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These are the Artists participating in the Digital Canvas Exhibition in the AutoDesk One Market Gallery in San Francisco. The works by these artist were all don on SketchBook Pro or Mobile by AutoDesk. This book was made by Susan Murtaugh.


  • 1Presents the Digital Canvas

    Participating Artists

    Alpha by First Name

  • 2Albert ViladrosaLleida, Spain

    Albert graduated in Applied Arts, artistic ceramics & painting procedures at the High School of Barcelona. Much of his learning is self taught.

    He is a painter in his early seventies. Although it seems contradictory he has a great passion for new technologies, restless temperament leads him to discover new ways to represent his art. With the iPhone and SketchBook Mobile he found it easy to make studies and record inspiration anytime, anywhere, its small as the palm of my hand!

    The intuitive interface makes it easy to access a range of tools, features, colors and layers so you can continue working and creating and uploading the work to the virtual gallery, where my art has access to all art lovers worldwide. It started with the iPhone in July 2010 and now with the iPad.

  • 3Alison LaitCalgary Alberta Canada

    I am an artist with a Certificate of Visual Design from the University of Calgary Alberta Canada. I make products from recycled advertising tarps (billboards). I discovered Sketchbook Pro on an RV trip last summer and Ive been using it ever since to make diagrams, cartoons and artwork.

  • 4Alison LivaditisPortland, OR

    My name is Alison, and I live in Portland, Oregon.I am a freelance graphic designer, currently working full time for Nike. Some of my passions include Marc Chagall, Stumptown Coffee, and Luna Bars.I started working with SketchBook after buying my fabulous iPad 2.Its perfect for quick doodles at the museum or sketching ideas for clients!

  • 5Andres Lopez Jr.Tinley Park, IL.

    I started drawing back when I was a freshmen in high school, after graduating high school, I took a break from the art field because I was so burned out. I got back into drawing about five or six years ago. Im 31 and enjoy doing different styles; for instance, painting, drawing, and graphic layouts. I play guitar with my band called Cruel Melody, but my day job for now is a drywall hanger. I also do graphic layouts on this side. Art takes me into all new directions, especially with the iPads Sketchbook Pro. I didnt know what to do with at first, but once i got that hang of if by watching Jim Lees video, I became more comfortable with the app.

  • 6Andrew WilsonTampa, FL

    I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. Im an artist/animator with over 18 years experience. Ive pretty much worked in every media, gaming, broadcast, television, sports, multimedia and laser show animation as well as both 2D and 3D. Im currently employed at a cool new high tech company called Savtira, located in Tampa, Florida. Im a Motion Graphics Designer/ Animator for the Marketing department.

    I first started using Sketchbook Pro in 2006. I love working in Sketchbook Pro on my Wacom Cintiq. I even use it on a Motion Computing tablet PC. I really like the quality of the tools in Sketchbook Pro. I especially like the quality of pencil line I get. I feel like I never left my paper and I can virtually work in any medium.

  • 7Angelo VilarLos Angeles, CA

    Angelo Vilar is a Los Angeles-based Animation Designer/ Illustrator. He works with his pals at Six Point Harness Animation Studios located in the heart of beautiful Hollywood, CA.He has worked freelance for various studios such as Warner Bros. Animation, Wildbrain Inc., Ghostbot Inc. and few other startups. He has been a Sketchbook Pro user since it came out for the iPhone and subsequently to the iPad. He is very excited for the future direction of Sketchbook Pro and digital art, while still appreciating traditional analog art from past and present.

  • 8AZURE - Maasa Kuwana-MuelhauptNew York City

    Born in Japan and currently residing in NYC, AZURE works as a full-time animator and director/assistant director for television series, shorts and pilots. She met Sketchbook (v1) in 2004, introduced to her by her professor at Parsons The New School for Design during her thesis production. Since then, she has been using Sketchbook for sketching, painting, and storyboarding as well as designing for her knitware store AZURE KNITS+

  • 9Beau TurnerWith Sketchbook Pro and the iPad I always have my daily sketch journal nearby to capture design concepts, ideas and fun little sketches. I am a maker and creator.

  • 10

    Benjamin RabeHamburg Germany

    Benjamin Rabes first digital painting was made back in the 80s on an Atari 600xl in ASCII-Code, when he was 15. Freelancing as a web-designer since 2001 he embraced the web2.0-paradigm in 2006 when he became the lead-designer on qype.coms startup team thus helping pioneer the social web in Germany.

    He always kept leaning towards painting. Enter mobile art in 2009 and with the help of SketchBook Mobile he was sucked into the world of fingerpainting and started the blog Benjamin lives in Hamburg and is co-founder of the IAMDA(, the International Assoc. of Mobile Digital Artists which organizes the international MobileArtConference in New York. In 2011 he is working on bringing mobile digital art into art museums.

  • 11

    Billy Steve ClaytonMinneapolis, MN

    For more than 25 years, I have worked as a graphic artist at the Minneapolis Star Tribune creating page designs, illustrations and information graphics. Its great having a job where you are paid to learn about the world and then show others what youve learned.

    Before coming to Minnesota, I lived in L.A. where I worked as a professional musician playing piano in night clubs, theaters and even Shakeys! Meanwhile, I earned my BA from Cal State, Fullerton.

    I wasnt aware of Sketchbook Pro until about a year ago when I started seeing all these fabulous paintings being done on the iPhone. That inspired me to download the Mac demo and get busy.

  • 12

    Brian AdamsSingapore

    Brian, born in London, graduated from the Wimbledon College of Art in 1958. He is better known as the lead design consultant in Design Unit, a hospitality design company based in Singapore, with recognized projects ranging from hotels, restaurants, palaces and villas spanning the Middle East and Asia.

    Jokingly branded a fossil, preferring to direct his designers in Autocad rather than to finger the keyboard himself, a revolutionary change occurred when he had started using the iPad, initially for games. He downloaded the app Sketchbook Pro. It proved highly versatile with its spectrum of tools and palettes, every nuance and details of his brushstrokes can be captured. The iPad is now Brians portable studio. Portraits, landscapes, and fantasies emerge as naturally as the sketches of furniture, interiors , and project drawings, and is his main tool for presentations. brian-adams49@yahoo.comsg

  • 13

    Bruno Prezado Lisbon, Portugal

    Bruno is a 35 year old designer living in sunny Lisbon. He studied Graphic Design, but his first job wasas a photographer. He worked as a 3d artist and for the past few years as an Art director in advertising. Always looking for new techniques to explore,he started using SketchBook Mobile rightafter getting his first iPod Touch. A feature in particular was rather fun ( the Symmetry option ) and the quick sketches it allowed were the starting point for all thesepeculiar characters he keeps making on the bus. Soon they started coming with short stories, and now they get along very well. bruno.P.Silva@

  • 14

    Carlos DiazLos Angeles

    Hello my name is Carlos. Im 19 and live in Los Angeles CA. Im currently one of the hundreds looking for a job. Drawing is one of my passions and I really dont think of anything else when doing, I got started with the Sketchbook app last year and really really liked it. Im really excited and happy that my picture got picked for this event.

  • 15

    Carlos J. DiazPuerto Rico

    I am working full-time at the Center of Graphics Arts in the University of Puerto Rico and have a heat-press business and print shop at home. In my free time I practice traditional and digital drawing, airbrush and photography. I started using sketchbook mobile when I saw it in the App Store. I already used Alias Sketchbook pro 2.0 some years ago. Now I already have the express version 5.0 and although I dont own an iPad yet I already bought its version. I completedthe Art Instruction course anda Bachelor of Graphic Arts with honor as Summa Cum Laude in Atlantic College PR. I like to participate in contests, some of them are 2002 and 2005 Charles Schulz Cartoon Art Competitions and Deviant Art contests.

  • 16

    Carolyn Ritchie BedfordCape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada

    With over 40 years of art making, in Canada, I have just begun to include the electronic art form into my mediums. I am a full time painter and sculptor living and working in Nova Scotia and have exhibited and sold in the Atlantic provinces in all that time. My children presented me with an IPAD in December of this year and having put up a new website, I started to connect to social networks for my site.

    While on twitter I noticed many artist using Sketchbook Pro and twit pic for their images. From there I discovered flickr groups using the product. I downloaded the app and have been playing with it since. I use the app as a mobile sketch book now and begin my paintings with sketches done in sketch book, as well as portraits for my friends and family. The Athletic Intensity picture was done while watching the Canadian championships of curling on live action television. I only had seconds to use my model, so it took the whole 10 ends to finish the drawing.

  • 17

    Carsten BradleyJust South of Atlanta, GA

    My creative years have been filled with learning about illustration, graphic design, and sequential art narrative and trying to use those skills for people, for businesses, and for non-profits. Ive worked for a broad spectrum of personal and professional clients in duties ranging from illustration and coloring, to re-branding and Intellectual Property development.

    Work started on Where the Rainbow Ends, around January of 2010 after setting aside many different personal projects in order to focus on one. In October of 2010, the first issue was released online. The print version came the month after. The story will be released as single issues first, as I create them the second issue is less than a month away. If it resonates with people enough to warrant it, I would love to release a collection in graphic novel format down the road. Where the Rainbow Ends is a fairy tale journey for the young-at-heart set within the centerpiece and steeped among the previously hidden lore of Atlanta, Ga.

  • 18

    Cesar MascarenhasBrazil

    My name is Cesar. Im 33 years old, from Brazil. Im a Mobile Software Developer on a TV network. I bought a portable device and sometime after someone told me about how people were able to make really impressive and expressive art using an App called Sketchbook Mobile. So I decided to give it a try, and now, great moments of joy, learning, making new friends and recollecting that in school my notebook had more drawings than my mum would like to. Im especially happy that Im talking to you, and were making part of this exhibition together, with all those talented people. Thank you for passing by. Take some of time, get to know me better and look at my work. Remember, when you have feelings that words cant express, there it is... the reason youre looking to make art.

  • 19

    Chris HorningHastings, MI

    I, live in Hastings, amongst the pigs and horses, whom start my day at 5:30 am. I, am an industrial designer in Mason, MI, hoping what I do can help make positive changes for the next generation. I, graduated from center for creative studies in 1998.I also race a 2005 mustang in the IHRA Summit super series, shoe horses and raise pigs.I am an Aries anddarn it, Im good enough.You can find more of my work every friday on the H.A.M.B (hokey ass message board, its real)along with many other incredible hot rod artists, although I am the only one using Sketchbook Pro and a wacom tablet.

    I, am lucky to be here. I, began with sketchbook when if first arrived, transferring my ability to spray paint a wall while looking out for the five-o at the same time, to a computer. I, spend my time saving memories with my daughter. And I, believe in my wife. Hotrodrendering.comva

  • 20

    Chris LuiHong Kong

    I am an Analyst Programmer (IT) This is the first commercial show I have participated in and I really appreciate the opportunity and I hope you enjoy my art. I grew up in a Chinese restaurant in Sydney Australia where I spent a considerable amount of time scribbling on table cloths, napkins and lazy Susans (rotating tray). Ever since then I have been searching for a portable canvas where I can just doodle away. Last December I came across a flicker group where they had finger painting on display, from there I did some fact finding and downloaded SketchBook Mobile for iPhone.

    Apart from my full time work, I paint with my thumb during my travel time, doing roughly 5 to 10 sketches a week. The first set of paintings I did was on the 12 Chinese zodiac symbols. I wanted to paint directly from memory to screen and without using photo references to explores multiple styles and Sketchbook Moible allows me to realize these visions very quickly.

  • 21

    Craig NewsomChatham, IL

    I live in Chatham, Illinois and teach in the art department at Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL. I have a very traditional, non-digital background in art but took very quickly to Sketchbook on the iPod Touch because of its responsiveness and amazingly fluid line. Ive been bringing iPod work into Sketchbook Pro on my laptop to combine the different formats and resolutions. Im more interested in the abstract nature of what can be created with Sketchbook - as opposed to highly realistic rendering.

  • 22

    Greg Baldwin

  • 23

    CreatureBox Dave Guertin & Greg BaldwinNorth Carolina

    At its core, CreatureBox is for anyone who enjoys bizarre monster design, comics of spacemen, and illustrations of everything in between. For the past several years, weve spent most of our time digging deep into what makes characters tick while trying to tell a...


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