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  1. 1. Authentic Personal Branding A 1-hour presentation with Michelle Clarke To stand out and prosper, over and above your product, business, age or qualification, you'll need to become brand- savvy. Recognition and reward are linked. The thread that links your business and career efforts, key to opening important doors for you, is the power of your Personal Brand. But, be warned, if this brand is not authentic to your personality, it may not be the leverage tool you hope for. Join Michelle Clarke, Global Executive Coach and Speaker for a 1- hour interactive presentation and discussion on Authentic Personal Branding. Together, we will explore; What a Personal Brand is and why it is important to have one How to cultivate and develop your Personal Brand How to expose your Personal Brand to market with authenticity and consistency Speaker Profile: Michelle Clarke is a Global Executive Coach. Credentialed with the International Coach Federation, Michelles clients include High- Impact Entrepreneurs, CEOs and C-Suite Executives within international organizations. Her work focuses on helping her clients to expand their leadership influence through strong Personal Branding. She holds numerous specialized coaching qualifications, some gained in her home country of South Africa, and numerous abroad. She is a motivating and enthusiastic speaker, passionate that her audience should take away valuable information that sparks new possibilities. When Michelle is not coaching, she can be found on-stage performing improvised acting, behind the lens of her camera or on her yoga mat. She loves to immerse herself in new cultures and to expand her own possibilities and is thoroughly enjoying the time she is spending in Santiago. To learn more about her work, visit


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