Are you an independent person?

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Learn how to become a true independent person. Discover the true qualities of an independent person.


  • 1. Are you an independent person?Mykim Tran

2. IntroductionWhat does being an independent person means toyou?Is it a person who does everything by him or herself?Is it a person who does not ask for help?In today society, many people who consideredthemselves as independent are missing the maincomponent, which is to create and live their ownlives. 3. Are you an independent person?When it comes to the word independent, it meansrelying on yourself, and this includes creating andliving your own life.If you are copying other people life or doing whatthey are doing, then you are not an independentperson.If you want to know if you are an independentperson or not, then pay attention to how similaryour life is to other people. 4. Asking for help One false belief that many people have is thatindependent people should not ask for help. Even though independent means relying on oneself,there will always be times when you will need helpbecause you are a human being, you will not know howto do everything. As a matter of fact, if you need help to live your life, butare not asking for help, then you are not an independentperson. 5. How to ask for help However, there is a right and wrong way to ask for help. An independent person will actively engage into the processwhen they are seeking for help. For example, asking for help does not mean you allow theother person to do everything for you, and then just sit backand watch. The person who is helping you is only there to assist you, andnot to do the job for you. If you did not learn anything after someone helped you, thenyou did not ask for help. 6. Purpose of asking for helpThe main purpose of asking for help is to gain moreknowledge so you can solve the same problem thenext time.As an independent person, you have to understandand believe that you are the main person who willaccomplish what you want.People are only there to show you the correct waysto accomplish things. 7. Action steps 1. Write down on how you would want to live and what you wantto achieve in life 2. Answer the following questions: Are you living the same life as everyone else or do similar things asthem? The answer should be NO Are you taking steps and moving forward to live the life you want?The answer should be YES Are you asking for help to achieve what you want in life when youneed to? The answer should be YES Do you wait until someone else accomplished something first beforeyou try to accomplish the same thing? The answer should be NO You should answer correctly to all of the questions if you want tobe considered as an independent person. 8. Action steps3. Make a list of the things and ways you want tolive your own life. And then come up with a planto accomplish it.4. Take immediate action.