjects are often both human and non-human primates, so that a gorilla, for instance, or a human, occupy the same emotional space in a traditional portrait. I like to engage the viewer in the sitters gaze, and I often think that animal gazes hold emotions in them that are quite classical.

    My fingerpainted pieces, executed on the Apple iPhone and iPad employ a variety of applications, and I find that each app brings about a different voice in my art, with some being more graphic and some being more painterly. I enjoy the touch response of the mobile devices, as it gets at the direct experience of artmaking in a way that I dont find in other more traditional forms of digital processes.

  • 42

    Jos Antnio FundoPortugal

    I am a 39 year old media studies teacher and school vice-principal in a High School for the Visual Arts in Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. I have a Painting degree and found iPhone Art as a way to escape my lack of time to develop my artistic work. Sketchbook mobile was my first tool for drawing in the iPhone. It gave me the chance to do in the iPhone things I was aching to do on paper and then I was addicted. I always looked for a way to have a simple and light graphic diary, a tool for me to give ways to my imagination without carrying dozens of pencils and pens as I used to. Illustration on your mobile has become a reality.

  • 43

    Julia KaySan Francisco, CA

    For three years Julia made a self portrait every day. To celebrate the completion of this series, she started Julia Kays Portrait Party (JKPP) on flickr. JKPP is an international collaborative art project involving more than 400 artists from more than 40 countries. Working in both digital and traditional media, they have made more than 10,000 portraits of each other in just the first year, with no end in sight.

    Julias images of people, plants and animals distorted through the mirror of her imagination have been shown throughout the United States, in Europe, and to an international audience on the internet.Julia also writesregularly about her life as an artist for the online journalWomens Voices for Change.

  • 44

    Justin RawcliffeUnited Kingdom

    Justin is a working Freelance Artist/Illustrator from the UK age 29, He has found Sketchbook Pro app to be both fun and veryusefulin his everyday working. He finds the export to Photoshop options great, They work perfectly and enable him to create work on the go, send to Photoshop or then evenIllustratorfor further editing, He has used Sketchbook Pro app recently on iPad to create preliminary sketches and send straight to a clients inbox.

  • 45

    Ka McCarthyLondon

    I am an illustrator/fine artist, and had traditionally produce my work using lino, woodcut, and etching and screen-print. I had recently started to explore digital art and was using programs such as Illustrator to draw images, but found that they lacked the subtlety that I was looking for in my drawn images. I was searching for a program to produce digital drawings that I could turn into editioned prints for an exhibition and stumbled upon Sketchbook Pro by accident. I was immediately taken by its user-friendly interface and the range of sensitivity that could be achieved with a graphic tablet and pen. I found that I was able to produce work very quickly and to use my computer as a sketchbook, which was very exciting. I also found the compatibility with Illustrator and Photoshop very useful for moving images between platforms.

  • 46

    Kevin GentryAsheville, NC

    I am a professional architect and as a result, I have been sketching for most of my life. My wife, Rhonda purchased an iPad for me as a Christmas gift in 2010. I had been following digital sketching and was very aware of the vast improvements of the tablet hardware and software associated with sketching.Naturally, the first app I pursued for the iPad was for the purposes of freehand sketching.I instantly became a fan of Autodesk SketchBook Pro for the iPad. My sketches range from 10 minute concepts to 40 hour, highly detailed, photo realistic work.I am very excited about the future of freehand sketching in the digital domain.You can find more of my work at the Flickr group SketchBook.

  • 47

    Kyle RuncimanOntario, Canada

    Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Concept Designer/Illustrator at Autodesk during the day, and run my own design firm, Runciman Concepts, by night. I got started with SketchBook Pro in June of 2007 when I started an internship at Autodesk.

    I had earned my degree in Industrial Design choosing analog media over digital the whole way through. But with a Cintiq and SketchBook Pro on my desk on day 1, it took about a week to be fully converted to digital workflows. kyle@runcimanconcepts.comt

  • 48

    La Legra Negra - Joseandrs GuijarroCuenca, Spain

    My day (and night) job is as an obstetrician and gynecologist, but also as researcher in a assisted reproduction clinic in Madrid, and sometimes as historian, journalist, designer, publicist, historic writer... I get publications about medicine, reproduction research, history, journalism, advertising, painting, graphic design, photography, poetry,... Life is so short and full of many interesting things to do. I started with SketchBook because of the works of two great masters of fingerpainting, Susan Murtaugh and Luis Peso.

  • 49

    Luca MangiapeloRome. Italy

    Hello, my name is Luca. I was born on 26 September 1988 in Rome and I attended the Graphic Designers school from 2002 to 2007. The passion for illustration, however, began later. SketchBook I discovered on internet and I knew it was a simple to use yet powerful. Until then, I create my drawings with Photoshop. I participated in several contest and have created several portfolios, but for now Ive never had the opportunity to prove myself. I would love to do the work of the illustrator.

  • 50

    Luis PesoGrenada, Spain

    Luis has been drawingsince he was a kid. Always had a sketchbook and a pencil in his backpack or pocket and every little moment he could draw, he did. In 2009, he bought, almost accidentally, an iPod Touch and a couple months later he realized It was possible to draw on its screen. Now, fingerpainting is his life. He is an active member of the iAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists). Luis is a goldsmith/silversmith but spends double the time making illustrations. Thats a passion!

    My friend Thierry Schiel mailed me and told me there were the mobile version of Sketchbook for the iPhone. I knew Skeketchbook Pro so I purchased it immediately. I was amazed by this little-big app, so a couple days later I was writing a review of it for MobilArt e-books. The iPad version came before the iPad itself and it was the first app I installed on my brand new iPad.

  • 51

    Marian Galczenski California

    Marian Galczenski, a visual artist, lives and works on the Central Coast of California. She is a painter, creating oils and large painting installations. She is a Professor of Fine Arts at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo.

    Her paintings transpire as a recipe or synthesis of an eclectic personal visual vocabulary. They are both romantic and diagrammatic simultaneously. The artist uses images as pieces of language. Each element originates from a unique and separate context. They are extracted fragments from the vernacular of abstraction, representation, and semiotics. The new, invented ordering of the information becomes the discourse, argument, or hypothesis. The format creates the new context or safety net for the particular selection of elements and their arrangement. Formal elements punctuate the meanings into cadence, pace, and recognition.

  • 52

    Mark HannahPasadena, CA

    M822 and were founded by Mark Hannah in 1998 under the name Hatch Creative and the name was changed to MARK822 in 2005. He has participated in the development of products for world-class design companies such as Razorfish, Sapient Corp., Walt Disney, and Columbia Pictures.In 2003, he established Hatch Gallery, which offered independent and emerging local artists in Pasadena and surrounding areas an alternative and professional venue to showcase their work.Mark continues to teach and work with a very select group of clients from his office and showroom in Pasadena, while developing his own projects through THIEFIT, a consumer awareness and advocacy think-tank that focuses on sustainable and recyclable solutions through design. Mark has used Sketchbook Pro for various projects and uses the SB App on the Ipad for personal projects and demonstrations for clients and students.

  • 53

    Masha LeveneVancouver, Canada

    Masha Levene is a young digital artist based in scenic Vancouver, Canada. Masha has been painting digitally since the age of 14, though it was only recently that she ventured into the realm of mobile arts and replaced her sketchbook with Autodesk. When Masha isnt painting, or sketching, or doodling shes usually thinking of painting, sketching and doodling, but when she cant do either of those shes probably looking for a job. Her dream is to one day paint, sketch and doodle for a living, preferably digitally :)

  • 54

    Matthew Seydel- ConnorsHoboken, NJ

    Matthew has been preoccupied with drawing since childhood, equally fascinated by the sources of reality and the imagination. Matts career as an artist has spanned analog and digital fine art,freelance illustration and desktop publishing; he has worked for over a decade as a retoucher and CGI artist at Quad Graphics, one of the worlds largest premedia and printing companies. The advent of digital painting in a mobile form is a medium that has been a perfect fit that Matt is eager to explore further. Hes been using Sketchbook as a desktop application for years, and was smitten to see all of the tools at his disposal on his iPhone. Matt honors his mother Ann, who passed away in 2009, by using her maiden name - also his middle name, Seydel, on his artwork,

  • 55

    Matthew WatkinsBari, Italy

    Matthew was born in England, raised in Canada where he graduated from the Ontario College of Art and is now working internationally as an artist and consultant from his home in Southern Italy.

    I started using Sketchbook when I saw the awesome work that my friends were doing with it.Digital fingerpainting has been a revolution for me. It has empowered my creativity and made me far more productive.Matthew is a cofounder of and a board member of iAMDA (International Association of Digital Mobile ArtistsWI

  • 56

    Mia RobinsonWashington DC

    Im a mobile digital artist who draws and paints exclusively on my iPhone and iPad. I used to draw on paper, but Id rather a tree live. I also enjoy the freedom of painting while lounging on a sofa, riding the train, lying in bed or any other time the inspiration hits. By day, I work for a national non-profit that advocates on behalf of aging service providers. By evenings and weekends, I host community workshops exposing kids of all ages to the joys mobile digital art. I am also a co-founder for the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists (iAMDA) and an organizer for our annual MobileArtCon in New York.

    I started using Sketchbook for live figure work Id do on the metro.The lines felt most natural and suited my style quite well. Since then, Sketchbook has grown to become one of my favorite apps to work with.

  • 57

    Mik GodleyNottingham, UK

    Im a painter and art-school lecturer. For the past two years I have tested an iPod Touch, and now an iPad, with a variety of apps, both to produce work for my art practice and to explore with students.

    Since 2006, to prepare for a future visit to Silesia, I have developed a programme of field studies, choosing the small town of Heanor, which I pass on the train on my commute to Chesterfield. I very much enjoy the quality of line that Sketchbook Mobile offers especially for the very quick sketches I make of Heanors church on the hill from the fast moving train. Passing Heanor is a document of these observations.

  • 58

    Nick Harris UK

    Ive been a full time, freelance, pro illustrator, painting pictures for childrens publishing since staggering out of college in 1982. Watercolour and line were my stock in trade for twenty years before feeling the press to move to digital.

    I fully intend to continue using SKB in my daily workflow, whether it be for simple sketching or more finished images. If you track me down online at the various forums I infest under the monicker Nickillus, youll soon discover that SKB and ArtRage are the two software I use most often.Theirdifferent strengths, but similarly user friendly work-spacescompliment each other very nicely.See my website at where you can see more examples of my work including some older real media stuff.

  • 59

    Nini Teves LapuzDaly City, CA

    Nini Teves Lapuz works in Silicon Valley. She has worn a few varied hats in her life including social science/history researcher, corporate tax analyst, and now mobile device digital artist. Studying Asia for bachelors and masters, she considers Japanese art, especially ukiyo-e, pictures of the floating world, as a major influence. She is a proud member of the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists - iAMDA.

  • 60

    Pascal GoyetteSaint-Lambert, Qubec, Canada.

    Im a Graphic Designer for a publishing house. I studied Graphic Design at Universit du Qubec Montral (UQAM). Ive known & used SketchBook for years. I was especially attracted by its user interface. It makes drawing a real pleasure. I draw sitting in public transit. Its very practical to draw with Sketchbook Mobile on an iPod touch in such a crammed place as a bus!

  • 61

    Patrick MurphyRaleigh, NC

    Im a Freelance Industrial Designer & Professional Bicycle Mechanic. I have used Autodesk products since design school. When my sketching became more an more digital, Sketchbook Pro became my go-to program. My most respected professors always emphasized the importance of traditional paper sketching, and although a modern designer cannot stay on paper forever, Sketchbook Pro comes closest to replicating real-life sketch techniques. I have worked in a variety of product design fields, the most enjoyable of which has been power tools - few facets of product development allow such loud and visually striking products into the market, and the designs can be very raw, unrestrained and fun.

  • 62

    Paul KercalGuildford, Surrey

    When Im not drawing I have two roles: a college art teacher specializing in graphics and digital graphics and, when Im not doing that, Im a youth worker. Ive used Autodesk products from a long way back - 3D Studio (note, no, not Max) 1 and up. Still have VERY fond memories of Ani Pro and Animation Studio... Sketchbook was a logicalprogression once I picked up an iPod.Im doing a lot of collaborative artwork and always look forward to doing more and happy doing as much as I can with the UK/EUropean chapter of IAMDA. Working hard to bring iPhonography and iDevice artwork into the educational domain. The piece Making Links was a collaborative work with my 11 year old autistic son Stephen.

  • 63

    Peter JaretPetaluma, CA

    I live in Petaluma, California, part of the wine country of Sonoma County. Im a freelance journalist by day, specializing in health and food writing. I took up digital sketching and painting after reading an article about David Hockney painting on his iPhone and sending paintings to friends. I thought to myself: how cool is that? Id never painted before. I started on an Android phone and graduated to an iPad. I found SketchBook Pro and was impressed by the tools it contains and by the extensive help documentationessential for me, since Im a bit of a technophobe. I was also impressed by the work that people using SB were posting on Flickr. Its still the painting app I return to most often, because it is both powerful and intuitive. Im still developing a style and exploring subjects, which is part of the fun.

  • 64

    Pierre R. VictorMass Art, Boston

    Im 25 years old. I am currently a college student at mass art in Boston, Massachusetts. I am originally from Haiti but moved to the states when I was 11. Currently I work at Brueggers bagels part time, so I can pay for my schooling.

    I recently bought an iPhone 4 and found the app and quickly started using it everyday on the green line train on my way to art school. My major is painting and illustration. Now that I have the new iPad the app is my new favorite. I just finished a new poster for my job using the app on my iPad 2!

    To the viewer. If you like to draw and own an iPad, get the app fast

  • 65

    Pinar YalcinIstanbul, Turkey

    I was born in 1975.I had my BSc. in Landscape Architecture , MSc. in Industrial Design. Right now, I am a Phd Candidate in Industrial Design at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. I am also working as a research & teaching assistant at ITU, Industrial Product Design Dept. I teach Basic Design, Visualization and Visual Design courses at undergrad degree.

    I started using SketchBook Pro on iPad in September 2010. As long as I have known myself, I am keen on drawing and illustrating. The capabilities of both the software and iPad as a sketching pad delighted me a lot and at the same time gave me the joy of expressing myself visually.

  • 66

    Rafal HrynkiewiczNetherlands

    Born and raised in Poland, Im currently living in Holland. Studied biomechanical engineering but my day job is designing serious games and innovating design processes. Im a self taught artist / freelance illustrator in my spare time. Most of the work I do is fantasy/sf/horror themed. I work digitally for a while now using my pc and a drawing tablet. Mobile digital work is a recent activity I started about a year ago. Mystery man is actually the first picture I did in Sketchbook mobile with a stylus on a borrowed iPhone.

  • 67

    Raheem NelsonNew Haven, CT

    Im a cartoonist and illustrator. I attended The Educational Center for the Arts and then went on to The School Of Visual Arts. I have a BA in Cartooning. Currently I work as a Paraprofessional for New Haven Public Schools.

    Sketchbook Pro was honestly one of the main reasons I bought my iPad. Its one of the most technical and sophisticated art programs Ive ever used. Most of my current portfolio comes from the app. I have had two shows through The Arts Council Of New Haven. On April 1st I had a solo show for all of the iPad art I have done in the past year.

  • 68

    Richard JusticeChesapeake Virginia

    I work as a coordinator for local government in regards to their connection to a national database.I have been drawing as a hobby for most of my life.I was taught how to draw by my father who use draw dinosaurs for me.I have attempted painting with oils, pastels, and pens but found my calling when a friend gave me an old wacom tablet and demo paint program. I hardly ever plan my paintings and enjoy it much more when the idea comes to me as I put my pen (finger) to the iPad.

    I have longed for the days you could actually draw directly on the screen as if it were a canvas.I learned about Sketchbook from searching apps on my iPhone. I downloaded the demo version on the and found it to be amazingly powerful.Needless to say I craved a larger canvas so I rushed out to get an iPad and the first app to download was Sketchbook Pro.

  • 69

    Richard ShulmanBirmingham, Michigan

    Richard Shulman, aka, iPad Junkie, his screen name on, has always been an avid doodler ever since he first picked up a crayon. Yet, very rarely did he ever save his work. Always encouraged to get a real job, Richard entered the practice law in 1994, and he now maintains a private practice specializing in Trial Law in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Though he had taken a smattering of classes in the past, mostly in figure drawing, he put down his charcoals sometime in the late 1990s.

    What he loves most about Sketchbook Pro and the iPad, is his ability to carry a studio around in his brief case, from the courtroom to the coffee shop and the ability to save everything in one neat place.

  • 70

    Rita Flores Bogota, NJ

    Rita Flores grew up inNew Jerseyand started taking art lessons at age 11. She received a BA in Fine Art fromMontclair State University. After graduation she started working out of an art studio in Passaic. She continued her studies atNew York Studio Schoolwhere she studied figure painting and drawing. She has also studied landscape painting at theVermont Studio Center.

    Ms. Flores works primarily in acrylic and pencil but over the last two years she has started working digitally using the iPod Touch,iPhoneand most recently theiPadto create her artwork. She is reinterpreting her earlier figurative and landscape painting while still bringing her knowledge of art history and drawing techniques to her new work.

  • 71

    Roz - Matthew HallArundel, UK.

    I am an amateur digital artist living in Arundel, UK. Having studied Fine Art at The Winchester School of Art and Chichester University I moved away from traditional painting and into video work, producing video installations, short films and music videos for local bands and D-list celebrities. 10 years passed without me picking up a paintbrush until I began to see what people were doing on the iPad.

    Now I take my iPad everywhere, using Sketchbook Pro to capture whats happening around me or whats banging around in my head at the time. Like the primeval cave painters we are just creating lines on a surface with our finger. I havent enjoyed doodling this much since I was a child.

  • 72

    Salah ElrowenyPompano Beach. FL

    I am a native of Alexandria, Egypt. I graduated from University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a Master of Architecture in 1994. I am an Architect and an interior designer. I have a small architecture firm in Fort Lauderdale Florida, where I have been practicing for the past 10 years.

    Using my fingers to draw is a whole new experience for me. It is a paradigm shift. The way I approach drawing now is completely different with Sketchbook for iPad. It is like sculpturing using colors and brushes molding an idea. Mixing colors with my finger over a rough sketch shaping an idea in the sketching phase through the refinement phase until an idea is matured. The feel of using finger for painting is amazing. I just love it. I am looking forward to painting more work.

  • 73

    Salvador NavarroCalifornia

    I am 44 years old,originally from Mexico, came to the US in the early 80s. I am a self employed contractor, doing all sorts of jobs, mainly in the construction field. I am also a self taught artist, been drawing most of my life. I did traditional pencil on paper for a long time and slowly made the transition into the digital realm of art. This has brought me great satisfaction. I especially enjoy creating art on my mobile devices and my software of choice is without a doubt SketchBook mobile for the iPod Touch and SketchBook Pro on the iPadapps come and go, but sketchbook is for me the one I always go back to.

  • 74

    Sandra SchmidtDetroit, MI

    Sandy is an Energy Industry professional. She and her husband Bill share their home with Edward (a tuxedo cat) and Inky (a large, black, curly haired mutt). Sandy was an oil-painter for over 25 years but with a full time career was not a very productive artist. She was first introduced to Sketchbook Mobile through word-of-mouth discussions on the photo sharing website Now she is painting at least 3 paintings a week with Apps including Sketchbook Mobile. One recent project found her painting a daily portrait of the plums, pears, peaches and nectarines from her lunch bag. You can view more of her work on Flickr.

  • 75

    Sandy EggiJapan

    I am Indonesian and a PhD student majoring computer science in Keio University, Japan.I was looking for a good drawing software for my iPod touch. I found SketchBook Express and I am impressed with the variety of strokes and brushes and also many amazing paintings on the internet created using Sketchbook.Then I decided to buy an iPad and Sketchbook Pro at the same time for drawing in my leisure time.

    What I like about SketchBook beside the features is the community. I started to join the Sketchbook communities or groups in Facebook and Flickr to communicate, learn and connect to many talented Sketchbook artists all over the world. I think Im developing my style using SketchBook!

  • 76

    Shaun MullenUnited Kiingdom

    Hi Im Shaun and Im an artoholic....................

    Probably not the best starts, lets try again!Hello Im Shaun, I currently reside in a coastal town in the UK. Im a senior electrical commissioning engineer and work on a British Defense contract but in my spare time I enjoy creating art. Ive been drawing and painting since childhood and have progressed from crayon to pencils, oils to pixels and last year found the perfect companions; the Apple iPad & Autodesks Sketchbook Pro.

  • 77

    Simone KirschningGermany

    My name is Simone Kirschning (simki68). Born in 1968 in Germany, Lower saxony, near Hannover, where I currently live with my family. I studied Architecture with diplomaandstudied multimedia design as assistant, moreoverI have attended several art courses.Currently Im working as aninterior designer for bathrooms, to make it comfortable for people.

    For the last two years I love my iphone with apps like sketchbook, whose potential impressed me a lot! Now I can take my mobile studio aka iPhoneanywhere and can sketch/ paint all time.The display is relatively small, but this also makes it charming!

  • 78

    Starr Allen ShawLas Vegas, NV

    Born in 1970 in Los Angeles California, Starr is an CG artist of the generation that emerged in the introduction of the iPhone/iTouch and iPad. Starr studied Computer Graphics and Traditional Painting since the late 1980s. Since high school he has been absorbed in computer graphics and art, refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary. Always focused on the worlds of art and technology. Starrs work can be found in video games, interactive media, and online in CG galleries.

  • 79

    Susan MurtaughTwo Rivers, WI

    Im a graduate of the Chicago Academy of Fine Art and worked over 35 years in advertising, including 15 years as Principal of my own design firm. Since 2009 Ive been concentrating on mobile digital art created on my iPod Touch and iPad. The past two years have also found me teaching the New Digital as Artist in Residence to local public school kids.

    Ive had the great privilege of working with the Autodesk team helping test their SketchBook Pro software for desktop and mobile devices. And Im curator of this Gallery Exhibition.

  • 80

    Timothy J. ReynoldsMilwaukee, WI

    Im from Winston-Salem, NC. Sold everything I owned three years ago and left my hometown to start over. Drove around the country for a while freelancing out of hotel rooms. Lived in Denver and Atlanta for brief periods then took a job here in Milwaukee 18 months ago. Im now working full-time as a 3D Illustrator for GMR Marketing. Picked up Sketchbook Pro after hearing how great is was from friends. Love using it for sketching concepts. Also use SBP on my iPad from time to time. I carry a moleskine and prismacolor markers with me everywhere I go as my preferred medium

  • 81

    Wing TanMancheter, UK

    I am from Macau and moved to the UK in 2001. I am currently self employed and have been drawing since I was 3 years old. I love doing comic art. I started using SketchBook Pro when I bought my iPad.

  • 82

    Xpectro - Pablo Francisco ArrietaBogot, Colombia

    A new media developer since 1995, architect by training and drawing since a little kid, thanks to his mom who is a painter and teacher. These days mixing his work as a university professor with the possibility to create and share with the world images from his iPad.

    Since day one having the iPad, one of the first apps to download was Sketchbook Pro. Although he had it in his iPod Touch, the bigger screen size really made the tool usable for all kind of projects. The coolest part has been the ability to start a project (a conference, an article) in his laptop and then close it and start illustrating it anywhere, outside, close to his dog... Even the time spent in lines (very common in Colombia), cabs or waiting for something to happen has become very productive.

    So, creation has become a past time, and a very social and productive one.

  • 83

    Zach TrenholmSan Francisco, CA

    Im an award-winning Illustrator specializing in Celebrity Caricature and along with work for the press (from Time to the Los Angeles Times...), Im also an on-the-spot Quick Sketch Caricaturist known for my highly focused likenesses....

    I initially downloaded & played with most drawing apps when i first got my iPad back in early April 2010. Sketchbook proved from the get-go to be head & shoulders above rest with regards to its tools & interface...

    Last year I added the iPad to my quick-sketch caricature efforts/ services & thus far have finger-sketched portraits at special events on behalf of such major entities as Google, Neiman-Marcus as well as Apple itself....

  • 84

    Illustration by Skottie Young