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  • ELSEVIER Immunopharmacology 49 (2000) 199-2 17

    Author Index of Abstracts

    Abe, M., Shim& N., Shibata, K., Sakata, N., Katsuragi, T., Akatsu, H. and Okada, H., Evaluating a role of complement activation in allergic lung damage induced by repeated inhala- tion of antigen (49) 26

    Abrahams, J.P., see Bos, I.G.A.C. (49) 41 Abrahamsen, M.S., see Dalmasso, A.P. (49) 67 Accardo, P., see Amodeo, G. (49) 24 Acker, G., see Kraiczy, P. (49) 75 Affleck, L.J., see Dodd, I. (491 63 Agostoni, A., see Bergamaschini, L. (49) 23 Agostoni, A., see Carugati, A. (49) 27 Agostoni, A., see Gioffrt, D. (49) 27 Agostoni, A., see Gobbo, G. (49) 61 Agostoni, A., see Cugno, M. (49) 62 Aheam, J.M., see Navratil, J.S. (49) 36 Ahearn, J.M., see Liang, H. (49) 58 Akatsu, H., see Abe, M. (49) 26 Akatsu, H., see Dean, Y.D. (49) 41 Alarcon, G., see Moulds, J.M. (49) 29 Aleshin, Yu.N., see Galebskaya, L.V. (49) 23 Alexander, J.J. and Quigg, R.J., Factor H on rodent platelets

    functions as the immune adherence receptor (49) 49 Alkimin, M.G.A., see Liberatore Jr., R.D.R. (49) 27 Al Mohanna, F., see Kotwal, G.J. (49) 76 Alves, C.M.O.S., see Marzocchi-Machado, CM. (49) 90 Alving, C.R., see Szebeni, J. (49) 71 Amadei, B., see Caprioli, J. (49) 13 Ambrus, G., see Zavodszky, P. (49) 89 Ames, R.S., Lee, D., Foley, J.J., Tometta, M.A., Bautsch, W.,

    Settmacher, B., Klos, A., Sulpizio, A.C., Hieble, J.P., McCaf- ferty, G. and Sarau, H.M., Pharmacology of SB 290157, a selective small molecule antagonist of the C3a receptor (49) 53

    Amodeo, G., D Amelio, L., Palombo, G., DArpa, N., Accardo, P., Mesellis, M. and Brai, M., Plasma soluble CR1 as a prognostic factor in severe burns (49) 24

    Amodeo, G., Neri, S., Cicardi, M., Riela, A. and Brai, M., ClINH abuse: whim or necessity (491 61

    Anderson, R., see Parent, J.B. (49) 68 Andersson, J., Nilsson Ekdahl, K. and Nilsson, B., Monitoring of

    complement activation on a biomaterial surface (49) 96 Andrl, J., Halter, R., Heske, C., Paul, D. and Vogel, C.-W.,

    Transgenic mice expressing cobra venom factor (49) 94 And& J., see Bammert, H. (49) 12 Andrl, J., see Wehrhahn, D. (49) 94

    Andrews, E., Lassiter, H., Feldhoff, R. and Feldhoff, P., Cytokine regulation of complement secretion by HepG2 cells (49) 19

    Andrews, M., see Botto, M. (49) 36 Anker Peterslund, N., see Thiel, S. (49) 85 Antonov, I.V., see Myones, B.L. (49) 97 Arlaud, G., see Gaboriaud, C. (49) 33 Arlaud, G.J., see Tacnet, P. (49) 16 Arlaud, G.J., see Rossi, V. (49) 17 Arlaud, G.J., see Thielens, N. (49) 87 Amett, F.C., see Rupert, K.L. (49) 29 Arora, M., Arora, R., Das, N. and Srivastava, L.M., Expression of

    complement regulatory proteins in idiopathic focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (49) 28

    Arora, R., see Arora, M. (49) 28 Atkinson, J., see Liszewski, M.K. (49) 54 Atkinson, J.P., see Gioffre, D. (49) 27 Atkinson, J.P., see Mallin, R. (49) 46 Atkinson, J.P., see Smith, B.O. (49) 46 Atkinson, J.P., see Krych-Godberg, M. (49) 62 Atkinson, J.P., see Brodbeck, W.G. (49) 65 Atkinson, J.P., see Kemper, C. (49) 66 Atkinson, J.P., see Moulds, J.M. (49) 73 Atkinson, J.P., see Kallstrom, H. (49) 75 Ayub, S., see Sivasankar, B. (49) 28 Ayub, S., Sharma, M., Sivasankar, B., Katyal, M. and Das, N.,

    Modulation of serum complement and macrophage activation by organophosphate insecticide malation (49) 48

    Azzolini, A.E.C.S., see Marzocchi-Machado, CM. (49) 90

    Badea, T., Niculescu, F., Soane, L., Shin, M.L. and Rus, H., Molecular cloning and expression of human RGC-32, a novel gene induced by complement and involved in cdc2 activation (49) 93

    Badea, T., see Niculescu, F. (49) 93 Bajtay, Zs., see Erdei, A. (49) 84 Baker, L., see Loveland, B.E. (49) 66 Bala Subramanian, V., see Liszewski, M.K. (49) 54 Baldwin, I., see Loveland, B.E. (49) 66 Bally, I., see Gaboriaud, C. (49) 33 Bally, I., see Rossi, V. (49) 17 Bamber, L., see Dodd, I. (49) 63 Bammert, H., Kunze, B., Fritzinger, D.C., Bredehorst, R., And@

    J. and Vogel, C.-W., Initial characterization of the cobra venom factor gene (49) 12

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    Banki, Z., see Erdei, A. (49) 84 Bao, L., see Kang, H.J. (49) 49 Baranyi, L., see Szebeni, J. (49) 71 Barbashov, S.F., see Ghiran, I. (49) 86 Barbosa, S.F.C., see Liberatore Jr., R.D.R. (49) 27 Barel, M. and Frade, R., Characterization of the ~95 cellular

    component phosphorylated on tyrosine after activation of the C3d/Epstein-Barr virus receptor (gpl40, CR2, CD211 on human B lymphocytes (49150

    Bare], M.. see Le Romancer, M. (491 50 Barenholz, Y., see Szebeni, I. (49) 71 Barilla-La Barca, M.L., see Gioffre, D. (49) 27 Barlow, P., see Liszewski, M.K. (491 54 Barlow, P., see Kotwal, G.J. (49) 76 Barlow, P.N., see Mallin, R. (491 46 Barlow, P.N., see Smith, B.O. (49) 46 Barlow, P.N., see Herbert, A.P. (49) 6.5 Barnum, S., see Campos-Torres, A. (49) 48 Barrington, R.A., Zafari, M., Fischer, M.B., Pozdnyakova, O.O.,

    Benjamin, C. and Carroll, M.C., Role of complement and Fey receptors in maintenance of B lymphocyte memory (49) 37

    Barrington, R.A., Zhang, M., Pozdnyakova, 0.0. and Carroll, M.C., Complement-ligand requirement for B lymphocyte sur- vival in germinal centers during a primary response (49) 37

    Barrington, R.A., see Pozdnyakova, 0.0. (49) 50 Barrington, R.A., see Zhang, M. (491 50 Basheer, S., see Pratt, J.R. (49) 23 Basta, M., In-vitro inhibition of histamine and thromboxane re-

    lease from mast cells by high-dose intravenous immunoglobu- lin (IVIG) (49) 94

    Bautsch, W., see Dahlke, M. (49) 12 Bautsch, W., see Grove, M. (49) 25 Bautsch, W., see Hawlisch, H. (49) 44 Bautsch, W., see Ames, R.S. (491 53 Bautsch, W., see Settmacher, B. (49) 89 Bellinati-Pires, R., see Liberatore Jr., R.D.R. (49) 27 Bellomo, R., see Loveland, B.E. (491 66 Benjamin, C., see Barrington, R.A. (49) 37 Benson, B.A., see Dalmasso, A.P. (49) 67 Benzing, W.C., see Parent, J.B. (49) 68 Bergamaschini, L., Gobbo, G., Rossi, E., Ponti, A., Gatti, S.,

    Caccamo, L., Braidotti, P. and Agostoni, A., Cl-inhibitor potentiates the protective effect of graft preservation solution during cold storage (49) 23

    Bergamaschini, L., see Gobbo, G. (49) 61 Bergg?trd, K., Lindahl, G., Dahlback, B. and Blom, A., Bordetella

    percussis binds to human C4BP (C4b-binding protein) at a site similar to that used by the natural ligand C4b (491 75

    Berggtid, K., see Blom, A.M. (491 74 Bergseth, G., see Mollnes, T.E. (49) 62 Bergseth, G., see Fure, H. (49) 70 Bettinaglio, P.. see Caprioli, J. (49) 13 Bialonski, A., see Meri, T. (491 57 Billington, S.J., see Tambourgi, D.V. (491 19 Birmingham, D., see Moulds. J.M. (491 73 Birmingham, D.J., Liang, G. and Shen, X.-P., CR1 polymor-

    phisms associated with SLE (491 29

    Birmingham, D.J., Logar, C.M. and Chen, W., Characterization of the human CRl-like transcript (49) 11

    Bjorge, L., Matre, R. and Meri, S., Cell cycle analysis of CD59 expression in ovarian cancer cell lines (49) 21

    Blackmer, D., see Krych-Godberg, M. (49) 62 Blackmer, D.J., see Kallstrom, H. (49) 75 Blanchong, C.A., see Yung Yu, C. (49) 32 Blazquez, A.B., see Pastor, C. (491 96 Blazquez, A.B., see Vidarte, L. (49) 40 Blok, V.T., see Gelderman, K.A. (49) 21 Blom, A., see Ram, S. (49) 58 Blom, A., see BerggCd, K. (491 75 Blom, A.M., Villoutreix, B.O., Webb, J.H., Berggird, K., Foltyn-

    Zadura, A., Lindahl, G. and Dahlback, B., A Cluster of positively charged amino acids at the interface between C4BP CCPl and CCP2 is crucial for binding of C4b and streptococ- cal proteins (49) 74

    Blom, A.M., see Webb, J.H. (49) 96 Blouin, J., see Fremeaux-Bacchi, V. (49) 14 Blouin, J., see Dragon-Durey, M.A. (49) 25 Boackle, S.A., Brown, J.M. and Holers, V.M.. Role of Comple-

    ment Receptors Type 1 (CRl/CD35) and Type 2 (CR2/ CD211 in murine SLE (49) 29

    Bock, D., see Settmacher, B. (49) 89 Bohana-Kashtan, O., see Fishelson, Z. (49) 97 Booth, CL., see Jack, D.L. (49) 88 Bos, I.G.A.C., Hoedemaeker, P.J., Hack, C.E. and Abrahams,

    J.P., A novel 3D model of Cl-Inhibitor based on the crystal structure of 4 intact serpins (49) 41

    Botto, M., Taylor, P.R., Carugati, A., Fadok, V., Cook, H.T., Andrews, M., Carroll, M.C., Savill, J., Henson, P. and Wal- port, M.J., A hierarchical role for classical pathway comple- ment proteins in the clearance of apoptotic cells in GL.o: a mechanism for protection against autoimmunity (49) 36

    Botto, M., see Mitchell, D.A. (49) 18 Botto, M., see Pickering, M.C. (49) 18 Botto, M., see Robson, M.G. (491 27 Botto, M., see Robson, M.G. (491 28 Botto, M., see Norsworthy, P.J. (49) 36 Botto, M., see Holt, D.S. (49) 67 Botto, M., see Petty, F. (491 79 Bovin, N.V., see Roos, A. (49) 18 Bowen, F.W., see Soulika, A.M. (491 62 Brade, V., see Kraiczy, P. (49) 57 Brade, V., see Kraiczy, P. (49) 75 Bradley, J., see Harrison, R. (491 63 Bradt, B.M., see Yu, J.X. (49) 7 Bradt, B.M., see Yu, J.X. (491 14 Brai, M., see Amodeo, G. (49) 24 Brai, M., see Amodeo, G. (49) 61 Braidotti, P., see Bergamaschini, L. (49) 23 Brandon, M.R., see Loveland, B.E. (49) 66 Bredehorst, R., see Bammert, H. (491 12 Bredehorst, R., see Wehrhahn, D. (49) 94 Brekke, O.L., see Mollnes, T.E. (49) 62 Brekke, O.L., see Fure, H. (49) 70 Brockman. M.A., see Verschoor. A. (49) 72

  • Author Index of Abstracts 201

    Brodbeck, W.G., Mold, C., Atkinson, J.P. and Medof, M.E., Cicardi, M., see Amodeo, G. (49) 61 Cooperation between decay accelerating factor and membrane Ciganda, M., Willis, A.C., Dalton, J.P. and Diaz, A., Effects on cofactor protein in protecting cells from autologous comple- C3 of the secreted cathepsin L proteinases from the parasite ment attack (49) 65 Fasciola hepatica (49) 74

    Brown, J.M., see Boackle, S.A. (491 29 Brunden, K.R., see Gupta-Bansal, R. (49) 68 Brunden, K.R., s


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