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Asbury Park Press front page, Sunday, April 19, 2015


<ul><li><p>ONLY ON NEWSSTANDS: UP TO $1,180 IN COUPON SAVINGS INSIDE</p><p>What are you wearing?</p><p>Sunday Best, 1E</p><p>Prom shopping is in full swing. </p><p>This is how life dies in Barnegat Bay. Storm-water rushes over lawns or soil nearly as denseas concrete. Nutrient-laced fertilizers and otherpollutants in the runoff flow into drains,streams, rivers and, ultimately, the fragile bay.The nutrients, including nitrogen, fuel algaeblooms that doom sea grass beds and threatenmarine life. It doesnt have to be that way. </p><p>Conservationists know that healthy, uncom-pacted soil key to the stressed bays long-termhealth soaks up stormwater, filters pollutantsand limits filthy runoff. But with developmentincreasing and bay nutrient pollution possiblyrising, an important part of Gov. Chris Christiesmuch-heralded plan to stave off environmentaldisaster remains stuck in bureaucratic mud. </p><p>The State Soil Conservation Committee in hisDepartment of Agriculture is years behindschedule in adopting new standards for restor-ing compacted soil at construction sites an </p><p>EARTH DAY</p><p>STUCK IN THE MUDWhat happened to the rescue plan for Barnegat Bay?</p><p>ASBURY PARK PRESS FILE PHOTO</p><p>Important pillars of Gov. Chris Christies 10-point Barnegat Bay plan remain stuck in bureaucratic mud. Meanwhile, thousands of acres of developable land could be benefiting from the standards. </p><p>TODD B. BATES @TODDBBATESAPP</p><p>Improving soil health</p><p>Homeowners treat the symptoms of poor plant growth byoverfertilizing their landscapes. Improving soil health through-out the Barnegat Bay watershed would reduce stormwaterrunoff and improve bay water quality. Here are some tips:</p><p>1. Get your soil tested atRutgers CooperativeExtension of OceanCounty or another office.</p><p>2. Add organic materi-al, such as free com-post for Ocean Coun-ty residents andmunicipalities at the countysNorthern Recycling Center inLakewood and SouthernRecycling Center in Stafford.</p><p>3. Use mulch regularly,avoid applying chem-icals and limit water-ing.</p><p>4. Plant native plants,grasses and trees. Seeexamples in theButterfly Garden, Rain Gar-den, Shade Garden, SunGarden and Wet Garden atJakes Branch County Park inBeachwood.</p><p>SOURCE: OCEAN COUNTY SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT; OCEAN COUNTY</p><p>DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION; BARNEGAT BAY NATIONAL</p><p>ESTUARY PROGRAM SCIENCE AND TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE</p><p>New Jersey is yearsbehind schedule inadopting standardsof 10-point roadmap</p><p>Join the conversation and</p><p>get involved! Visit</p><p> from</p><p>noon to 1 p.m. Monday to learn what</p><p>you can do to protect Barnegat Bay.See BAY, Page 8A</p><p>HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS</p><p>Striking backagainst autism Shore Conference teams raisemoney for Autism Speaks. 1C</p><p>ASBURY PARK PRESS :: MONMOUTH EDITION APP.COM $2.00</p><p>"6</p></li></ul>