Assessing Mahara portfolios in Moodle: Changes to the Mahara assignment plugin

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The Mahara e-Portfolio does not have any structured assessment built in, but it can be connected to Moodle for assessment purposes using a Moodle plugin. This plugin was originally written for the Moodle 1.9 "assignment" activity (mod/assignment). In Moodle 2.3 the old mod/assignment module was deprecated and a new incompatible mod/assign module replaced it. Two separate universities made their own ports of the Mahara assignment plugin to mod/assign, and now I've merged these forks together into one version that uses the best parts of each and adds a few new features as well. This talk was originally given at Moodle Moot NZ 2014 in Nelson, New Zealand. It includes a general introduction to Mahara aimed at an audience of Moodle users.


  • 1. Assessing Maharaportfolios in Moodle:Changes to the Maharaassignment pluginPresented by Aaron Wells, Catalyst IT // 3rd Oct 2014Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0

2. Aaron Wells (Me)@AaronTheMad on Twitter 3. About Catalyst 4. Mahara: What the &$%# is it? 5. Mahara: the facts An open-source ePortfolio for education mahara: to think, thinking, thought Originated in 2006 as a collaboration between Massey,AUT, Open Poly, and Victoria Uni, with funding from theNew Zealand Tertiary Education Commission Today the project is mostly managed by Catalyst IT 6. What the &$%# is an e-Portfolio?Mahara is a fully featured web application to build your electronicportfolio. You can create journals, upload files, embed social mediaresources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups. 7. My definitionePortfolio: (noun) A multi-user content management system. 8. Mahara's features in outline Users create Pages, i.e. webpages Managing, and creating the content that goes in thosewebpages: images, files, blogs, etc. Pages can be organized into Collections, i.e. mini-websites Social network functionality to let users collaborate and sharecontent (all content is Private until shared) User groups with forums and shared content Comments & group submissions for feedback & assessment 9. What the &$%# is it good for? 10. Mahara + Moodle =Mahoodle logo by Iaki Arenaza (@iarenaza) 11. The magic of open source! 12. The 3 plugins of Mahoodle 13. As a student... 14. As a teacher... 15. Mahara assessment w/o Moodle 16. A proliferation of plugins... Catalyst 1.9 (mod/assignment) Catalyst 2.0 (mod/assignment) Lancaster University (mod/assign) Portland University (mod/assign) Catalyst merged plugin (mod/assign) 17. Synthesis! Nicer interface! Better support fordrafts & exceptions Collections Unlocking pages Leap2A archiving(coming soon) 18. Your gateway to the Mahara ePortfolio:The Mahara community website:https://mahara.orgThe Mahara wiki:https://wiki.mahara.orgThe Mahara Launchpad project: it's usually easier to just link there from 19. About Catalyst 20. Catalyst Clients 21. Open Source Technologies