Are you looking for a affordable and managed Vps hosting in india?

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DESCRIPTION is a professional web hosting company, sharing information about vps hosting, its advantages and affordable vps hosting plans.


<ul><li>1.What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)? It is a Virtual Server that is given by web hosting companies to their VPS Hosting clients. It has the functionality equal to dedicated server and behave as a separate server with its own resources, not shared with any other user like shared hosting.</li></ul> <p>2. What is a VPS Hosting? It is a type of internet hosting that uses a VPS server. A VPS server is made up by virtually dividing a physical server into many partitions and each partition work as a VPS account provided to a single user. Each VPS server has its own separate resources such as hardware and software. 3. Who Needs VPS Hosting? This server is mainly opt by the small and medium sized organizations who are looking for higher uptime and want more control, power and customization facility over their server in low budget for their heavy community based websites. 4. Advantages of VPS hosting VPS Hosting comprises lots of advantages with it. It includes Higher performance : As all the server resources are at your disposal, this makes server performance higher. Security: As server is not shared with any other client so there is no fear to lose data by viruses, DOS attacks, malware and others from other websites on the same server. 5. Economical: VPS Hosting is very affordable in comparison to dedicated server and keep almost all the features of dedicated server. Choice of Applications: As you are the only owner of your VPS account, you can run your desired applications on the OS. You are also given control panel access to do changes as per your needs. 6. Customization: you are given also software customization facility at some extent so that you can install, remove applications as per your website requirement. migration: It is very easy and fast to migrate from one VPS server to another. 7. Are you looking for a Reliable Web Host? There are lots of web hosting companies who offer almost same web hosting plans. In this case it becomes very typical to choose for one web hosting company that is reliable enough and offer higher server uptime, higher security of server in affordable prices. A best hosting company always has a great customer and technical support to listen their clients queries and resolve. 8. : Web Hosting Company In India is a India based web hosting company, known for its best quality services, higher server uptime and great support services. o o o o oThis company basically deals Domain registration Shared hosting Reseller hosting Dedicated Servers VPS Hosting and more! 9. VPS Hosting offer VPS Server just in Rs. 15000/year with best configurations. You can check this offer here: 10. To Grab This VPS Hosting offer : Contact USADDRESS: HostRightNow Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 372, Shri Gopal Nagar, Gopal Pura Bypass Jaipur 302018 (Raj.), India. Ph. No. : 0141- 3000000, 9829151699 Email Id : Website : </p>