are you smarter than a 7 th grader? 1,000,000 7 th grade topic 1 7 th grade topic 2 6 th grade topic...

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  • Are You Smarter Than a 7th Grader?

  • Are You Smarter Than a 7th Grader?1,000,0007th Grade Topic 17th Grade Topic 26th Grade Topic 36th Grade Topic 45th Grade Topic 55th Grade Topic 64th Grade Topic 74th Grade Topic 83rd Grade Topic 93rd Grade Topic 10500,000100,00050,00025,000 15,000010,000 5,00000 1,000005000100

  • 7th Grade Topic 1 Question What is the way multiple lines of text line up along the left margin, the right margin, or both margins?

  • 7th Grade Topic 1 Answer AlignmentReturn

  • 7th Grade Topic 2 Question What is the use of personal computer as an inexpensive production system for creating typeset- quality text and graphics?

  • 7th Grade Topic 2 Answer Desktop Publishing (DTP)Return

  • 6th Grade Topic 3 Question What is the alignment of text along the left margin, leaving a ragged right margin?

  • 6th Grade Topic 3 Answer Flush LeftReturn

  • 6th Grade Topic 4 Question What is the overall lightness or darkness of a typeface design, or the gradations of lightness to darkness within a font family?

  • 6th Grade Topic 4 Answer WeightReturn

  • 5th Grade Topic 5 Question What is the slant of the characters in a font?

  • 5th Grade Topic 5 Answer PostureReturn

  • 5th Grade Topic 6 Question What is the vertical or horizontal setup of the printed page (landscape or portrait)?

  • 5th Grade Topic 6 Answer OrientationReturn

  • 4th Grade Topic 7 Question What is the on-screen symbol, usually an arrow, that shows the current position of the mouse?

  • 4th Grade Topic 7 Answer PointerReturn

  • 4th Grade Topic 8 Question What is the alignment of text along the right margin, leaving a ragged left margin?

  • 4th Grade Topic 8 Answer Flush RightReturn

  • 3rd Grade Topic 9 Question What is an on-screen blinking character that shows where the next character will appear?

  • 3rd Grade Topic 9 Answer CursorReturn

  • 3rd Grade Topic 10 Question What is the size of a font, measured in points from the top of the tallest ascender to the bottom of the lowest descender?

  • 3rd Grade Topic 10 Answer Type SizeReturn

  • Million Dollar QuestionGrade Level Topic 11What is the meaning of items printed as they appear on the screen? Hint: The answer is an acronym for what you see is what you get.

  • Million Dollar Question AnswerWYSIWYGReturn

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