assembling an interview packet making an amazing impression 5/9/2012version 1.0contact management

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Assembling An Interview Packet Making An Amazing Impression 5/9/2012Version 1.0Contact Management Slide 2 About Mission statement empowers professionals to effectively manage their careers by promoting networking, volunteerism, and job search skills. Eight module curriculum presented weekly Online resources Networking events Recruiter engagement Volunteers 5/9/20122Contact Management Slide 3 About The Presentations is an organization that exists to facilitate your job hunt and career We have compiled the best information that we have from our own experience and other sources These presentations can benefit hugely from your input; dont be shy about asking questions or contributing! 5/9/20123Contact Management Slide 4 About The Curriculum Managing Your Online Profile Developing A Personal Marketing Plan Professional Networking Contact Management Resume Optimization Assembling an Interview Packet Interview Tactics Negotiating Compensation 5/9/20124Contact Management Slide 5 Previous Presentation Resume Workshop Purpose, use, and value of resumes How your resume is used Resume components Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Suicide By Resume Frequently Asked Questions 5/9/20125Contact Management Slide 6 Next Presentation Interview Tactics Doing your research Planning the interview Telephone vs. in-person Interviewer skill: HR reps & hiring managers Common questions Steering the interview Followup 5/9/20126Contact Management Slide 7 Introduction What is an interview packet? Purpose and value Interview packet components Software tools Managing printing costs Recycling document components 5/9/2012Contact Management7 Slide 8 What Is An Interview Packet? A collection of Value Added information not addressed in a resume Expanded overview of the things you want an employer to know about you Professionally finished A leave-behind that may make you more memorable 5/9/2012Contact Management8 Slide 9 Purpose and Value Distinguishes you from other applicants Can help shape the content of an interview Can show the amount of effort and quality of work you are capable of 5/9/2012Contact Management9 Slide 10 Interview Packet Components Layout Title page Table of contents Resume Critical skill set Endorsements Professional references Work Samples Other elements 5/9/2012Contact Management10 Slide 11 Layout Headers and footers Fonts and colors Embedded images/text Logos and branding 5/9/2012Contact Management11 Slide 12 Title Page Layout Job title Interview date and location Companys logo Name of primary interviewer Your logo & branding Contact information 5/9/2012Contact Management12 Slide 13 Table of Contents Color, font, and spacing Logical progression Ease of locating information Overview of information inside 5/9/2012Contact Management13 Slide 14 Resume Use optimized resume Shameless plug Remember header/footer Uniform style for color, fonts, and layout Simple plug in or maintaining separate files 5/9/2012Contact Management14 Slide 15 Critical Skill Set Color, font, layout Every skill you have that relates to the job Arranged hierarchically and sensically Limited to three layers 5/9/2012Contact Management15 Critical Skill Set Project Management Technical Skills Soft Skills Slide 16 Endorsements Scan of signed letters for signature Make sure pasted graphics are legible and/or retype Name and contact info for writers Have a structure in mind for ordering (applicability, chronologically, etc.) For LinkedIn, cut and paste images from web 5/9/2012Contact Management16 Slide 17 Professional References Have a structure in mind Name Company Title Contact information (reference preference) Description of relationship 5/9/2012Contact Management17 Slide 18 Work Samples Font, color, and layout Title Background information Pasted graphics Demonstrated skills What you did, why and how you did it, and skills you used Avoid any proprietary information Bonus: value to the employer Use of sample vs. real data Possible inclusions: task lists, project plans, status reports, budgets, workflows, case studies, specialty tools 5/9/2012Contact Management18 Slide 19 Other Elements Job specific elements Code snippets Performance graphs & charts Industry specific elements Advertising copy Blog posts Portfolios Graphic arts Music Developed applications Writing samples 5/9/2012Contact Management19 Slide 20 Software Tools Document editing MS Word, MS Publisher OpenOffice Mindmapper software FreeMind Cut and paste from web Windows &MS Paint OSX screenshot keyboard commands Work sample software 5/9/2012Contact Management20 Slide 21 Managing Printing Costs Short run: cheaper to outsource Is your career management path likely to be a short term one? Selecting the right paper High gloss laser Kelly: ~$20/ream (500) Kinkos: ~$1.25/page Cover materials and binding machine ~$100 machine, $25 combs (100), $25 back cover (25), $14 front cover (25) More pages= higher cost Kinkos = ~$4/bind Printing and Printers Office quality laser $300-$500 buy in 5/9/2012Contact Management21 Slide 22 Recycling Document Components Resume LinkedIn, Recruiter packet Critical Skill Set Marketing Plan, Recruiter packet, Compensation packet Endorsements LinkedIn, Recruiter packet, Compensation packet Work samples Recruiter packet, Compensation packet 5/9/2012Contact Management22 Slide 23 The End Result More memorable Interview assistance More/better justification to hire you Tools required to produce professional-grade marketing copy Recycled components 5/9/2012Contact Management23 Slide 24 This Presentation is Available Online 5/9/2012Contact Management24