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Asymmetric key


  • 1. Asymmetric key

2. What is CRYPTOGRAPHY ? Cryptography is an art of protecting information by transforming it (encrypting it) in to an unreadable format called cipher text. Only those who possess a secret key can decipher (for decrypt) the massage into plaintext. 3. ELEMENTS OF CRYPTOGRAPHY Plain text Cipher text Cipher Encryption Decryption 4. Encryption Key 1 Decryption Key 2 Plain text Plain textCipher text Cipher text 5. Cryptography algorithms are divided into two groups and they are: Symmetric key Asymmetric key 6. Asymmetric key Two key:- 1) public key 2)private key 7. Advantages Convenience Provides for message authentication: Detection of tampering: Provide for non-repudiation: 8. Disadvantages Public keys should/must be authenticated: Slow: Uses up more computer resources: Widespread security compromise is possible: Loss of private key may be irreparable:


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