Are you looking for the perfect Pet friendly hotels in Virginia?

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<ul><li><p> | 001-757-484-6143 |</p><p>Are you looking for the perfect Pet friendly hotels in Virginia?</p><p>**</p></li><li><p> | 001-757-484-6143 | budgetlodgechurchland@outlook.comA pet parent can never think of leaving their pet behind when traveling. The staff at Budget Lodge understands this and the hotel has several pet-friendly rooms. The hotel has a pet friendly policy.</p><p>**</p></li><li><p>The hotel accepts pets of up to 80 lbs. It charges a minimal non-refundable fee per night. There is a cap on the fee for monthly and weekly stay with your pet. The hotel requires guests to remove the pet from their room or cage him/her before the staff members enter. The pet is allowed to stay alone in the room as long as he/she is well behaved. | 001-757-484-6143 |</p><p>**</p></li><li><p>If you are looking for Pet friendly hotels near me, Budget Lodge offers a luxurious experience. As a hotel guest you should agree to the following pet policy of the hotel: The hotel allows only up to 2 pets to live in a single room/suite.</p><p> You will be responsible for all injuries / replacement of items caused by your pet.</p><p> Budget Lodging Virginia or its employees shall not be liable for the wellbeing/safety of your pet.</p><p> You will be held responsible for any injury caused on the hotel employees/guests by your pet.</p><p> You are not allowed to bring the pets in certain areas in the hotel including the lobby, meeting rooms, food &amp; beverage areas, and recreational areas.</p><p> | 001-757-484-6143 |</p><p>**</p></li><li><p> The hotel can remove your pet from your room/suite if he/she is left alone and causes certain trouble.</p><p> Your pet will be kept under leash when you take him/her outdoors. Even when the pet is in a public space, you will either carry him/her or be kept in a kennel.</p><p> You will notify the front desk of the time when housekeeping can enter your room/suite.</p><p>You understand that the hotel employee(s) will inspect your room/suite upon departure and will evaluate for any damage.</p><p> | 001-757-484-6143 |</p><p>**</p></li><li><p>Whether you are going to stay for a day or for a long haul, this is one of the best Motel in Chesapeake VA for a comfortable stay with all the amenities. Besides the service, the location of the hotel, with all the hot tourist attractions make it the perfect place to stay with your family and pet. </p><p>If you want to make reservations for Affordable Rooms in Chesapeake for yourself and your pet, feel free to contact the hotel reservations department at 001-757-484-6143 or To explore the hotels amenities and features visit</p><p> | 001-757-484-6143 |</p><p>**</p></li><li><p> | 001-757-484-6143 | budgetlodgechurchland@outlook.comContact Us Budget Lodge 3244 Western Branch Blvd Chesapeake VA 23321United States</p><p>Tel: 757-484-6143</p><p>Email:</p><p>**</p><p>**</p><p>**</p><p>**</p><p>**</p><p>**</p><p>**</p><p>**</p></li></ul>