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Feedbackare you ready for user feedback?@eanatchkova@dsimov#tcworld#tekomwhos talking?info developer, inspiration & innovation seekerfounder of the 1st BG robotics school Ekaterina Mitovalikes to find new ways to do a better jobbelieves that you can always improve thingsDimiter Simov (Jimmy)usability professional, UX mentor and trainerfounder of the 1st BG usability consultancylikes to raise usability awarenessbelieves that IT can be usable3our goal todayshare experience and insightsprovoke and maybe inspire you4feed-backSAP HANA Cloud Platform5collecting stats: 1 Oct 2015 - 30 Sep 20167was this article helpful? 993 answers~25% of all pages have feedback1060261pages in the documentationpages with feedback9feedback is scarce500 0001 000 0001 500 0002 000 000 2 150 000993page views feedback entries10feedback is precious241993feedback447feedback with commentsactionable comments561 000user sessions~1 of 2300~1 of 1200~1 of 56011feedback by views and ratingtop 20 topics12next 241 topicsexcellentgoodwatch outNO13feedback is not distributed evenly3 (> 40 entries)18 (10 to 39 entries)34 (5 to 9 entries)206 (< 4 entries)14feedbacks long-neck3183420615users learn to be criticalFeedback scores go down(0 to 100)Actionable comments go up (complaints, suggestions)16they write about17most feedback we get onWednesdayinsightsdev & infodev reactionprotective stupid usersoverloaded analysis neededmindful users might have a pointthankful better documentation20processestablishadopt & adaptstick todrive21learningwrite betterfeel appreciatedaccept criticismfeedbacksome images we did not use