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<ul><li><p>8/7/2019 Astrology for the Royal Couple 1</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Astrology for the Royal Couple: who's behind the Venus-in-Cetus plots?</p><p>Who is Klaudio Zic. Who or what is or was Claudio Antonio Valentin Solis?</p><p>The main site: offers material1 ranking from 1995 2011.</p><p>There are variants to this questions, of which none may be absolutely validated.</p><p>1. Secret Royal astrologer for the Queen of Britain and novel royal couple.2. Reincarnation of Dr. John Dee 007.3. Reincarnation of Aleister H. Crowley or the next prophet as announced by 666.4. A group of people, even sort of Masonic lodge, possibly as based in Suriname.5. A French Jew and Mason from Marseilles area, operating in the first historical ghetto</p><p>ever.6. The Lord of the Aeon. Lord of the Zodiac. Aton Re Ver Neith Nubty.</p><p>The best way to inspect the activity of said group is to analyze its products.</p><p>By their fruits you shall recognize the spirit.</p><p>a. Publications may sell at $300000 each (sic).b. Definitively pricy. Look out for "promo".c. Extremely secretive but informative at the same time.d. Taciturn as concern zodiacal magick.e. Operating via automatons or very non-communicative people.f. Surely in contact with 32nd degree masons all over the world.g. Positively instructin said Masons into the secrets of the zodiac and Instant Magick.h. Definitively nothing to do with magick or "astrology" as you don't know it!i. The "zodiacal operator" is goaded towards self-initiation.j. There is insistence upon "true mind" as opposed to "default ego".k. The RTRRT as based on sound principles is perused by the O.T.O.l. Good physical form, loaded with money, personal power and assets.m. Macher rather than schnoozer.n. Part of the affair might have Swiss provenience.o. Rather posh image as opposed to spiritual modesty.p. Surely first rank Indian initiation, Ramakrishna lineage2.</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 Astrology for the Royal Couple 1</p><p> 2/2</p><p>q. Probably European, American and Swiss passport.r. Strong affiliation with inner NASA JPL.s. Copyright include the Academic Zodiac and RTRRT.t. The man or group have copyrighted the zodiac.u.</p><p>Extremely Copyright sensitive: see Legal Notice on the Use of the Zodiac.</p><p>v. Issuing rare zodiacal licenses: alphacustomers pay for the use of the zodiac.w. Surely informed in detail as concern the zodiac, ascendant, dwarf planets and centaurs.x. The nature of the RTRRT seems to be a simple Instant Magick method.y. Pricing: it says: $500 ascendant, $50 promo. 777 CHF 1500pp natal chart T:.F:.A:.</p><p>The Teachings</p><p>Anyone can change the occurences on the spot (SnowCrash RTRRT). Initiations are mostlyshort: five minutes3. Longer and deeper initiations seem available. One is especially intriguingas labeled "peripatetic". In order to change one;s life 4, one is nevertheless</p><p>Productions.</p><p>There are two main products</p><p>A. Academic Zodiac system.B. RTRRT.</p><p>The first postulates 22 zodiacal stations (sic), 16 ascendants; while the latter is aboutInstant Magick self-initiation. The material is rather bulky, as esteemed around 11000publications.</p><p>111000 publications (sic) as estimated by the search engines.</p><p>2Anantadevasesanagasankarsana.</p><p>3See 20 Minutes Astrology and Snow Crash.</p><p>4And other things amounting to everything.</p></li></ul>