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  • ATALEF Mobile Surveillance Systems

    Stealth Surveillance Technologies

  • What is ?!

    is a pioneering Mobile IP Based Surveillance System that can be Remotely MonitoredAnd Controlled any time and anywhere in the world.

    Those operational abilities have been achieved due toour unique Central Module that provides Continuous,Real-Time, Reliable, Covert, Wireless, Remote Access to High Quality, Video & Audio at Affordable Costs.

    This unique Central Module can be integrated into virtually any (existing or programmed) surveillance system and by thus upgrade those systems with its valuable real-time and remote access features.

  • How dose Atalef look ?! So

    Or notat all

  • What can Atalef do ?! Everything - Scan / Discover - Day / Night - All weather - Alarm - Trail - Control / Command - Intercept/Encode/Transmit/Decode - Record / Document - Deter / Warn - Save HR and Tech. Resources

  • What can Atalef see ?! everything Day 20X zoom

    10X zoom &


    X30 zoom

  • Atalef remote controlled




    Captured from Remotely Controlled, Vehicles Mounted, Cameras

  • Video clips captured from Remotely Controlled, Vehicles Mounted, CamerasTo RUN VIDEO please double click picture Atalef remote controlled

  • How Atalef worksLANLocal accessRT Command Mobile IP camerasLocal DVR ServerAnalogue camerasWeb Browser AccessMobile AccessMobile DVREncoder/decoderAtalef Sat. M/W & CellInterface Server

  • Specifications Modular System tailored to customers needs/specifications Mounting Visible or Covert - All Vehicles incl. Light or Heavy armored Operation Day/Night All Weather (300- ~ (500

    Command On Site and/or Remote

  • Specifications cont Coverage 3600X 1800 Scanning Automated or Manual Control - On-Site vehicles or RCCP (Remote Control & Command Post)

    Discovery Via on board cameras and sensors with IR and thermal imaging options

    Identify Activities/Events/Actions/Reactions

    Trail On-Site or via RCCP

    Command On site or RCCP via a large selection of communication gateways Wi-Fi, GPRS, GSM, RF, Iridium

  • Specifications cont

    Control True Real Time Control On Site or RCCP by Operator/Detail Leader/CO from/or via - Patrol/Command Car - RCCP Terminal - Mobile PC - PDA / 3G Cell Phone - RF / Satellite Documentation Local (Mobile DVR/SD) and RCCP servers

  • Why Atalef ?! Mobile Tactical Global Anywhere - Anyplace - Anytime

    Cost Efficient - Maintenance free Fast Installation & Deployment Sophistically User Friendly

  • We also have.Fast Deployment Flight Case Units (FDU)Video & Sound Encoders Decoders Before After

    Thermal Imaging Systems Video and Thermal UAVs Control Command Centers


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