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1. Arts and crafts jewelry inspiration-versatile DIY earring tree A DIY earring tree is a creative way to collect and display your earrings, but whats more, is that it can be further adapted into a distinctive home deco piece. I was really pleasantly surprised at how easily this fresh new arts and crafts jewelry idea came together and I definitely love the results! Supplies needed for this arts and crafts jewelry idea: Metal DIY Earring Tree Paper Glaze Silver Frame Finding Alphabet Acrylic Bead Alloy Pendant Jumpring Craft Knife Photos of Family Directions for upcycling the DIY earring tree: : add on paper glaze and wait for it to dry. For the detailed process, please read theStep 3 instructions on package. This arts and crafts jewelry idea repurposes this versatile DIY earring tree as a family jewelry tree. This project is straightforward, simple to craft and youll love the finished product! : select your photos. Then print, cut outStep 1 and apply adhesive on back side. Next, place the photo inside the prepared frame. : flatten the photo into the bezel asStep 2 picture shows. Trim the extra photo against the frame. 2. : attach a short segment of chain onto theStep 4 frame using a jumpring. : hang the finished photo frame on the DIYStep 5 earring tree with another jumpring. : repeat the above steps to make moreStep 6 photo frames and hang them onto the tree. Finally, decorate the earring tree with an adorable beaded strand and alloy pendants. Thats it! You have managed to update a DIY earring tree into a new arts and crafts jewelry idea. Here are some tips for using paper glaze: 1st : do not shake the bottle. 2nd : dab the glue from the outside to the center of the bezel. Work slowly and carefully and you will create a perfect frame. Shop for diverse pendants and charms please click:


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