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  • 1. Middlebury College

2. Located In Beautiful Vermont Middlebury 3. The college and town fade into the Green Mountains in the east 4. To the west are New York and the Adirondack Mountains 5. Middleburys Main Street is a five-minute walk from campus 6. The diverse student body is comprised of students from across the U.S. and the world 7. Small first-year seminars focus on improving writing skills 8. Students take one intensive class during the month of January or do an internship 9. J-term internships provide valuable experience in a field of interest 10. Febs celebrate the completion of their four undergraduate years at Middlebury 11. Examples of Student-Faculty Research: -Uzair Kayani (Political Science): Constitutional, moral, and political issues surrounding the detention of terrorist suspects in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks -Katharine North (Geology): Geochemical analysis of radioactivity and trace metal contamination in groundwater in southern Chittenden County, Vermont -Nathaniel Langer (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry): Identifying and characterizing the differential expression of iron-responsive genes inStreptococcus mutans , an oral pathogen -Katy Hicks (Psychology): Investigating the role of alcohol on perceptions of domestic violence cases: Why do individuals judge intoxicated victims more harshly? 12. Studying abroad expands the Middlebury experience 13. The new library is stunning and student-friendly 14. Bread Loaf provides an opportunity for reflection amongst the Green Mountains 15. Student volunteers give countless hours to local communities 16. The Commons system fosters a sense of belonging and family 17. A variety of housing options bring students together for learning outside the classroom 18. Outstanding facilities are a constant reminder of how much students are valued 19. Athletic options range from student-run intramurals to championship varsity teams 20. Student artistic endeavors take on a variety of forms 21. As a Middlebury graduate, youre connected to a network of loyal alumni 22.