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Arizona Wildlife. Yanira Cuen ETCV 411. Teacher. Student. Arizona Wildlife. Greater Roadrunner. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Arizona Wildlife

Yanira Cuen ETCV 411 Arizona Wildlife


Arizona Wildlife

The Greater Roadrunner is a long legged bird in the cuckoo family, and grows up to be 22 inches long with a bushy crest and long thick dark bill. It has a long dark tail, a dark head and back, and is pale on the front of the neck and on the belly. Roadrunners have four toes on each foot; two face forward, and two face backward.Greater Roadrunner

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This activity is aligned with content, technology, and information literacy standards. It is design as a supplemental activityTeacher InstructionsAZ Science StandardsAZ Technology StandardsInformation Literacy StandardsTutorial SourcesBegin Tutorial Exit TutorialPrevious SlideStrand 4: Life ScienceConcept 3- Organisms & Environments : Understand the relationships among various organisms and their environment.PO1: Identify some plants and animals that exist in the local environment.PO2: Compare the habitats (e.g., desert, forest, prairie, water, underground) in which plants and animals live.

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