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Arts and Crafts online

Arts and Crafts onlinePosted on August 31, 2011 by admin

Artists and artisons as well as craft people are a humourous and funny bunch of people.

They are also the most talented people on the plannet.So why is it that they are reluctant to step into the world of eCommerce and market online.

I suppose its because the very essence of crafts and arts is a one person occupation.

We at have developed an easy way for craft people to retain all their independance but use a powerful tool to sell their crafts online. is a new craft platform developed to give craft people a very effective way of selling online.

In developing our platform we were aware that craft people like to be local as well as exposed to international buyers.

We therefore developed our platform to be used locally but shown internationally.

By joining a local domain craft people can benefit from easy access to their local domain as well as knowing all their products are shown automatically on the international website.

So you can be a member of and your products will be shown automatically on the main site.

This dual placement of products is especially useful when marketing their craft stalls.

The other thing of course is that Craftgo is essentially free with no contracts or monthly fees.

We charge a flat fee of 3% on all net sales.

We have decided that we will never charge fees to be on the site .

So all our craft stalls are free

The we get paid when you get paid is important to us as we know craft sales are sometimes slow and with it the financial demands may be difficult for some craft people.

One of the things we did when setting up Craftgo was to make it easy to get your craft stall up and running in as little time as possible.

We have tried to make each element simple and intutitive.

Every aspect is easy including shipping and payments.

And of course our social side is now developing and you are welcome to visit us.

So welcome to Craftgo where selling crafts online is easy