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  1. 1. ATTITUDES TO TECHNOLOGY GROUP 1: Shintia Oktaviani 201212501141 Sari Indah Setia N 2012501148 Dian Mispraptiwi 201212501150 Miftah Ulfi Fauziyah 201212501166
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION What is Technology?
  3. 3. Definition of Technology Technology is offered with published materials such as course books and resource books for teachers. Technology especially the internet, presents us with new opportunities for authentic tasks and materials, as well as access to a wealth of ready-made ELT materials.
  4. 4. The negative attitudes teachers have towards technology is usually the result of: 1 A lack of facilities 2 A lack of confidence 3 Resulting in an ability to see the benefit of using technologies in the classroom.
  5. 5. Here are a few of the more negative comments from teachers in schools we have visited or trained in: 1. I can never get into the computer room in class time its always being used. 2. Using computers isnt interactive. My students could do computer work at home. 3. I dont know anything about technology.
  6. 6. Here are a few of the more negative comments from teachers in schools we have visited or trained in: 4. My students know so much more about computer s than I do. 5. Weve got a perfectly good course books. 6. I dont like them, so I don t see why I should use them in the classroo m. 7. Id like to use computers more but preparing materials is so times consuming .
  7. 7. Here are our responses to these comments: 1. To use the computer room well in advance, and use a booking form which covers several months or a term. 2. Some computer- based work can be done alone, for example CD- ROMs. 3. Teachers usually admit that they usually know how to use e- mail, a word processing program and the internet.
  8. 8. Here are our responses to these comments: 4. Teachers can rely on these more technologic ally knowledgea ble learners for help and support. 5. Technology tools are used to complemen t and enhance regular classroom work. 6. They probably know how to use technology in their personal lives, such as an MP3 player, the internet or email.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION Many people are afraid of new technology with the increasing presence of the internet and computers, the term technophobe has appeared to refer to those of use who might be of these new developments.