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<p>The Industrial Training In Ashok Leyland (Bhandara Unit) </p> <p>The Industrial Training In Ashok Leyland (Bhandara Unit) Presented By: -Yogendra P. Tembhurne</p> <p>IntroductionFounded in 1948India's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, as well as emergency and military vehicles. AL transmission exists over the Globe in 40 countries.Bhandara Unit established in 1984.</p> <p>1St , 2nd 3rd, 4th, 5th And Reverse Gear On Main Shaft1. Shape Clutch Teeth2. Hobbing3. Washing4. Clutch Teeth Chamfer5. Gear Chamfering6. Taper Roll Clutch Teeth7. Washing</p> <p>Constant Mesh (CM), 3rd, 4th And 5th Gear on Lay Shaft</p> <p>1. Hobbing2. Gear Chamfering3. Washing</p> <p>GEAR HARD LINEBore GrindingGrinding RouteTeeth GrindingShaving RouteNoise TestingFinal Inspection- Baker Gauge</p> <p>Input Shaft, Lay Shaft And Main Shaft Shoft LinePart No. PunchingHob SplineHob Gear TeethChamferingShape Clutch TeethSkin TurningDrill Oil HoleWashing</p> <p>Shaft Hard LineOD GrindingID GrindingShaving RoutGrinding RoutTeeth GrindingNoise TestingFinal Inspection</p> <p>SOFT LINE WORKING OF SYNCRO HUBBroachingWashingHobbingDeburringDrillingSlot millingWashingPart No. Punching</p> <p>SOFT LINE PROCESSING OF SYNCHRO CONE</p> <p>SOFT LINE PROCESSING OF SYNCHRO SLEEVE</p> <p>IN HEAT TREATMENT SHOPS</p> <p>GEAR BOX ASSEMBLY (GBA)WashingSub assemblyMain assemblyTestingDressingFinal passing</p> <p>TESTINGTesting consists of -Noise testingEngagement of gearLeakage</p> <p>RECTIFICATION &amp; REASSEMBLYIn rectification GB is de-assembled manually and any problem is rectified by operator.There are many vibration problems due to any defect during machining such defects are removed by charging that gear/sleeve/synchro component.</p> <p>CASING LINE</p> <p>TQMGEMBA5S:- Seiri (Sort out and arrange properly) Seiton (Set right or set in order) Seiso (Cleaning) Seiketsu (Standardize work practices) Shitsuke (Self discipline)EEI (Efforts and Ergonomics Index)Waste reduction CMI (Cost Management Initiative) Suggestion scheme and Six sigma</p> <p>ConclusionAshok Leyland is one of the biggest Units of the Bhandara district employing thousands of people. Creating the one of the best and reliable gear box (Transmission) for the Latest vehicle to be in race with the heavy load moving worldwide automobile industrial developments. </p> <p>Thank You</p>