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This curriculum spesific for Small Sided programs


  • Optus Small Sided FootballHandbook EffEctivE from 1 January 2011
  • ConTEnTSForward 2Introduction 3What is optus Small Sided Football? 4Rationale for introducing optus Small Sided Football throughout australia 6Experience of other countries 7Statistical evidence of the benefits of optus Small Sided Football 9optus Small Sided Football formats 10Laws of optus Small Sided Football 11How to organise optus Small Sided Football 18Codes of conduct: Creating the right environment for young players 24Frequently asked questions 26Contacts 27
  • Forewordon behalf of the board and management of approach to the development of players hard work of many staff and volunteers withinFootball Federation australia (FFa), I would like and coaches. grass roots football in this thank the entire football community for thecontinued support and commitment to optus Since its initial implementation, optus SmallSmall Sided Football. Sided Football has grown substantially, with Qantas Socceroos members taking activeFFa is delighted with its involvement with optus roles as ambassadors for the program.Small Sided Football and looks forward to theincreased opportunities this relationship will To suitably address the needs of our youngprovide to players and clubs throughout australia. players - clubs, coaches, volunteers and parents need to continue to ensure optusFollowing the release of FFas national Small Sided Football is a positive and enjoyableCurriculum in 2009 the development has experience; one that allows all children toalready proved beneficial with around 150,000 develop into the best players they can be. ben buckleychildren set to participate in optus Small Sided Chief Executive officerFootball around the country in 2011. FFa remains committed to working together Football Federation australia with Member Federations, zones, associationsThe national Curriculums aim is to provide and clubs to continue the roll-out of optus Smallguidance and an integrated and consistent Sided Football and recognise and appreciate the Hi Im Lucas neill, game that focuses on maximum participation and enjoyment for all levels of ability. In 2011 we will launch the first ever optus Captain of the australian team and optus Football ambassador. Small Sided Football awards. I am very excited to be part of this program, which will recognise The past 12 months have been a busy time for and reward young optus Small Sided Football australian Football with the 2010 FIFa World Cup players and coaches. There will be four award taking place. as an ambassador for the game, categories including the Leadership award, Im proud to continue working with optus and Promising Player award, an award for teams the FFa to develop football at a grassroots level and importantly, the Coachs award. and find the australian team of the future! nominations for awards will open in February Last year we had great success in continuing to with the winners announced in october 2011. roll out the optus Small Sided Football program Check out to read to clubs all across the country. an exciting new more about the awards and nominate your optus way for children to get involved in football, the Small Sided Football team and teammates. small sided format has encouraged many kids that play the game to develop their skills whilst 2011 promises to be a great year for football. having fun and getting plenty of exercise. Having I wish all of the future football superstars all the simplified the rules, children enjoy a much faster best of luck for the season ahead! OPTUS SMALL SIDED FOOTBALL Handbook
  • Optus Small Sided Football Handbook |3IntroductionSince the introduction of optus Small Sided Football senior brazilian players come from having played forward to the development of our young playersin australia in 2007 many of those unconvinced by games in a restricted area as a young kid. as and the acceleration of the technical developmentthe changed format have since witnessed firsthand a kid they were forced to work out their own of children who start to play football and provide athe many benefits that this format espouses. solutions to the problems they faced on the small more logical pathway leading up to playing 11 v 11.My predecessor and countryman Robert baan pitch and I think thats why the brazilians oftengave a very good explanation by saying that as produce such amazing and unpredictable football This is all done for the development of thea parent you do not just throw your child in the players in terms of their skill level. game and sake of the children. Children loveocean in order to teach them to swim. Therefore optus Small Sided Football. Its their game, weyou also do not put a young child on the big Football is developing rapidly in australia. It as adults only need to create a stimulating andfootball pitch to learn to play football. is only a matter of time before it will be the entertaining environment for them. biggest sport as it already is almost everywhereThe distances they have to cover are far too else in the world. The fact that the Qantas Lets all do that and enjoy optus Small Sidedlarge and, more importantly, the number of Socceroos have qualified for successive Football with them.touches on the ball too few to develop the FIFa World Cups in 2006 and 2010 and thenecessary skills and discover the fun of playing Westfield Matildas have qualified for their fifththe worlds biggest and most popular sport. consecutive FIFa Womens World Cup, this year in Germany, will give football another big boost.In the big European and South american footballnations nobody needs to be convinced anymore Recently the national Football Curriculum (nFC)that small sided football is the most logical and was released by Football Federation australiascientifically proven way to develop the basic and in it; the significance of optus Small Sidedskills and discover the game in a fun and Football is once more explained.acquiescent environment for children. Years agothe late great australian football legend Johnny as we embark on our fifth year employing the values of the optus Small Sided Football concept, Han bergerWarren said after a visit to brazil where he saw and following the successful implementation of the national Technical directoryoung children play small sided football: I began adjustments made to the program in 2010, we look Football Federation australiato appreciate that all the amazing skills of the OPTUS SMALL SIDED FOOTBALL Handbook
  • What is optus Small Sided Football?optus Small Sided Football is a modified more by children and are a more effective


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