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  • W.S. ARGAN Office Court Building Suite 404, Oud Metha, Dubai UAE

    Enhancing Beauty With Purity

  • Contents Executive Summary

    Our Story

    Company Objectives

    Brand Objectives

    Customer Analysis & Target Market

    Marketing Objectives

    Our Marketing Strategy

    Industry Analysis

  • Executive Summary

    Our line of indulgent oils is fronted by our 100% pure Argan oil, an organic, ethically sourced and completely vegan and cruelty

    free product, distributed in beautifully crafted, recycled and eco-friendly bottles

    W.S. Argan is a UAE-based company specializing in the

    production and distribution of rare and precious natural oils for beauty and health needs

  • Our journey to find natural and effective beauty and health products began in 2012, with the promise that we would never compromise our oils or the territories and people producing them.

    Our team has over 15 years of cumulative entrepreneurship and marketing expertise culminating in the natural industries, and we train our staff to understand and appreciate the exclusivity of our products.

    Our Story

  • And other natural oils from around the world

  • Argan Oil is one of the worlds rarest and most beneficial natural products available to man, rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 and Omega 9 anti-oxidants. The Argan tree is solely found in the UNESCO protected Northern Sahara region in Morocco, and it has been used for centuries by the indigenous population in culinary, health and beauty practices.

    Argan Oil

  • Argan Oil is not only hard to find, but also hard to get.

    The kernels of the Argan nut are first sun and air dried, then hand crushed and cold pressed in a laborious, methodical and still low-tech process, predominantly carried out by womens cooperatives in the Berber region of Morocco. Although Argan Oil has been a staple in Moroccan culture for centuries, its arrival in the Western world is only recent. In 2007, there were as few as two products marketed in the US containing Argan oil extracts. Today, the increase in popularity of this precious oil has meant work and income for reportedly over two million women, and a specialized committee working to preserve the Argan crops and their coveted products.

  • Jojoba Oil Endemic to the dry and desert regions of California and Northwestern Mexico, the Jojoba oil is extracted from the Jojoba shrub, and presents in a golden, nutty liquid. It is a strong fungicide, and rich in Vitamins E and B complex.

    Maracuja Oil Derived from the Passion Fruit flower, Maracuja oil is a rich in Provitamin A, Vitamin C and fibers. The plant is domestic to a number of South American and Asian regions, making both the fruit and the flower important ingredients in diets and beauty regimes.

    Rose Hip Oil Rose Hip Oil is derived from the Wild Rose bush native to the Andes region, and it has been an essential element in beauty products for decades. It is rich in Provitamin A (beta-carotene), as well as essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6.

    Musk Essence One of the rarest and most exclusive scents found in nature, musk is extracted from the musk deer, and is ethically and strictly harvested following CITES guidelines. Musk has been used for centuries to add a lasting and pleasing aroma to creams and perfumes, and it serves as a luxurious additive to our essence oils.

    Natural Oils From Around the World

  • W.S. Argan started its humble journey with an ambitious, yet simple vision focusing on three objectives

    Become a leading competitor in the natural beauty industry Deliver organic and uncompromised products that will be as beneficial to skin and health as they are kind to nature Distribute multi-functional oils that can be broadly used to nourish, soothe and cure hair, skin and nails

    Company Objectives

  • To ensure our company grows, achieves, and maintains adequate levels of profitability

    To offer the utmost standards of service to our customers

    To widen foreign markets, especially in the Far East and Europe through licensing agreements.

    To reach worldwide recognition for our natural and organic products

  • We aim at becoming the go-to company for customers natural and organic solutions, by synthesizing our profound knowledge of plants and oils with modern science. W.S Argan will maintain its exclusivity by being choosy with the brands distribution; this way, we believe we can focus our attention on activities that will assertively pursue growth

    Brand Objective

  • Present luxurious products to our customers at a competitive price.

    Set a high standard of service to our customers through a comprehensive understanding of their requirements and anticipation of future needs

    Ensure eco friendly products, recycled bottles, and organic oils and dyes without any additives or preservatives

    Accomplish the objectives of our Principals by retaining the integrity and image of the brand whilst always representing it to the best of our capability

    Brand Objective

  • Our Customers Marketing Objectives & Industry Analysis

  • W.S Argan is ready to hit the international market, as the popularity of natural cosmetics swells, and the awareness of anti-oxidizing and anti aging properties of Argan and other natural oils increases. The drift is being driven by the moves toward naturally based factors, which have become progressively more popular as consumers back off from harsh chemicals and additives on the back of health fears.

    W.S Argan produces a range of skin and hair care products for the Asian and European market targeting educated, contemporary, confident and health-informed men and


    Customer Analysis & Target Market

  • Professional Women

    aged from 21 to 45, who reward their hard work with top class products, and

    who in turn take care of their

    boyfriends and husbands skin and hair needs

    Men And Women

    of all ages with recurring and

    chronic skin and hair conditions, who are looking

    for a valid, chemical free substitute to

    cure their ailments

    Educated Girls And Women aged between 15 and 21, as they become

    more aware of their

    appearances and the new social norms

    Mature Women aged between 45 and 60 years old, who are aware of the importance of

    natural and organic products on their bodies, and also take care of their

    childrens and husbands needs.

  • In a world where modern living reveals innumerable stress, W.S. Argan stands firm to provide the natural ingredients that invigorate and care for the human body in an extraordinary way

  • To penetrate into the MENA region and to escalate export by inflowing the UAE's Market.

    To develop a firm e-commerce market and to maximize our profit margin

    To gain returning customers by ensuring quality service and products

  • One in ten beauty product consumers spends roughly AED 60,000 (12,500) annually on skin and hair care, focusing on natural and premium cosmetics

    The beauty industry is estimated to grow an average of 13% per person between now and 2017

    Organic and natural products sales in the UAE have grown a reported 20% in the last year alone

    Primarily thanks to the Middle Easts appreciation and production of natural beauty products, the global beauty market is estimated to be worth anywhere between 4bn and 16b

  • Beauty Industry

    Estimated global Revenue of

    $265bn by 2017

    Highly influenced by

    Asia-Pacific and European Markets

    increasing GDP Estimated 85% increase in the production of Argan Oil in

    Morocco by 2020

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