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Austrian Partnership Practice:. The Austrian TEPs, their network and Co-ordination Unit (TEP: Territorial Employment Pacts). Innsbruck, September 2009. TEP Definition. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Austrian Partnership Practice:The Austrian TEPs, their network and Co-ordination Unit (TEP: Territorial Employment Pacts) Innsbruck, September 2009

  • TEP Definition

    Territorial Employment Pacts (TEPs) are contracted regional partnerships to systematically link labour market and employment policy with other policies on regional and local level in order to Identify the problems, ideas and objectives of all regional actors relevant for solving these problems;

    Combine all resources available into an integrated strategy, which is accepted by all actors, meets the real needs and is laid down in written agreement;

    Improve the integration and co-ordination of employment relevant actions.

  • The Austrian TEP rationaleUnemployment and especially the integration of marginalised groups can be successfully countered only by cross-sectoral strategies and measures

    The local/regional level adds considerable value to the national policy in combating unemployment and the creation of jobs

    A successful coverage of these topics requires a well structured horizontal and vertical co-ordination of all relevant policy areas and their actors

    Cooperation shall follow a partnership principle, incorporating public institutions, social partners and NGOs alike

  • Objectives and tasksTEPs contribute to greater effectiveness and efficiency of resources; improved support for certain target groups; saving existing jobs and creating new ones; generating subsidies for regions; and maintaining our living space sustainable.

    Major tasks of TEPs co-ordinating partners and their topics; developing joint work programmes (TEP-programme); and implementing the measures according to the emphasis of the TEPs.

  • TEP - PartnersProvincial GovernmentLabour Market ServiceFederal Office of Social AffairsChamber of LabourEconomic ChamberChamber of AgricultureNGOs (Local Initiatives)MunicipalitiesFederation of IndustryFederation of Trade UnionsProvincial School BoardEducational InstitutionsGender Mainstreaming ExpertsBudgets of the partners: over EUR 700 Million p.a.

  • Regional Highlights

    TyrolBurgenlandVorarlbergSalzburgUpper AustriaLower AustriaStyriaCarinthiaViennaRegional Managers for EmploymentMonitoring / EvaluationDirect linkage between ERDF / ESFImplementation within OP Phasing OutOpen partnership-processWide-spread partnership with specific focus on qualificationJoint foresighted content workRegional platformsLocal Pacts

  • The Austrian TEP-model1. The TEPs: Country-coverageTEPs have been established in all nine Austrian Federal Provinces (since 2000). Additionally, TEPs have been set up on sub-regional levels (NUTS III)

    2. The Co-ordination Unit: Provides supportA nation-wide Co-ordination Unit (contracted with the BMWA / Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour / ESF-Unit) provides partnership support, training, information and exchanges between partnerships (since 1999)

    3. The TEP-Network: Exchange is ensuredThe TEP-network is maintained by the Co-ordination Unit and brings together all TEPs as well as other important stakeholders.

  • The Co-ordination Unitprovides support, training, information and exchanges is contracted by the BMASKserves as information hub and manages the TEP-networkmatches the needs between BMASK and TEPshas a neutral roleThe support structure is being offered within the framework of the structural funds programme (ESF, 2007-2013) on an intensified basis by means of a specific focus in OP for Employment (Technical assistance).

  • TEP-network & TEP resultsThe Managing Authority together with the Co-ordination Unit and the TEPs as well as other important stakeholders cooperate within the TEP network for the benefit of all involved:

    The TEPs increased the involvement of actors in labour market and employment policy; They successfully linked policy areas; Contributed to improved effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of policies; and Are characterized by openness, flexibility and dynamics.The operative structures of the TEPs are subsidized by the OP for Employment (priority 5; ESF, 2007-2013).

  • Balance TEPs 2000-2006

  • Input Output RatioInput (from Managing Authority) :

    Ideological support, such as developing, establishing, mainstreaming partnership approaches, etc. Financial support of 200.000 par region annually for funding the partnership structuresSupport in logistics by providing the Co-ordination Unit at annual average costs of 275.000


    e.g. the Austrian TEPs coordinate 700 million allocated to active labour market policy annually (data of 2007; the budget is provided by the partners of the partnerships for measures and target groups). e.g. the TEPs contribute to improved effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of policies

  • Testimonies"The development and implementation of the Territorial Employment Pacts was a milestone in the Austrian labour market policy. Now we can better solve problems together with the regions."Martin Bartenstein, Federal Minister of Economics and Labour (translated by the Co-ordination Unit of TEPs; Source:

    Over the years the establishment of the co-ordination unit of the TEPs as information platform about the Austrian labour market policy proved to be a key success factorMichael Frschner, Head of ESF-Unit Austria (translated by the Co-ordination Unit of TEPs; 2003; Source: Lokale Beschftigungsbndnisse Europische Perspektiven in Forschung und Praxis. Hans Bckler Stiftung, edition sigma, ISBN 3-89404-989-8)

  • Contact

    OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance at ZSIMichael FrschnerLinke Wienzeile 246, 1150 Vienna, AustriaTel.: +43 / 1 / 49 50 442 - 75 Fax: +43 / 1 / 49 50 442 - 40 foerschner@zsi.atHomepages:

    Co-ordination Unit of Austrian TEPs at ZSIkooo@zsi.atHomepages: http://www.pakte.athttp://www.zsi.atThank you


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