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  • Associate Retention and Engagement

    Adam Arens

    Patriot Subaru

    Saco, Maine

  • Patriot Subaru, Saco, Maine

    Awarded Open Point In 2003 Planning Volume 194

    2013: 2300 Retail (60/40 New/Used)

    AOR Population: Approx 90,000.

    7 Subaru Dealers In State Of Maine

    50-55 Employees

  • A Stellar Performance

    9 Consecutive Years

    2012 #5 U.S, #1 New England 2013 Nominee

    First Maine Small Business

    First New England Dealer 2013 #4 Overall, Only Auto Dealer

    2013 Maine Best Business Award

  • Patriot Subaru Mission Statement:

    TO SERVE Our Customers Our Families Our Community Each Other

  • Patriot Subarus Top 10 Retention Tools

  • 10. Recruit - Hire Attributes and Attitude /

    Tell me about your day. Do you usually think you are better than the people you work with? Why?

    Teach Aptitude




    and A High Running Motor!

    Teach Recruiting and Interviewing To Your Leaders.

  • 9. Treat Everyone As A Customer (Brand it)

    Build A Brand That Is Harmonious With Your Manufacturer and Customer!

    Subaru: Safety Longevity Environmental Support Charitable and Caring Dogs at Work!

  • 8. Performance Culture

    Clearly Define Goals

    Measure Progress

    Share The Goals Of The Dealership and Every Department, With Every Associate Celebrate Wins (Publically)

    Weekly e-newsletter

  • 7. Caring Culture

    Support Community Involvement (Theirs and Yours)

    Recognize Above and Beyond

    Know Their Family and Let

    Organic Vegetable Garden,

    (Attitude and Actions)

    Them Know Yours

    Gym, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

  • 6. Little Things Count! Feed Your People

    Have Fun Events

    Concerts, Sporting Events, Bowling Teams, Little League

    Holiday Party (Yes, we serve alcohol)

    Associate of the Month

  • 5. Show Me The Money! *And Benefits!

    Pay Plans Built Around Performance and Tenure

    Paid Health, Dental, and Vision (Includes Mental Health) Profit Sharing

    401K Match

    Annual Holiday Bonus Based On Performance and Tenure

    Graduated Vacation Plans

    Continuing Education and Personal Development

  • 4. The Founders Club

    Original Associates and All Five Year Plus Associates

    Jewel of the Seas

    Annual Dinner Cash Bonus Big Trip Every 5 Years 10 Year Associates: Seven-Day Cruise (Suite) for Associate and Spouse (Together)

  • 3. Leadership and Management

    No Negative Surprises

    (Positive and Negative)

    Consistent Attitude and

    Identify Leaders and Teach Leadership

    Constant Feedback

  • 2. Always Do The Right Thing

    This is the over-riding decision making philosophy.

    Benefits Of A Big Company, Touch Of A Small Company

    Find Ways To Say Yes

    Support Their Mistakes

    Build Relationships

  • 1. Celebrate Together Counsel Privately


  • PATRIOT SUBARU TOP 10 OVERVIEW 10. Recruit - Hire Attributes and Attitude /Teach Aptitude

    Adam Arens Cell Phone: 207-423-6085

    9. Treat Every As A Customer (Brand It!) 8. Performance Culture 7. Caring Culture 6. Little Things Count 5. Show Me The Money *And Benefits 4. The Founders Club 3. Leadership and Management 2. Always Do The Right Thing 1. Celebrate Together Council Privately