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Patterns and Algebra Relationships

Australian Curriculum MathematicsPeter and social competenceThe elements of personal and social competence relevant to mathematics include the application of mathematical skills for personal purposes, such as the use of timetables, budgeting and personal problem solving, which are all important skills in self-management.


Intercultural understandingIntercultural understanding can be enhanced if students are exposed to a range of cultural traditions in mathematics. For example, through examining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples perceptions of time and weather patterns, the networks embedded in family relationships and the algebraic concepts inherent in storytelling students broader cultural knowledge is enriched. It is also important for mathematics classes to explore the influences of many cultures in the development of mathematical thinking.S3Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historiesStudents will explore connections between representations of number and pattern and how they relate to aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. They will investigate time, place, relationships and measurement concepts in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contexts. Students will deepen their understanding of the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through the application and evaluation of statistical data.S4

Evaluating statementsWhen you cut a piece off a shape you reduce its area. When you cut a piece offa shape you reduce its perimeter.LiteracyCritical and creative thinkingPersonal and social competenceUnderstandingReasoningProblem Solving


Card matching activitiesS6

Critical and creative thinkingPersonal and social competenceUnderstandingReasoningProblem solvingS7Decide how many digits each answer would have12 x 2345 x 6899 x 38192345 42345 1432476 468Critical and creative thinkingUnderstandingReasoningProblem solving7PercentagesS8Choose an amount of money and add 10% to it. Now decrease this new amount by 10%. We now have slightly less money than we started with.What happens if we increase an amount by 20% and then decrease the total by 20%?Critical and creative thinkingUnderstandingReasoningProblem solvingSymmetryAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historiesAsia and Australias engagement with AsiaIntercultural UnderstandingCritical and creative thinkingUnderstandingReasoningS9

How many triangles can be made of integer length sides that have a perimeter or 30cm? Critical and creative thinkingPersonal and social competenceUnderstandingProblem SolvingReasoning


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