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Assessment Tools PDA: Emerging Technologies and Ergonomics Applications. COL Mary Lopez 12 August 2003. The Voice from the Field. Limited Resources Limited Time Limited Expertise Tool Selection Technical Knowledge Overextension. Mobile Information Technologies. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Assessment Tools PDA:Emerging Technologies and Ergonomics ApplicationsCOL Mary Lopez12 August 2003

  • The Voice from the FieldLimited ResourcesLimited TimeLimited ExpertiseTool SelectionTechnical KnowledgeOverextension

  • Mobile Information TechnologiesAdvanced Mobile Portal TechnologyTelemedicine Issue Drivers:Access to InformationPatient Records History, Allergies, Lab, PharmacyClinical Practice GuidelinesData AccuracyReduce ErrorsPatient Access Home Healthcare, At-Risk Populations (Cardiac, Diabetes Monitoring)Technology Acceptance55% of physicians by 2005

  • Military ApplicationsMission Variety: Humanitarian WarfightingBattlefield Digitization SystemCommanders Digital AssistantGPS and Communications ComponentsForce XXI Central Digitization - SuccessesAverted Friendly FireBattlefield Questions (80%)Where are you?Where are my leaders?What do my leaders want me to do?

  • Military ApplicationsMission Directions, maps, real-time GPS coordinatesScenario: Each soldier can:Mark location changesSend reports of ground observations or enemy strengthSend preformatted messages (Call for fire; MEDEVAC)

  • Military ApplicationsLighter weight (high energy battery reduced weight and doubled useful battery life)Projection: Field testing at Fort Bragg could go Army-wide in a few months.If you have devices that take away a lot of the confusion, they could save lives.

  • Military Medical ApplicationsDeployed EnvironmentsLimited expertiseIsolationEfficient and standardized recordsForward medical careCommunications

  • Ergonomics ApplicationsTele-ErgonomicsOffice Assessment ExampleExcel Spreadsheet Based ToolsDemonstrationGeneral AssessmentPatient Handling Tool

  • VDT Assessments - Another Voice from the FieldIncreasing demand for office assessmentsTime requiredTool researchTool selectionWorkstation assessmentAnalysisReporting

  • VDT Self-Assessment ProgramLocal intra-net based programBasis: AF Level 1 GuidesKey features:Self assessment (privacy, control)Contributing factorsProduces tailored analysis report for the workerProvides other reference documentsSOH visibility and reporting - Options

  • VDT Self-Assessment ProgramDeployment ScheduleFinal Beta TestingVolunteersEarly Fall - Program available for download or e-mailDemonstration

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