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For more information about the 4 session Art Photography Workshops, held in April, Mai, June and July, please contact me by e mail: or kakaotalk ID : ur0317


  • 1. Ulla Reimer W O R K S H O P i m a g i n a t i o n c r e a t i v i t y e m o t i o n
  • 2. Workshop ArtPhotography 4Sessions
  • 3. No special equipment needed and no special photo level ( the pictures can be taken with every kind of camera, phone or pad.. no importance) During this 4 session workshop, we will work together to create a nal, indivitual art work. I will teach how to look and represent dif- ferently very ordinary things we see every day in our envirenment and how to express emotion in images. We will work black and white and color images You can apply all the advice of this workshop in any way you pho- tograph or you wish to express yourself: during your holidays, trav- el photos, family pictures, or for personal expression and creation. Recommendation:wearcomfortableclothingduringtheworkshop,becausesometimesitrequirestositortolieontheground.
  • 4. 4SessionsProgram
  • 5. 3 HoursperSession
  • 6. Session 1 Date : Saturday 2014 March 15 Time : 2 pm to 5 pm Place : Seoul Arts Center Meetingpoint : 2pm in front of Entrance Seoul Atrs Center ,Seocho Program of the day: -Some basic general technical shooting advice, necessary for any creation of image. -General information about observing, framing, shooting -Shooting intuitive (free theme) for half an hour. -Shooting close-ups, abstract structures,( imposed theme) -Exercise to train memory and visual observation -Feedback of the 1 day Session 2 Date : Saturday 2014 March 22 Time : 2 pm to 5 pm Place : Seonyudo Park, Meetingpoint : 2pm in front of Main entrance on the bridge Program of the day: -Review some works ,brieng and advice previous works -We will see different light conditions -Works on shadows, structures, vegetation -Shootions close-ups, -Creations with accessories
  • 7. Session 3 Date : Saturday 2014 March 29 Time : 2 pm to 5 pm Place : Around Coex and Gangnam Meetingpoint : 2pm in front of enrtrance Trade Center, Coex The exact adress and meetingpoint info during the workshop Program of the day: -Review some works ,brieng and advice of the privious works -Works about reection, -Shooting of extreme angles of perspective -Brieng about personal creation. Exchange about his idea for nal creation and choice of images. Session 4 Date : Monday 2014 March 31 Time : 6 pm to 9 pm Place : Nightshooting Meetingpoint : will be dened during the 3rd session Program of the day: -Shooting directional and artistic blurred, and movement -Shooting night, car headlights, street light -Final brieng and creation of the indicidual artworks -Diapo of all works realised during the workshop
  • 8. Workshop inscription or information by Mail : or Kakaotalk ID: ur0317
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