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  • Art and Architecture History - Minor 1

    ART AND ARCHITECTUREHISTORY - MINORThe Minor in Art and Architecture History provides undergraduatestudents with an interdisciplinary, global, and multicultural approachto understanding visual arts and the built environment. The curriculumemphasizes an awareness of diverse global cultures and historicaltraditions, an appreciation of context, visual understanding, and criticalthinking. The Minor in Art and Architectural History can serve as acomplement to several major fields of study and is open to all TexasA&M undergraduates. The structure of the minor encourages students togain a broad chronological understanding of art and architectural historybefore advancing to specialized areas of interest. Coursework includessix credit hours at the introductory level (100- and 200-level courses) andnine credit hours in specialized subjects at an advanced level (300- and400-level courses) for a total of 15 credit hours.

    The application form can be found on the Department of Architecture'swebsite. Per university guidelines, the students home college/department is responsible for advising students pursuing the Minor in Artand Architecture History.

    Program RequirementsCode Title Semester Credit

    HoursARTS149 Art History Survey I 3

    orARCH249 or Survey of World ArchitectureHistory I

    ARTS150 Art History Survey II 3orARCH250 or Survey of World Architecture

    History II

    Select nine hours from the following: 1,2,3 9ANTH353/CLAS353

    Archaeology of Ancient Greece


    Archaeology of Ancient Italy

    ARCH345 History of Building TechnologyARCH350 History and Theory of Modern and

    Contemporary ArchitectureARCH430 History of Ancient ArchitectureARCH434 The Role of Sculpture and Painting

    in Ancient ArchitectureARCH437 Great Medieval CathedralsARCH438 History and Design of Sacred

    ArchitectureARCH441 Baroque and Rococo ArchitectureARCH443 Aegean Art and ArchitectureARCH489&ARTS489

    Special Topics in...and Special Topics in... (Art andArchitectural History)

    ARTS330 The Arts of AmericaARTS349 The History of Modern ArtARTS350 The Arts and CivilizationCLAS353/ANTH353

    Archaeology of Ancient Greece


    Archaeology of Ancient Italy

    Total Semester Credit Hours 15

    1 Coordination with Bachelor of Environmental Design (BED) DegreePlan - For students pursuing the BED degree, upper level courseworkfor the minor may be applied to general or free electives, but may notbe applied to directed electives or any other requirements for BEDdegree plan.

    2 Coordination with University Studies Architecture (USAR) DegreePlan - Students pursuing the University Studies Architecture degreecannot use a course in the concentration area for the Art andArchitectural History Minor or the second minor, and no coursestaken within the AAH Minor can count toward the concentrationor the second minor. Courses that count toward University CoreCurriculum can count for both the AAH minor and that specific corerequirement.

    3 Students must complete a minimum of 6 hours in residence at the300-400 level.


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