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The coming era of NFC 'on-demand’ marketing for Automobile showrooms!! 1

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NFC Automobile technology will be adds a value to customers, by helping to increase the customer engagement and increases the customers experience in the automobile showroom. Our solution also address the business challenges faced by Auto showroom clients. 1> Customer engagement . 2> Customers Wow Experience in the showroom 3> Customer education 4> Build a long lasting brand for the Auto-showrooms


  • The coming era of NFC 'on-demand marketing for Automobile showrooms!! 1
  • NFC Technology Nowadays NFC technology become a buzz word in current smartphone and tablet dominating world. NFC application not only dedicated to contact less Payments as of the past, now its Application evolved rapidly to too many business segments. 2
  • Business Challenges of our customers Recently we come across business challenges facing by our Car showroom clients, challenges they are facing day to day business Creating an On-demand marketing for the Cars and services Engaging customers in the showroom and increase the customer WOW experience Educating the customers to try for new car models is the biggest challenge Effective Marketing Promotional strategies 3
  • Tlick Value Propositions to our Customers 1. Car Information sharing: When customer walk in to showroom, if they tap their smartphone or Tablet on car, whole informations of the car will be displayed on customers smartphone screen. Price of the car and new technological features used and of the car To view promotional video of the car. Online reviews of the car, Facebook and twitter page of the branded car model. 4
  • 2.Customer engagement Any great brand success deepened upon, how they engage with the target customers, same applies to car showroom business. We need to create a good customer engagement environment in the showroom, start from customer entering the showroom up to the car purchasing and leaving the showroom. Ultimate aim is to convert first time visitors to Long lasting Brand loyal to auto showrooms. 5
  • 3.Low cost on demand Marketing Whenever new brand of car is arriving to market or showroom , we need to educate the customers by using promotions like billboard and hoarding promotions. By inserting NFC Tags attached with it promotion materials like billboard and hoarding, will add a great value addition to business. Whenever customer tap their smart phone to billboard and hoardings, they can view the video of the car Encouraging the customer to start registration for free test drive for the car. It helps to build a brand for the showroom. 6
  • 4.On demand service Service on demand is global mantra to get loyal business customers for any business. Whenever customer wants know due date for car service can tap their Smartphone on NFC Tag in the car. Its easily to schedule car service date with the respective showroom. 7
  • 5.Customer will not buy unless, we educate them We need to educate the customer about our existing and new service offerings New car arrivals and additional services we are offering, Easy Auto finance facility and Promotional offers Etc. 8
  • 6.Recommendation marketing We need to tap low cost World of mouth and recommendation marketings By offering coupons to customer to recommend cars and service provided by showroom to his Facebook, twitter, Myspace friends It will be acts as a more credible influencing source while purchasing Car in the near future 9
  • Inotous Innovation Notous innovation INC is a two year old startup company, specialized in Developing and consulting NFC solutions to different industry segment customers such as Retail, Automobile, restaurants, digital marketing, events marketing , tourism and automobile industry. We having More than 10 years of rich experience in this technology and also worked with fortune 500 companies. Management information Founder & CEO : Sampath Reddy VP Of Marketing : Shantan Reddy 10
  • Contact us for free demo of solution Name : N R Jaibhima Email : [email protected] Phone no : +1-404-382-0581 11
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