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Presented by John Hellerman to the Philadelphia LMA January 16, 2007 Philadelphia, PA


  • 1. Attorney Branding Presented by John Hellerman Philadelphia LMA January 16, 2007


    • A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one sellers goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers.

What is Branding?

    • NOT!


  • Firms have brand aspirations
  • Clients define brands (for products and firms)

Branding: How does it work? 4.

  • Brands are valuable (if theyre leveraged)
  • Most law firms have valuable brands (reliable, solid, expert, etc.)
  • Firms arent leveraging and differentiating them properly

Branding: What is the value? 5.

  • We say branding we mean differentiation
  • How will the market know what makes us different?
  • Industry is consolidating its products NOT differentiating them

Branding: What does it mean? 6. The 4 Cs

  • Product (attributes & packaging)

Price Promotion (Offers) Place (Distribution) Customer Solution Cost Communications Customer Service (Interaction) The 4 Ps 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

  • A firm becomes branded by thereputation and performance of its partnersover time.

The Branding Process 12. Proctor & Gamble as a law firm

  • Proctor & Gambles products

A law firms products 13. Marketing What We Sell Clients dont care about the firm, they care about their lawyer. Firms are too busy institutionalizing clients, and not busy enough institutionalizing their talent. 14. Marketing What We Sell The talent is the product. The firm is the product marketer. 15. Using Communications vs. Doing Communications Create campaigns that impact the 3 Rs : Relationships, Results, and Reputations Seek compelling content that can be leveraged through multiple channels(internal & external) Apply sophisticated tools down the sales funnel (from general awareness to direct marketing and relationship building) Niche Practice/Partner Positioning STRATEGY 16. Tactics

  • Super Bios/Q&A Releases
  • Best of Lists/Rankings*
  • Roundtables/Presentations
  • Custom Publishing
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Training
  • Linking

17. Questions?