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  • 1. Creation of A Cyber-Hospital: IT Considerations Ralph Madeb, MD Director of Telemedicine Assistant Professor of Urology Rochester General Hospital oc este Ge e a osp ta Rochester, NY
  • 2. Static and Dynamic Settings Static St ti Dynamic D i Outpatient Clinics Assisted Living and Nursing Homes NNon-patient i encounters Wards Radiology ICU Pathology ED and Triage LCA ICU Trauma and OR T d HCA for Clinic
  • 3. Basics ISDN ITU standard (H.320) Integrated Services Digital Network Secure digital circuit its a digital phone line Therefore looks like a phone number ( (888)-888-8888 ) Two types BRI(basic rate) and PRI (primary rate interface)
  • 4. Basics IP Internet Protocol ITU standard (H.323) (H 323) IP address ( Method of addressing network devices IP can be transmitted over T1, DSL, cable, Advantages: leverage infrastructure infrastructure, reliability, enhanced manageability, simplicity, decreased cost, predictable usage ffees, enhanced security h d
  • 6. EXAM ROOM SYSTEM General Exam Camera
  • 7. WIRELESS MOBILE SYSTEM @ PATIENT END Hi-Def. Hi Def Camera with far-end control Monitor with split- screen viewing Wireless laptop with pp clinical care data/EMR UPS B tt Battery-pack with k ith 6 hours of operating time
  • 8. SYSTEM @ CONSULTANT END Hi-Def Hi Def Camera with far-end control Hi-Def Monitor with split-screen viewing Doubles as PC- monitor
  • 9. IMAGES
  • 11. The RP Robots Control Station Doctor-Robot-Patient Relationship
  • 12. Robot Basics Runs on wireless 802.11 a/b/g wireless: 802 11 Ability to roam: follow SSID from one Access Point to the next Network Quality: B d id h id l b d id h required is Bandwidth: ideal bandwidth i di 600 kbps in both directions, can run on as little as 200 kbps Latency: latency should be < 400 ms Quality of Service (Q ) a.k.a. variation in Q y (QoS) latency poor QoS is bad for the system
  • 13. Security Encryption: encryption methodology utilizing a combination of RSA public/private key and DES 56 bit symmetric encryption 56-bit ti ti Key System: Control stations and robots contain their own unique private keys They also contain public keys for all systems they are allowed to connect to Rochester user is only able to connect to Rochester robots and not UCLA (user must request permission to be able to connect to other health network robots)
  • 14. Video Information F Frame rate: t Video is captured at 30 frames per second Codec (video and audio compression): InTouch Health uses proprietary video and y audio codecs
  • 15. Integrated System
  • 16. Main Consideration Cli i l applications should d i Clinical li ti h ld drive technology NOT vice versa One-size-fits-all wont work Customize technology to meet clinical needs
  • 17. IT CONSIDERATIONS Standards-based Interoperable Transparent User-friendly for clinical staff NOT for IT staff Kick-the-tires use before purchase Low-cost approach
  • 18. Imagination is more important than knowledge