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<p>MERGER BETWEEN AUDI &amp; DUCATI</p> <p>Presented By: Ashwini Praveen</p> <p>Introduction to AUDI German Based Company</p> <p> Founded by August Horch in 1885 Subsidy Of Volkswagen since 1966 Revenue 2011: Exceeds $500 Million worldwide</p> <p>Introduction to DUCATI In 1926, three brothers, Adriano, Marcello and Bruno Ducati founded Ducati</p> <p> Italy Based Company</p> <p> Revenue 2011 : $ 209.1 Million</p> <p>Market Share DataMarket share Data of 2011</p> <p>Market Share Data</p> <p>The Merger/Acquisition Summary Style: Friendly Rename: No . Same Brand Names continued Purpose: Increase Sales Strategic Mode: Development</p> <p> The Deal: Audi Purchased Ducati $1.12 Billion</p> <p> Market Share of Audi: 9%.</p> <p> Combined market share: 10% (Approx).</p> <p>Audi &amp; Ducati Key Features 2012 , Audi acquired Ducati To increase market share &amp; Sales. Technology is Unique in both companies. Investment-$1.12 Billion , Ducati had liabilities of just $200 thousand.</p> <p>Features Continued Audi Has greater sales to BMW &amp; Mercedes Both Have Sports version customized for customers needs Audi is famous brand in Luxury compartment &amp; Ducati is famous for its sports bike</p> <p>Audi &amp; Ducati - Merger Advantage The Brand image of both the companies is boosted. Increase in Sales. Increase in market share.</p> <p> Can offer more Customized Service to customers from Volkswagen</p> <p>Audi and Ducati - Synergies Operational Synergies Technology Synergy Investment synergy</p> <p>Are these Automobiles Mergers working?Subjectivity: The customers cant resist such a customised service offer &amp; brand names.</p> <p>Objectivity: Increase Sales</p>