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  • Wearable ComputersBy-Shyam RajbharC.S.-III

  • Points CoveredDefinitionCharacteristicsHistoryPresent ScenarioWearable ChallengesBattery/Networking ChallengesPractical ApplicationsMedicalMilitaryTravelConclusion

  • Definition

    A wearable computer(Augmented Reality) is a computing device small and light enough to be worn on one's body without causing discomfort. Unlike a laptop or a palmtop , wearable computer is constantly turned on and interacts with the a real-world task. Information could be even very context sensitive.

  • CharacteristicsWearable computers should be worn like glasses, watches, and clothing.The interaction between the person and computer should be context-based.The display and input should be unobtrusive.Wireless Personal Area Networks.Wearable computers should act as an intelligent assistant.

  • History

  • Present Scenario

  • Google Glasses

  • Specs. Of Google GlassesDeveloper : GoogleManufacturer : Foxconn Corp.Type : Augmented Reality(A.R)Release Date : Feb. 2013 (For Consumers : 2014)Introductory Price : $ 1500 U.S.DOperating System : Android 4.0.4Power : Lithium Polymer Battery (2.1 Wh)C.P.U : OMAP 4430 SoC ,Dual CoreStorage : 16 GB Flash Total(12 GB of usable Memory)Memory : 1 G.B(682 M.B available to developers)Display : Prism Projector,640 X 360 pixels(eq. of a 25 in. screen from 8 ft. away)Sound : Bone Conduction TransducerInput : Voice Command, microphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ambient light sensors, proximity sensorsController Input : Touchpad, My Glass phone appCamera : Photos-5 M.P,videos-720pConnectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth, Micro USBWeight : 50 g

  • Specification of Google Glasses

  • Image Formation in Google Glasses

  • Current Wearable ChallengesPower and BatteryHeat DissipationNetworkingOn-body and off-bodyPrivacyInterface DesignApplication DevelopmentContext sensitiveAugmented RealityCollaboration

  • Display Devices & Battery and EnergyGlassesDisplay Helmet

    Solar CellsShoe GeneratorsBattery Power

  • Wearable Real World ExamplesMedicalMilitaryTravelManufacturing/WarehouseWorkplaceTextilesJewelry/Watch

  • Medical Wearable ApplicationsToday research into medical applications for wearable computers has many areas of focus, including the following:Memory Tactile Head motion Gestures/Parkinsons Gastric Reflux/GERD Heart/ECG/Pulse Location/GPS/Alzheimers location Lungs/Respiration/OxygenTemperature Blood Pressure Falls

  • Travel Industry WearableCity MapsGlobal Positioning System (GPS)Speech Language TranslationCamWear Video Camera

  • TextilesFabric KeyboardWire Woven into the FabricWearable Motherboard SansVestSensatex Smart ShirtVest for Medical MonitoringMusic Player Jacket

  • ConclusionsWearable computers are a key emerging technology Practical Applications Will Continue to Grow Medical Military Travel Manufacturing/Maintenance Textiles Jewelry/WatchNano-technology will accelerate the adaptation rate of wearable computers due to the reduced size of mobile computers and incorporation in nano-tubes into textiles

  • Acknowledgement & ReferencesSpecial Thanks to Priyanka Mam.Hugs to all my buddies.

    References-, M., Zook, M., and Boulton, "Augmented reality in urban places: contested content and the duplicity of code." Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers.


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