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  2. 2. SOCIAL CLASS STATUS The first method of how media companies categorise there mass audience is by looking into their social class status. For example they will look to see which class status they fit in for example working class this is where you in work but not particularly skilled meaning you could vary from job to job on the other hand there is upper middle class these are the skilled workers who are trained professionals these could include jobs such as doctors or high management jobs. This will help media businesses get a better understanding of there target market and to know what to do to attract them to there work that they are doing. Media companies will get a better understanding of what there target market will be able to afford and how they are going to get them interested in there work in order to run a successful media business.
  3. 3. YOUNG AND RUBICAMS FOUR CONSUMERS This method identifies the audience in a broader and more measurable method they used for different names to categorise there audiences into the first one being mainstreamers these are the type of audience that like security and belonging to a group this makes up approximately 40% of the population of the media target market. The next one is aspires these are the people that want to be recognised they dream of a better life and a better status in order to compose them self's with they live of how they want to be recognised by others. The next one is succeeds these are the people who already have the success and the money and a healthy status as people look at them as motivation. The final one is reformers these people dived them self's by self esteem and pride them self's in doing well. This gives a media company a bigger broader understanding of there market as it categorises people into four clear different subjects as to which media company's can clearly categorise there product at these different markets.
  4. 4. VALUES, ATTITUDES AND LIFESTYLES. This gives the companies are broader understanding on their audiences daily live styles as they will look into what they do on a daily bases in order to be able to keep there product intact and there customers interested . By looking at the customers values they will be able to see what the customer believes in and how they can inquorate that into there work to attract there audience. Another thing they look at is the attitude as to which there target market represent this will help them understand how they act and what they want form the media topic. Last is lifestyles this is important for any media company as they need a broad understanding of how there target market life there daily life's as this will be important as to when they are trying to attract them to there work and make them aware that what they are doing will benefit them and they will enjoy it.
  5. 5. LIFE MATRIX The last technique used commonly is life matrix this is 10 different categories as to which media companies can split there audience into to get a better broader understanding of what they want. An example of one of the 10 is home soldiers these are people who are family orientated and have low and easy ambitions for life these are a good example to target at as they may be influenced by motivating advertising techniques that appeal to people who maybe living a stale life and what to change that so they ca get more out of life. Another category that is available in this one is dynamic duos these are the people that are highly motivated as to what they are wanting to do and work hard to get there. This type of categorising is good as it will allow media companies to choose sections as to which they want to aim there product at and will be able to advertise it using techniques that link the advert to the product.


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