australia unit 2 the game that they like most is australian football

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  • Australia Unit 2 The game that they like most is Australian football.
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  • Lets play a guessing game! This is an animal that is black and white. This is an animal that eats grass. This is an animal that is from Africa. This is an animal that looks like a horse. zebra
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  • penguin This is an animal that is black and white. lives in the sea as well as on the land. is good at swimming. looks funny while walking. lives in very cold places.
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  • most people dont like. is scary. is poisonous. is very long and thin. scary poisonous This is an animal that snake
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  • This is an animal that most people like. is very clever and lovely. likes eating bones. helps people do many things. bones dog
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  • This is an animal that is very strong and heavy. has two big ears. has a long nose. has four thick legs. elephant
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  • Have you ever been to Australia? How much do you know about it? Pre-reading
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  • Watch a video to learn about Australia.
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  • Ayers Rock Sydney Opera House the Great Barrier Reef
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  • Canberra the capital Parliament House National Library of Australia
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  • Sydney the largest city in Australia Harbour City Sydney Chinatown Sydney Tower
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  • Aborigines ( ) They are the first people of Australia.
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  • While-reading Task 1 Read Tonys letter and find out what the four pictures on the right show. P1 P2 P3: P4: Ayers Rock and an Aborigine A kangaroo A woman who is surfing Fields, hills and sheep
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  • Task 2 Read Para. 1 quickly and choose the best heading. A. Ayers Rock is a center of local Aboriginal culture. B. Ayers Rock and the Aborigines. C. Aborigines are the first people in Australia. B
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  • Read Para. 1 again and answer the questions. 1. Where is Tony writing to his parents? 2. How did Tony go to see Ayers Rock? From the centre of Australia. He took a plane tour over it.
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  • 3. Whats Ayers Rock like? 4. What do the ancient Aboriginal stories describe? It is 3.6 kilometres long and 348 metres high. During different periods of the day, the colours of the rock change. They describe the spirits that created the world.
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  • Try to talk about Ayers Rock. a huge rock 3.6 kilometres long 348 metres high at different times turn dark blue, purple, yellow and red a centre of local Aboriginal culture
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  • Read Para. 2 and choose the best heading. A. Australians and British people. B. Australians favourite food and sports. C. Australians lifestyle. C
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  • Read Para. 2 and discuss: How is Australians life style? be like the British in many ways Foods Fruits Sports
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  • Australian football
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  • Read Para. 3 and fill in the blanks. 1. The sunshine is very ________. 2. The countryside is very _______. 3. The sheep are in _________ and on _________. 4. In the middle of the country there are just _____, ______ and ____________. bright green the fields the hills rocks sand kangaroos
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  • Read Para. 4 and answer the questions. 1. What language do Australians speak? 2. What does Gday mean in Australian English? They speak English. It means Hello.
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  • Read Para. 5 and answer the question. What was wrong with the horse that Tony rode? It was lazy so Tony was left far behind the others.
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  • Task 3 Check () the true statements. 1.The Ayers Rock is important for Aborigines. 2.The rock is purple. 3. Stories about the creation of the world are an important part of Aboriginal culture. 4. Water sports are the most popular in Australia.
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  • 5.When its winter in Australia, its summer in China. 6.The special expressions which Australians use are still in English. 7. Tony didnt enjoy his horse riding on the second day.
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  • Task 4 Complete the table. Ayers Rock The Aborigines 3.6km long and 348m high. Turn dark blue, purple, yellow and red. A centre of Aboriginal culture. have lived in Australia from the earliest times. Ancient stories describe the spirits that created the world.
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  • Australian way of life Weather Favourite food: ham and beef, with lots of salad. Grapes and other fruits. Love all sports. The game they like most is Australian football. Most Australians live near the coast, love going to the beach for swimming and surfing or just lying in the sun. Although its December, its summer over there. The sun is bright. Language English
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  • Post-reading Work in groups. Talk about Australia (its position, weather,people, famous places,animals, language and so on). Lets have a speech contest! You are given two minutes to get ready for it.
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  • Australia is a country that is in the southern part of the world. You may begin and end like this: weather : It is very hot in December and cold in June. people and their lifestyle: language: famous places : animals: Australia is a great place to visit.
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  • Suppose you are Tony and now you are visiting Beijing. Write a letter to your parents and tell them about your visit. Begin and end the letter like Tonys. Write about: 1 people 2 food 3 ways of life 4 events during the trip
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  • People: friendly, hospitable( ) Food: rice and noodles, a lot of delicious food,especially Beijing Duck Ways of life: go to the tea house and watch Beijing opera love sports, go dancing in the morning, do Taijiquan and Yangge Events : On the first day On the second day This morning This afternoon Tomorrow
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  • You may begin and end like this: Dear Mum and Dad, I am writing this letter in a hotel of Beijing. I have been here for three days. Best wishes ! Tony
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  • Homework 1.Write a letter to a relative or a friend and tell them about your visit. Begin and end your letter like Tonys. 2.Recite Para 1 and 2.
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  • Dear Mum and Dad, I am writing this letter in a hotel of Beijing. I arrived in Beijing yesterday by plane. We are staying in a hotel near the Tian an Men Square, so we can see the ceremony of raising the national flag tomorrow morning. Yesterday afternoon, we visited the Great Wall. It is a great wonder. I couldn't help Dear Mum and Dad, I am writing this letter in a hotel of Beijing. Sample
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  • singing when I reached the top of the Great Wall. I was given a prize for I was the first to climb to the top. It's really amazing to overlook the Beijing City from the Wall. Tomorrow we shall visit the Summer Palace. Best wishes ! Amy
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  • A Trip to Xiamen Last summer holiday, I visited Xiamen with my parents by plane. My English teacher once told us that Xiamen is a beautiful city that is worth visiting. We stayed there for four days. We lived in a small fishing village. On the first day, we visited Xiamen University and Nanputuo Temple. Xiamen University is considered as the most beautiful and romantic campus in China.
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  • Indeed, it's fantastic and its buildings are beautiful. On the second day, we enjoyed the scenery of Jimei District. On the third day, we visited Gulangyu. It's amazing and I like it very much. There are many small specific stores. However, a large number of visitors make the small island crowded. Anyway, it was a pleasant trip.
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  • 1. at the moment=now= at present =at this moment = at this time at that moment =at that time =at the time in a moment 2. on the first day Language points
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  • 3. and I was surprised at how big it was: surprised adj. be surprised at ... be surprised to do sth She didn't seem surprised at the news. I was surprised to see him there.
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  • The _________ are _________ at the new changes in Guangdong. The policeman was surprised the news. A. into B. for C. at D. out of visitors surprised C
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  • surprise vt. & n. ; The bad news didnt surprise us. in surprise to ones surprise I will give you a surprise. He looked at me in surprise. To my surprise, he passed the exam. surprising adj. We are surprised at the surprising news.
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  • 4. During different periods of the day, period n. Childhood is a period of rapid growth. The work must be finished within a two- month period. We lived in Beijing for a period. This was the most difficult period of his life.
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  • during the period of in certain period in that period During the period of going to university, he found a part-time job. During the period of the Anti- Japanese War, a lot of soldiers died for our country.
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  • 5. their ancient stories describe the spirits that created the world. spirit n. They believe that his spirit lives on after death. Cancer destroyed her


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