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<p>Assessment Audit Tool</p> <p>Name: Student Name</p> <p>E-Mail:</p> <p>Course ID#: ME1-StartDate</p> <p>Assessment Audit Tool</p> <p>Review 10% of your current population. Using this form add the number of residents interested in the programs. You should be specific as to individual interests, including names of favorite teams, TV Shows, type of music or radio programs. </p> <p>Total Number of Residents in your facility: _____ 10% would be: _____</p> <p>Hobbies</p> <p>__Gardening</p> <p>__ Pets</p> <p>__ Family Events</p> <p>__ Holiday Celebrations</p> <p>__ Bird Watching</p> <p>__ Boating</p> <p>__ Camping</p> <p>__ Hunting</p> <p>__ Fishing</p> <p>__ Cooking</p> <p>__ Baking</p> <p>__ Computer</p> <p>__ Reading</p> <p>__ Traveling</p> <p>__ Newspaper</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>Favorite Games</p> <p>__ Crosswords</p> <p>__ Bingo</p> <p>__ Word Search</p> <p>__ Jigsaw Puzzles</p> <p>__ Casino Games</p> <p>__ Board Games</p> <p>__ Computer Games</p> <p>__ Group Games</p> <p>__ Trivia</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ Flower Arranging</p> <p>__ Letter Writing</p> <p>__ Nature Interests</p> <p>__ Travel</p> <p>__ Poetry</p> <p>__ Antiques/Collectibles</p> <p>__ Museums</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>Spiritual Needs</p> <p>__ Services (attends regularly)</p> <p>__ Bible Study</p> <p>__ Meditation</p> <p>__ Family Events</p> <p>__ Temple</p> <p>__ Protestant Service</p> <p>__ Catholic Mass</p> <p>__ Clergy Visit (1-1)</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>Sports</p> <p>Name of Team</p> <p>______________________</p> <p>__ Baseball</p> <p>__ Football </p> <p>__ NASCAR</p> <p>__ Basketball</p> <p>__ Hockey</p> <p>__ Soccer</p> <p>__ Horseshoes</p> <p>__ Bocce Ball</p> <p>__ Horse Racing</p> <p>__ Snow Sports</p> <p>__ Olympics</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ Self Advocacy </p> <p>__ Support Groups</p> <p>__ Shopping</p> <p>__ Intergenerational</p> <p>__ VFW/Legion</p> <p>__ Instrument Played</p> <p>__ Social Membership</p> <p>__ ________________</p> <p>__ ________________</p> <p>__ Antiques/Collectibles</p> <p>__ Museums</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>Card Playing</p> <p>__ Poker</p> <p>__ Bridge</p> <p>__ Hearts/Spades</p> <p>__ Solitaire</p> <p>__ Rummy</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>Crafts</p> <p>__ Knitting</p> <p>__ Cooking</p> <p>__ Crocheting</p> <p>__ Sewing</p> <p>__ Painting</p> <p>__ Ceramics</p> <p>__ Scrapbooking</p> <p>__ Woodworking</p> <p>__ Writing/Journaling</p> <p>__ Home decor</p> <p>__ Rubber Stamping</p> <p>__ Model Making</p> <p>__ Crafty Crafts</p> <p>__ Art Projects</p> <p>__ Quilting</p> <p>__ Holiday Crafts</p> <p>__ Dancing</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>Other</p> <p>__ Movies</p> <p>__ Documentaries</p> <p>__ Fixing Things</p> <p>__ Talk Radio</p> <p>__ Music</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ ___________________</p> <p>__ Restaurants</p> <p>__ Politics</p> <p>__ ___________________</p>


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