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Overview of art-based social justice projects.


  • 1. The Art of Compassion:Humanitarian Art-based Projects

2. Pinwheels for Peace 3. Pinwheels for Peace 4. Pinwheels for Peace 5. Pinwheels for Peace 6. Pinwheels for Peace 7. Pinwheels for Peace 8. Pinwheels for Peace 9. The Peace Pole Project 10. The Peace Pole Project 11. Haiti Houses 12. The Global Art Initiative 13. Global Art Initiative for Haiti 14. The Global Art Initiative 15. One Million Bones 16. One Million Bones 17. One Million Bones 18. The Cradle Project 19. The Cradle Project 20. The Cradle Project 21. Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland 22. The Inside Out Project 23. The Inside Out Project in Dallas 24. Inside Out Project in Times Square 25. Inside Out Project around the World 26. The Interdependence Hexagon Project 27. The Interdependence Hexagon Project 28. The Interdependence Hexagon Project 29. The InterdependenceHexagon Project 30. The Interdependence Hexagon Project 31. The Interdependence Hexagon Project 32. Safe House 33. From the Bow Seat 34. Doodle 4 Google 35. Empty Bowls 36. www.slideshare .net/