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  • 1. C&I 578 Instructional Design Dr. T.


  • This PowerPoint will discuss 2 theories as stated from:
    • Multiple Intelligence Theory
    • Social Learning Theory


  • Multiple intelligences suggests that there are a number of distinct forms of intelligence that each individual possesses:
  • _______________________________________________
  • Linguistic
  • Musical
  • logical-mathematical
  • spatial
  • bodily-kinesthetic
  • intrapersonal (e.g., insight, metacognition)
  • interpersonal (e.g., social skills).


  • I might have students participate in the following activity: _____________________________________
  • Watch the following YouTube video about the highlights of the Apple Keynote Presentation by Steve Jobs:
  • Get into groups of 3 and discuss pros and cons of following picture of the iPhone:
  • After watching the video and discussing your thoughts about the iPhone, individually post three main reasons why you think Apple was voted the most innovative company of 2007.Post responses in your blogspot.


  • In such a short lesson students have.
  • Listened & Watched(Linguistic)
  • Verbally conversed with others (Interpersonal)
  • Reflected about their own feelings (Intrapersonal)
  • Typed or voice recorded (Bodily-Kinesthetic)


  • The social learning theory emphasizes the importance of observing and modeling the behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others.
  • The most common (and pervasive) examples of social learning situations are television commercials.
  • Depending upon the component processes involved (such as attention or motivation), we may model the behavior shown in the commercial and buy the product being advertised.


  • I might have students participate in the following activity:
  • _____________________________________
  • Watch these two commercials on YouTube:
    • 1950s Oasis:
    • 1960s Beatles:
  • Which one of these commercials do you think had the most impact on teenagers of the 1950 & 1960s?Why do you think so?


  • In this lesson students have
  • Analyzed two YouTube commercials for their appeal to teenagers of the 1950s & 1960s.
  • Made a personal decision as to which of these commercials they think was most convincing as to promoting the use of cigarettes in this era of time.


  • Here are my personal reflections and thoughts of these theories.Click on the sound pic:
  • Enjoy!