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  • 1. Explore the house in virtual and augmented realities before making a purchase

2. Problem: Buyers spend 3 to 15 days visiting real estate options before making a choice How to save time and money? 3. Problem: Real estate adverts in newspapers, magazines and brochures contain little information to make a purchase decision How to provide more information to the user without spending money on additional advertising space? 4. Problem: Construction companies still use models made of cupboard and plastic to present their projects at exhibitions Are there more effective technology for project presentations at exhibitions that could substitute cardboard and plastic? 5. We have a solution! Our universal platform AR House allows to demonstrate houses in Virtual & Augmented Realities before buying them! 6. Augmented reality: Exterior and interior demonstration of houses at marketing collaterals 7. Augmented reality: 360 panoramic view of the surrounding 8. Augmented reality: Outside walkthrough and landscape exploration 9. Virtual reality: Interior exploration 10. Virtual reality: Inside walkthrough to get the feel of the (surrounding) space 11. Possibility to check current prices and contact a property seller 12. System benefits iPhone, iPad, Android, Oculus Rift support cloud architecture fast adding of new projects lead generating system 13. Follow us: @augmentedpixels CEO/Founder: Vitaliy Goncharuk