Are You Still Playing Your Flute?

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<ul><li> 1. ARE YOU STILL PLAYING YOUR FLUTE? - ZURINAH HASSAN </li></ul> <p> 2. Are you still playing your flute? When there is hardly time for our love I am feeling guilty To be longing for your song The melody concealed in the slim hollow of the bamboo Uncovered by the breath of an artist Composed by his fingers Blown by the wind To the depth of my heart. Are you still playing your flute? In the village so quiet and deserted Amidst the sick rice fields While here it has become a luxury To spend time watching the rain Gazing at the evening rays Collecting dew drops Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers. Are you still playing your flute? The more it disturbs my conscience to be thinking of you in the hazard of you my younger brothers unemployed and desperate my people disunited by politics my friend slaughtered mercilessly this world is too old and bleeding. 3. LINE MEANING LINE MEANING 1 The persona asks the man if he is still playing his flute 2 When the is little time for their love 3 She is filled with guilt 4 To be wanting to hear his song 5 The music is hidden in the hollow parts of the slander bamboo flute 6 The sound is produced by the musician blowing into the flute 7 And by the movement of his fingers on the chords 8 The music is carried by the wind 9 Creting strong emotions in her heart when she hears it 4. LINE MEANING LINE MEANING 10 The persona repeats the questions if he is still playing his flute 11 In the village where it is very quiet for many people have left 12 In the middle of the rice fields that is barren 13 Meanwhile the persona is now at a place where it is considered an extravagant use of time 14 To sit and watch the rain fall 15 To look at the sunset 16 To touch the dew drops 17 And to smell the fragrance of flowers 5. LINE MEANING LINE MEANING 18 The persona repeats the questions if he still playing the flute 19 Her conscience is pricked 20 For she is longing to listen to his music 21 He is a danger because he is distracting her from thoughts of 22 Her younger broders who are jobless and in a state of hopelessness 23 Her people are divided and weakend by politics 24 Her friend are killed in the war without mercy 25 The nations leaders are old and ineffective and so the people suffer </p>