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  • 1. An Introduction to Buon FrescoDetail from the Hall of Bulls, Lascaux Cave, Francecirca 15,000 BCE (Chevaux paintings approx. 30,000 BCE)

2. The Ancient AgeanToreador Fresco, circa 1500 BCE 3. Pompeiian Frescoes 79 CE 4. Early RenaissanceGiottos, The Lamentation, 1305-1306 5. GiottoMourning of St. Francis 6. MichelangeloDetail of the Sistine Chapel, 1508-12 7. Restoration 1980-99 8. An unknown colorist? 9. Or, is there a case to me made that the ceiling may have had Secco touches removed? 10. Diego RiveraDetroit Industry, 1932-33 11. Diego RiveraThe Making of the Fresco, 1931 12. Coit Tower, WPA Frescoes, San Francisco 13. John Langley HowardsCalifornia Industrial ScenesCoit Tower, Circa 1935 14. Basic Materials1. Lime: lime putty, aka Calcium Hydroxide)2. Aggregate: river sand, or crushed marble)3. Pigment: oxides of metal, as they are alkali resistant4. A rigid support: Walls, ceramic tiles, portable supports 15. ProcessPrepare the support and materials 16. Apply the Scratch Coat 17. Apply and level the brown coat(s) 18. Apply the Intonaco. But only what can be finished in one day! (a giornata) 19. Transfer the cartoon 20. Paint! 21. The red line beneath the intonaco is referred to as theSinopia 22. Carefully chip away unfinished portions 23. Finito !